Folk story introduction: the story of the young Fisherman and the three headed Python

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There is a very quiet small fishing village on the endless seashore. In front of the village lived a hardworking, brave, strong and powerful young fisherman, and behind the village lived a beautiful, elegant girl who could make big sauce. The children of these two poor families have lived and worked together since childhood, childhood sweethearts, inseparable. During their long-term relationship, they established a deep love, made an oath to the sea, and married for a hundred years.

After the auspicious day of marriage was chosen, the girl was busy preparing the dowry. The young fisherman was naturally very happy to marry his sweetheart, so he worked harder than usual. Facing the sea breeze every day, he went out early and returned late. When fishing, he was particularly happy, and sang with the fishermen at a high voice

Drive a fishing boat and row out the big bay.


Small fishing boats are full of fresh fish.

In Wanjia fishing village, everyone smiles.

The fishermen were singing and rowing, rowing through twelve seaports, breaking through a thousand waves, reaching the deep sea and finding fish. They happily set off the boat formation, opened the big net, and prepared to cast it. Suddenly, the wind blew violently, raising waves several feet high. It turned out that there lived a huge three headed Python in the sea. When the demon saw someone coming to fish, he came out to make waves, scattered the fish and crashed the fishing boat. The fishermen were thrown into the rough sea, floating and swimming. After suffering a lot, they finally swam to the shore.

Since then, people have lingering fear, no longer dare to go fishing. The ferocious pythons are also more unscrupulous. They often come out, causing chaos and causing no peace for people. This makes fishermen who rely on fishing for a living unable to live. Grandpa cries, grandson cries, piles of big fish nets are idle in the boat, people rack their brains, but there is nothing they can do.

At this time, the young fisherman in Qiancun stepped forward and volunteered to fight with the pythons. Inspired by him, many young men and girls vied with him to kill pythons.

Later, after everyone’s discussion, a group of capable fishermen were selected to fight with pythons with the young fishermen. Each of them was well armed with a sharp knife in his hand. The Houcun girl who can make sauce led her daughter-in-law to make many yellow rice balls and put them in the cabin as dry food for the fishermen on the road.

On the day of departure, everyone in the village came to the seaside to see off the warriors and wish them a triumphant return as soon as possible. The beautiful girl sent the young fisherman on one journey after another, urging him to be careful when fighting with pythons at sea. The young fisherman obviously knew that he was going to duel with the three pythons, and his life and death were uncertain, but he still comforted the tearful girl and said, “don’t be sad, we will definitely come back victoriously.” With that, he took out a mirror from his waist and handed it to the girl.

“Take this mirror and see how bright it is! After I leave, you can often look at it. If you see a white mast inside, it is our victory. If you see a red mast, it gradually turns black and the mirror is dim, it is me.” As soon as he said this, the girl immediately covered the young Fisherman’s mouth with her hand and would not let him talk any more.


After comforting the girl for a while, the young man jumped on the boat, braved the wind and waves, and sailed towards the distant deep sea.

The girl saw off the young Fisherman and waited by the mirror day and night. Day by day, the mirror has been as calm and transparent as the green lake, and the white mast is clearly visible.

Unconsciously, the warriors have left home for more than a month. That day, the girl was watching the mirror. Suddenly, the mirror was full of waves, huge waves, bright and dark, unpredictable. The girl stared at the mirror without blinking, anxious as if sitting on a needle felt. After a long time, the mirror became transparent and clear. At this time, the girl stuck the mirror on her chest excitedly. However, her heart just relaxed a little, suddenly, a bad omen appeared in front of her eyes, and the red mast appeared in the mirror.

The girl suddenly felt thunderous, heartbroken, sad to tears, and the people in the village were also anxious to cry. The girl couldn’t contain her anxiety, so she ran to the seaside with the mirror in her arms, looking at the churning sea and crying. She waited, waited, and still did not see the young fisherman coming back. At this time, the red mast in the mirror gradually turned black. The girl was completely disappointed. Holding the mirror, she cried faintly on the beach and couldn’t get up again.

The girl died of excessive grief. The people in the village were so sad that they buried her on the sunny hillside. The next day, five colored flowers bloomed on the grave, one of which was red and big, very beautiful.

When the unknown flower growing on the girl’s grave bloomed for a hundred days, the warriors rode the boat and triumphed with victory drums. The men, women and children who stood by the sea every day looking forward to the warriors were so excited that they cried and danced and sang heartily.

The brave young fisherman stood on the bow of the boat and waved to his relatives. Before the boat was stable, he jumped out of the boat and told the villagers that the ferocious pythons had been removed, and we could go fishing again. People cheered, sang, danced and exulted again.

The young fisherman looked everywhere in the crowd, looking for his beloved girl. He knew that he had left for so long, and the girl would be very worried about his safety. But he looked for it for a long time and didn’t see the shadow of his sweetheart. He felt strange, so he asked the villagers, and they had to tell him the truth. The young fisherman knew that the girl died of grief for herself. It was like a thousand arrows pierced the heart. He was very sad. He suddenly looked up and saw that the mast was stained with the dirty blood of many three pythons. Only then did he understand what was going on. It turned out that when cutting off the three heads of the pythons, the blood sprayed on the mast, so the red mast that the girl saw in the mirror turned black.

The young fisherman beat his chest and feet, and he ran to the girl’s grave with regret. The big red flower on the girl’s grave is in full bloom. The young fisherman fell on the flower, unable to suppress his grief, and burst into tears. He was crying, as if a girl’s smiling face appeared in front of him.

The villagers rushed to wake the young fisherman from his coma. He woke up. As soon as he got up, the big red flower, which had been blooming for a hundred days, fell down one by one and withered in an instant. People say that the red flower is the soul of a girl. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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