Five years after graduation, I came to Shenzhen from a third tier city

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Five years after graduation, I came to Shenzhen from a third tier city

Text / Verna

I have been sitting on the 12th floor of an incubator startup factory in Shenzhen and engaged in my favorite work.

Eight years ago, I graduated from a second tier University in a second tier city. Many students have taken the postgraduate entrance examination, many students have gone abroad, and many students have gone to the tough units in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. And I went home in silence. In the third tier cities of my hometown, I became a clerk with a monthly salary of only 3000 yuan.

This kind of work as a clerk is really not technical. My hometown is very comfortable. My home is 20 minutes’ walk and 5 minutes’ bike ride from where I go to work. Before and after work, my mother’s delicious food was waiting for me. Every once in a while, we discussed what fresh food to eat. We went to the nearby mountains to climb, soak in hot springs and have a picnic. I don’t know what anxiety is.

After working for about eight months, I was suddenly flustered. My heart beat faster and I was out of breath. At first, I thought it was spring. The weather turned warm and I didn’t get used to it. Later, it became more and more serious and I lost weight.

My parents took me to the doctor, and the diagnosis proved that I was slightly anxious. The doctor said, nothing to do, nothing to do, this is the most suitable state for people to struggle.

The doctor was right. I can’t hide my anxiety about the future. The clerical job has made me comfortable for too long. My friends are sharing their lives from Renren. Those words and pictures make me anxious. People who go abroad travel everywhere, share interesting stories abroad, and express their feelings of increasing knowledge; Graduate students began to publish books and write their experience of listening to famous teachers’ lectures; The career experiences shared by students in big cities are completely another world for me. I know that at the best age they are all growing up crazily. And I was far behind them.

Work steadily and never give up. The more profound reason is that I have no capital to resign. After watching countless soul chicken soup, I chose to read and write, and wanted to go further on the road of writing.

For the next two years, I read until 12 o’clock every day after work, sometimes until 3 o’clock in the morning. These days are the time of my knowledge explosion, as well as the time of enrichment and anxiety. I have read a lot of literature, sociology, psychology, history and other books, even when I am not busy at work. My leader is very good. He allows me to read when my work is not busy. If he has time, he will instruct me to read. I didn’t calculate the specific number of books I read, which is between 150 and 200. This amount of reading is not large, but for me with mediocre qualifications and general foundation, it opens a magical door.

You can’t share your reading experience and mood with others. You know, there aren’t so many offline activities such as reading clubs in the same city in the third tier cities. I began to write.

When I showed my 20 articles to a cousin who had read creative writing, he praised my works and even said that I had the potential to be a screenwriter.

Screenwriter? My eyes lit up. There was no one around me who was engaged in this profession. There were many people watching TV dramas.

After receiving the encouragement from my cousin, I was so elated that I thought I had stepped into the editing pool and dreamed of becoming Ang Lee and Wong Kar Wai one day. Maybe I could be famous in the film industry.

I showed my work to my classmates. It was ostentatious. My friend wrote all over my work. I was very angry, and soon I broke up with my friends. Now think about how naive, impulsive and “ Second form ”. My friend gave me a very objective evaluation. My work can not be called a work. It is no different from the composition of middle school students. Grammatically, errors abound; In terms of words, they are either deficient or pretentiously piled with inappropriate gorgeous words; After reading the whole article, the fluency can not be guaranteed. There are almost no logical words. They jump faster than rabbits. They need to make up the numbers by themselves.

When Fu Lei gave Zhang Ailing writing advice, Zhang Ailing was in her early twenties and was in the ascendant. She could not accept criticism, even if those criticism suggestions were well intentioned and pertinent. Eileen Chang immediately wrote a novel to satirize Fu Lei. That novel was the yinbaozhen flower sending meeting. In March, 2013, songyilang, the heir to Eileen Chang’s heritage, told us in an article published in Southern Metropolis Daily that the hero of the yinbaozhen flower sending meeting, the prototype of the neurotic Music Professor, was Fu Lei, a famous translator and critic.

At that time, I also wrote an article satirizing my kind-hearted classmate. After writing it, I tore it up. I don’t remember what I wrote. I still remember the mood at that time. Times have changed. When I look back on myself at that time, my heart is so “ Darkness ”.

I was not discouraged and went on writing. If you don’t have enough material, start from the people around you. I “ Interview ” Grandma, aunt, uncle, aunt, aunt, my father, my mother, cousin, cousin, high school classmate, primary school classmate During that time, I saw relatives, friends and even acquaintances. My eyes shone as if I saw gold. I weave their stories into novels and essays.

After three years, I wrote a lot of essays, short stories and three novelettes. With these manuscripts, I kept submitting them. At first, I failed all the way. Later, I was published sporadically. Later, someone asked me for contributions. My self-confidence increased greatly, I accumulated some writing experience, and a new idea began to pop up in my mind &mdash& mdash; Become a screenwriter.

I talked to my cousin first. Due to the limitations of my educational background and vision, I feel very inferior. I don’t know how dark the road ahead is. My cousin encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

I also talked with my parents about the idea of becoming a screenwriter. My parents didn’t agree at first, but later they couldn’t resist me and agreed to let me resign and go out for a break. Before my resignation, my work was recognized by a small animation company, and my working place was in Shenzhen. The manager asked me to have a try.

In this way, I went to Shenzhen. When we arrived in Shenzhen, everything was so fresh, and an air of innovation and openness came to our faces. I rented a house near the company and spent one fifth of my salary just to avoid crowding the subway and save time for work or reading to improve myself.

I began to devote myself to my work. My colleagues are young, but they are excellent. There are overseas returnees and 985 masters from famous schools everywhere. I “ Inferiority complex ” Learn from them.

Perhaps it is in the third tier city of my hometown. I have been self disciplined for four and a half years. The high-intensity work in Shenzhen not only doesn’t give me pressure, but also opens my viscera and limbs. It seems that there is a ladder to the sky that connects me with the sky, and my body is in an open posture. My inspiration was endless, and my creativity began to be recognized by my boss and colleagues.

Two years ago, the script I wrote in cooperation with my colleagues was favored by the investors.

Doing what I like makes my life especially smooth.

My experience is very ordinary, but I went back to my hometown for 5 years before I was good enough. In the past five years, I have accumulated the skill of fighting in big cities, the habit of self-discipline, and the strong heart of walking alone in the dark. Although there is no house or car in Shenzhen, I am never confused or anxious about the future.

My classmates have returned from abroad and are looking for jobs in various cities; Graduate students began to work hard in the workplace, looking for their own social coordinates; Most of the students who have worked hard in first tier cities have returned to their hometown, and few of them have become middle-level leaders of the company.

From the third line to the first line, from the first line to the third line, some people come and some go. In fact, doing what you like and suitable is the same everywhere

50 yuan into Shenzhen, two ups and downs, he went from a debt of 100000 to a value of more than 100 million! Shenzhen, forgive me for thinking about leaving you all the time. Shenzhen: pull yourself out if you can’t have a root

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