Folklore: young hunter Mao Sha fights demons

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Once upon a time, in a Miao stockade, there lived an old couple. The old man’s name was Polk and the old woman’s name was Wei Wu. They didn’t have a daughter until they were in their forties. The husband and wife were particularly happy. They regarded her as the apple of their eyes and named her punk. As she grows older, this pole becomes more and more beautiful, and her dexterity is unmatched in textile and embroidery. The boys liked her and tried to get close to her, but she didn’t look down on any of them.


It turned out that she had already had a crush on a young hunter named maosha. Once, Mao Sha went hunting in the forest with his father. Suddenly, a fierce tiger jumped out of the grass. The tiger threw his father to the ground and held him in his mouth for biting. Seeing this, Mao Sha took out his knife and fought with the tiger. He cut the tiger scarred and bloody, and finally rescued his father from the tiger. However, his father, who was seriously injured, soon left maosha and died. Since then, maosha has been hunting on the mountain alone with his hunting dogs. He has been wandering from mountain to mountain and from mountain to mountain for a long time and has no fixed residence.

One day, maosha came to a small stockade with few people. To his surprise, there were only cattle and sheep in the stockade, but there was no chicken, duck or goose. As soon as he inquired, the people in the stockade told him that there were two mature Eagles here. They came to the stockade every day to catch chickens, ducks and geese. After a short time, they ate up all the chickens, ducks and geese in the stockade. Everyone had nothing to do with these two eagles.


Hearing this, Mao Sha said to the people in the stockade, “is there really no way to deal with them? Let me have a look.” With that, he picked up his bow, prepared his arrows, and was led by the people in the stockade to the cliff where the eagle lived. Coincidentally, at this time, two Eagle spirits flew out. Their wings spread like a mat, and they flew faster than the arrows they shot. But no matter how big they are and how fast they rise and fall, they still can’t escape the Magic Arrow in maosha’s hand.

Mao Sha bravely stood under the cliff, drew a bow and arrow, swished two arrows, and both Eagle spirits were shot down. All the people in the stockade came to thank this brave hunter with great joy.

This is the stockade where pung pole is located. Pung pole saw this young, handsome, brave and kind hunter, and fell deeply in love with him. However, maosha is a wandering hunter. He didn’t live here for a few days and left again. He had no idea that there was such a beautiful girl who loved him deeply in the dark. Before pung pole could express his love, Mao Sha left, and pung pole was full of worries from then on.

As people grow up day by day, punting becomes more beautiful and charming. Many young guys came to the door to propose, but she refused.

As the saying goes: Demons envy people’s good deeds. The young and beautiful penny is unforgettable even when he sees the devil. A white pheasant secretly fell in love with Penny girl. It knew that it was impossible to get the heart of penny, so the vicious pheasant came up with a poison plan.

One day, pung pole was embroidering and suddenly fell to the ground in a daze. Then a gust of wind swept her away. When her parents knew, Penny had long disappeared.

Besides, maosha, a young hunter, followed the trail of beasts, climbed countless mountains and passed through many inaccessible valleys and forests. One day, he came to an endless primeval forest, where he saw a group of Han people cutting wood.

How happy it is to meet people in such deep mountains and forests. So maosha chatted with them. The Han people asked him where he came from and what his name was. Seeing that they were very kind, Mao Sha said to them, “I have no home anymore. I am a wandering hunter. No matter how fierce the beast is, it can’t escape from me when I turn from mountain to mountain.” The Han people liked him so much that they left him to stay with them.

In the evening, they sat around the campfire. Maosha said to the Han people, “friends, please tell me the story in the forest!” So the Han people told him about life here and what beasts there were. Finally, they sighed and said, “Alas, this was originally a very good place, but we are about to move away.”

“Why?” Mao Sha asked.

They sighed and said: “You don’t know, recently, a white pheasant came to this forest. It came out at three o’clock every night and stopped on the top branch of the tallest tree. It screamed strangely, which was very terrible. Every other time, it stopped on the second branch and screamed strangely. After a while, it stopped on the third branch and screamed strangely, at this time, the day began to dawn. What’s more strange is that before this, it could hear a whine The cry of a sobbing woman. It’s really frightening, so we decided to leave this ominous place and go to other places to cut wood. “

Hearing this, Mao Sha secretly calculated in his heart that this must be a harmful demon, and he must get rid of it. So he said to the group of Han people, “friends, don’t be afraid. I’ll go and have a look tonight.” After midnight, maosha hid next to the big tree with everyone. At this time, it was too dark to see five fingers, and there was no light in the forest.

Wait, wait, wait, wait until three o’clock, and sure enough, I vaguely saw a snow-white bird stop on the branch and scream. The voice was really terrifying, and I heard the intermittent crying of a poor young girl in the distance, which sounded very sad. When it called the third time, it was almost dawn, and then we could see the big monster clearly. Sooner or later, Mao Shala’s bow and arrow,

The ground shot an arrow, which hit the monster’s chest. It fell like a stone from the tree into the valley. At this time, the girl’s cry could not be heard.

After daybreak, maosha went to the valley and found the body of the white monster. It turned out to be the white pheasant. Mao Sha was very happy to see that a great harm had been removed, but he didn’t know what the woman’s crying was all about. He plucked a feather from the white pheasant, put it on his head as a souvenir, and said goodbye to the woodcutters.

After being robbed by the white pheasant, pung pole has been locked in a cave. The white pheasant forced her to marry it, but she would rather die than obey and kept crying. Now, Mao Sha shot the white wild chicken essence, and bang pole ran out of the cave. She wanted to see her life-saving benefactor. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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