Folk tales of Mimosa

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In ancient times, there was a child named bashful. His parents died early. Since childhood, they have been herding cattle and living in a shack made of branches and thatch. There is a lotus pond beside the hut. Every summer evening, when I come back from the shy cattle herding, I am happy to see the lotus blossoming all over the pond and smell the lotus fragrance. He used his bamboo flute to play his own music.

The beautiful flute sound moved the lotus fairy in the lotus pond. She liked the shy flute sound and sympathized with the shy life experience, so she turned into a village girl and came to the shy shack. Shy is a dutiful young man. Seeing a girl come to his shack, he blushed and said, “who are you and why are you here?”

The lotus fairy said, “my family lives hundreds of miles away. Because my parents are greedy for money, they want to marry me to a strange rich old rich man. I escaped from my family. It took me half a month to escape here.”

“Where are you going?”

“I don’t know… I haven’t eaten for days.”

Shy gave the girl some food she didn’t have. The girl asked about her shameful life experience and shamefully told him.

The girl said, “you and I are all miserable people. At least I took some silver with me when I escaped from home. Let’s build a house and make a home.”

Since childhood, no one felt ashamed to see the girl so kind, so he agreed. He used the money given by the girl to buy materials for building the house, and invited craftsmen to build a house near the lotus pond. The two married and lived together. When the villagers saw that bashful had a family and married a daughter-in-law, they were all happy for him.

Mimi bought two acres of land with the remaining silver. The couple lived a life of men farming and women weaving. Having nothing to do, the couple sat on the edge of the lotus pond to enjoy the lotus.

One year, there was a severe drought and no crops were harvested. Shy said to his wife, “this is not a good year. I want to go hunting in the mountains and dig some herbs to exchange some money for my family.”

The lotus fairy wanted to tell him that he didn’t have to worry about food and clothing, but she was worried that Mimi would become a lazy person, which would also make Mimi worried that the relationship between husband and wife would not last long, so she didn’t stop him.

Shy goes hunting in the mountains every day. She can bring back some game and some herbs every day. She can live on.

One day, shy went into the mountain all day and didn’t go home at night. The lotus fairy waited anxiously at home, but she didn’t go home for three days. On the fourth morning, the lotus fairy decided to look for him in the mountains. She thought, maybe she lost her way in the mountains.

The lotus fairy searched in the mountain for a long time. Later, she found a shy bow and arrow for hunting and an iron hoe for digging medicine at the entrance of a mountain. She shouted shy name at the mouth of the cave. Shy came out of the cave, followed by a coquettish woman. The lotus fairy recognized her at a glance. She was the apricot blossom essence in the mountains. The lotus fairy was going to expose her, but she was afraid of being ashamed and doubting her identity. So, without saying anything, she pulled Mimi and left.

The apricot blossom essence chased after him and shouted: “shame, as the saying goes, a couple is a hundred days old. You and I have been a couple for several days. I won’t stop you if you want to go home, but you have to look back at me?”

The lotus fairy warned Mimi, “don’t look back!” But Mimi couldn’t stand the repeated pleading of apricot blossom essence, so she looked back. It doesn’t matter if you turn around. The shame is gone, and the apricot blossom essence is gone.

The lotus fairy searched for three days and nights in the mountains before finding a pile of white bones next to a cluster of apricot flowers under the cliff. She wrapped the white bones in her clothes and buried them next to her house.

The lotus fairy told the villagers that Mimi had been eaten by the tiger. In fact, she knew in her heart that it was apricot blossom essence that drank Mimi blood and ate Mimi meat. She regretted that she had not stopped Mimi from entering the mountain.

Every day, the lotus fairy came to the shy grave and said quietly, “shy, shy, why don’t you listen to me?”

Later, a grass that had never been seen grew on the shy grave. Whenever the lotus fairy spoke to the grave in a reproachful tone, the branches and leaves of the grass immediately fell down.

Some days later, several girls came to the lotus fairy’s house. The lotus fairy told people that it was her sisters who came to pick her up. Later, people did not know where they had gone.

Strangely, in the next year, the lotus pond next to Mimi’s home did not have a lotus blossom from summer to autumn; The shameful grave and the side of the lotus pond were covered with unknown grass. As long as people poke the grass with their fingers, the grass branches and leaves will drop down immediately. People call this kind of grass Mimosa.

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