Five months after the war between Russia and Ukraine, the United States sent a strange message!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: planting flower city (id:hqsycn)

On July 14 local time, the US embassy in Ukraine sent a strange message,

Urge Americans in Ukraine to evacuate as soon as possible!

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for nearly five months. Who doesn’t know the danger there? The United States has to come to remind them at this time. This is strange.

Generally speaking, there should be three possibilities for the United States to send such a message:

1. It’s just a pure friendly reminder, but as mentioned above, it’s been playing for almost five months. Everyone knows the danger there. It’s unnecessary to remind the danger at this time.

2. Greater conflict is coming.

After the United States issued a security warning earlier and withdrew the embassy to Lvov, Russia and Ukraine began to fight. Now issuing a security warning again, does it mean that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine will expand?

For example, NATO is ready to intervene, Ukraine is ready for a major counter offensive, or Russia is ready to launch a larger war… In short, the war between Russia and Ukraine has become more intense and the security environment has deteriorated.

3. The United States is ready to abandon Ukraine

Nowadays, there should not be many ordinary Americans in Ukraine. Americans still in Ukraine must be the CIA, NGOs, CIA, mercenaries and so on. Does letting them evacuate mean that the United States will give up Ukraine?

The above three possibilities exist, but they all seem to be “unreasonable”.

The first kind has already said that if the United States only engages in security warnings, it will be superfluous; In the second case, there is no sign of war expansion at present; Third, Ukraine is still valuable, and it can continue to hold and kill Russia.

The message sent by the United States may simply mean that you have nothing to do when you are full. What exactly does it mean? We will continue to observe it later.

However, something is certain – the United States needs to continue to disrupt the world.

One important reason is that the situation in the United States itself is not very good. For example, inflation, which was originally thought to be strong at 8.6% earlier, did not expect the US CPI to exceed 9 in June, directly reaching 9.1%, again exceeding the market expectation of 8.8%. Some economic experts said that this is not the end, because the United States released too much water earlier, which blocked the supply chain and failed to circulate money in time due to the impact of the epidemic. Now, with the decline of the epidemic and the economic recovery, the water released earlier by the United States began to really sweep in.

For such a situation, the United States is facing the dilemma of “three high diseases” mentioned by the author many times earlier. If the Federal Reserve does not raise interest rates, inflation cannot stand it. If the interest rate is increased, it will be detrimental to the stock market and bond market, which is a dilemma for the United States.

Specifically, now that U.S. prices are rising, if they are not dealt with, people will be boiling and complaining, so the Federal Reserve still began to raise interest rates after hesitating for more than half a year. The latest interest rate increase was expected to be 75 basis points earlier. Now many institutions have predicted that the interest rate will be increased by 100 basis points in July, which will create the largest one-time interest rate increase in 40 years.

Doing so naturally helps to curb inflation, at least in principle.

However, such an interest rate hike would be detrimental to the stock and bond markets. Moreover, the Federal Reserve itself, due to the previous large release of water, has incurred $9trillion in debt on its book. Raising interest rates means that it is more difficult to repay these debts.

Therefore, the United States is now in a dilemma.

However, there is not no solution. The United States actually has a “good for both ends” solution, that is, the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates and take back the extra money it printed to ease inflation, while allowing the world’s money to flow to the United States and harvest other countries to give its own blood. In this way, the United States can achieve “the best of both worlds”.

? Biden video screenshot

In fact, this point has been said many times in the past “global vision”, and it is predicted that in order to achieve the above purpose, the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates, and the United States will vigorously disrupt the world, or military wars, or color revolutions, so as to allow capital to return to the United States and harvest other countries.

Nowadays, many phenomena have appeared, such as the war between Russia and Ukraine and the inflation in Turkey as high as 70%; The euro depreciated, the Euro vs the dollar showed a 1:1 picture, and the yen also depreciated madly, both of which were greatly harvested by the United States; An important reason for Sri Lanka’s bankruptcy is that it was sucked by the United States, and the return of dollars from Sri Lanka to the United States caused by the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike is also one of the reasons. Similar to Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Egypt, Argentina and other countries are at high risk

Under the above principles, under the current situation in the United States, it means that the United States will not stop sucking blood and disrupting the world, and even intensify its efforts to create more moths, which means that the world will face some new troubles. The security warning issued by the United States to Ukraine may be a glimpse of the future!

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