Folklore about geomantic omen: the story of seven cranes and golden washbasin

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In the forest garden, a poor family surnamed Liao went to ask Lin Banxian to find a piece of land with the mentality of making a fortune. Seeing his appearance, Lin Banxian was not a kind person. However, he sympathized with his experience, so he agreed. The two of them looked north from the northeast of the back mountain of qingshuiyan and saw that the mountain was clear and the little Ryukyu stood on the sea. Come to a place Lin Banxian suddenly said, “this is really a good place. It must be very rich!” When Liao heard this, he was very satisfied and said, “as long as you can be rich!” Lin Banxian said, “it is certain to be rich and noble. This is called the ‘golden washbasin’. In the future, you can be rich and noble all over the world!” Liao is very happy. He immediately took Lin Banxian to go back to move his ancestral tomb. Lin Banxian said, “wait a minute! This extraordinary place is good for you, but it will hurt the teacher after burial here. If you use this land, my eyes will become blind and I will be unable to live for the rest of my life. As long as you sincerely support me for the rest of my life, I can move and bury you according to your pulse.” “Of course! If I can get rich, I will certainly repay you and support you all my life. I will never be ungrateful!” Liao answered quickly. Lin Banxian said, “well, I promise you. If you break your promise in the future, you can’t blame me!” Liao promised. Sure enough, shortly after Liao’s ancestral tomb was moved, Lin Banxian’s eyes became blind. However, those surnamed Liao suddenly developed, and their gratitude to Lin Banxian was nothing to say. But as the saying goes, “a long time will see the heart.” Liao felt that he was impatient to support Lao Tzu every day. In particular, Lin Banxian was fond of eating mutton. He often had to kill a mutton to honor him. He lost a lot of money, so the sacrifice was neglected day by day. One night, after dinner, Lin Banxian was picking the mutton dregs between her teeth with a toothpick. The maid brought tea. Lin Banxian said to the maid with a satisfied face, “today’s milk sheep is so tender and delicious!” The maid burst out laughing uncontrollably! The maid said, “the sheep are just born from the belly. Of course, they are very tender.” “No wonder it’s so sweet and tender, but it’s too poor,” said Lin Banxian After hearing this, the maid laughed and said, “what a pity! It’s not that people killed it.” Hearing this, Lin Banxian thought there was something strange, so he asked, “why didn’t you kill him?” The maid replied, “I was born and died in a cesspit. I was going to throw it away. Later, I thought it over and gave it to you.” “Whose idea is this?” asked Lin Banxian “What the master meant!” The maid answered naively. Linbanxian knew that Liao had cheated him out of sight, and he was tired of serving him. He was very angry, but he remained calm. The next morning, he said to Liao, “the geomancy of our ancestors has changed. It’s best to dig it up and bury it again on a auspicious day, so that your family can continue to develop.” Liao was so surprised that he led Lin Banxian to the golden washbasin. Lin Banxian asked him to put his ears close to the tombstone “Did you hear the noise?” Asked Lin Banxian. Liao was surprised and asked, “yes! But I don’t know why. I’m just going to ask.” Lin Banxian said, “it’s a symbol of pulse movement. We should quickly rebuild it, or the Dragon pulse will go away!” “What should I do?” Liao panicked! Lin Banxian said, “it doesn’t matter! I’ll just lock the dragon!” The man surnamed Liao did not doubt that he was there, so he broke the ground and prepared to transform himself according to Lin Banxian’s instructions. At noon that day, Lin Banxian came to the ground with his magic tools, inserted the wooden sword into the ground, and then started digging. When the tomb table is pried open, there is a basin of water under the table. This basin of water is the solution reserved by Lin Banxian when he was buried. Lin Banxian quickly picked up the water in the basin to wash his eyes, and the blind man suddenly became bright again. The man surnamed Liao didn’t know there was something strange inside. He asked him how to deal with it? Linbanxian pointed to Ping. He opened the golden cover of the urn. When he was about to open it, there was a sudden sound of white cranes playing in the water. After opening the cover, suddenly When they saw seven white cranes flying from the urn, the Liao family was surprised. They caught one of them. In panic, they hurried to cover it again, but broke a foot. The onlookers were amazed at Lin Banxian’s wonderful technique. Only Liao saw that the situation was wrong and hurriedly asked what was the matter? Lin Banxian said, “it’s very bad. I can’t see, so I unfortunately destroyed the dragon vein. It’s also because you are so bad and ungrateful. There’s nothing I can do.” Amid the noise of the crowd, Lin Banxian quickly got into the forest and escaped. Liao’s family couldn’t catch up. They quickly covered the soil and rebuilt the tombstone. They also wanted to settle accounts with Lin Banxian at any time. A few decades later, the Liao family produced a Jinshi. Because he was born lame, people called him “lame Jinshi”, and it was said that he was the reincarnation of the white crane with a broken foot. The golden washbasin is one of the thirteen scenic spots in Fengshan. The ‘golden washbasin’ sits in the north and south. Its dragon comes down from the turning point of seven stars. The surrounding tombs naturally form uplifted mounds, which are slightly concave, forming a washbasin shape. The inner Mingtang contains wind and gas, and Luocheng is close. Its case is xiaoryukyu island. In the past, Qingdao stone was the only tombstone in the whole forest park with “golden washbasin”. After the tomb was stolen more than 20 years ago, it was renovated. From the tombstone, it can be seen that three people were buried inside.

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