For a hundred days, Russia has not collapsed!

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Original: Shenpeng source: official account: heihara has been authorized to reprint

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for 100 days.

If you look at the war reports, the Ukrainian side and the western media have already publicized that tens of thousands of Russian troops have died, one general a day and one warship a week. With European and American assistance and sanctions, Russia should have collapsed long ago.

In fact, if you look at the front line, the Russian army, except for the first stage, was reckless and underestimated the enemy, and failed to dodge Kiev; In the rear, it has turned to a steady and steady way, with missiles and artillery opening the way, infantry occupying it, constantly shrinking the encirclement, and constantly annihilating the effective forces of the Ukrainian army.

Most areas of Kherson, zaporoze and Northern Donetsk are now under Russian control.


These areas have even begun to return to normal life.

The soldiers in front of the Ukrainian army gradually lost morale, and a whole battalion and brigade surrendered continuously. Even many extreme asub elements surrendered on a large scale.

Now, it is not Russia that is worried, but ZELINSKY and his comprador government.

Ukraine has been calling for a “counter offensive plan” for more than a month, but so far it has not advanced an inch of land. Instead, the front has been lost again and again. All kinds of “performance wars” have been shown to the West.

Over the past two months, people everywhere on the Chinese Internet have been singing down Russia, advocating the “lease act” of the United States and the solidarity of NATO. Under their pen, Russia has long been subjugated several times. In fact, instead of subjugating the country, Russia has created the buffer zone of eastern Ukraine. Instead of stepping down, the Putin government has enjoyed unprecedented popularity; Instead of collapsing, Russia’s economy has stuck to the neck of Europe time and again by relying on energy, food and resources. Instead of turning the ruble into waste paper, it has appreciated.


Because Russia is not Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, or even Germany, France or Japan. It is a big country with huge strategic depth, almost unlimited resources, strong conventional military forces and the world’s top two nuclear forces. The “sanctions” it can bear are far beyond the imagination of ordinary people. In extreme cases, it does not need western light industrial products, European luxury goods, American commercial products, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, NBA It has oil, food, and coal. In a state of war and under a comprehensive blockade, its people still have food, natural gas, and oil In fact, Europe does not dare to completely cut off Russia’s oil, natural gas and food imports. While “assisting” Ukraine, they are using high-priced energy from Russia.

Many people say that war is the “economy”, but they don’t know what the real “economy” is. They think that the money printed by the Federal Reserve is called the economy. They think that the stocks on Wall Street are called the economy. They forget what the economy is? The root of the economy is actually “production” and “distribution”. As long as a country can produce and distribute, it will not die of hunger.

Russia did fight a lot of bad wars in the early stage, but if you understand the history of this nation, you will understand that this is a normal phenomenon and a common occurrence for them; The Soviet Union was so powerful that in the early days of World War II, it still fought a lot of bad battles. The bravery and recklessness of the Slavs coexisted. They had a tradition of belittling the enemy, advancing rashly, the generals going to the front line, and the commanders taking the lead in charging. In addition, Russia’s previous bad “military reform” led to the concentration of front-line commanders, and the deaths of generals were common. This kind of thing is too common for them In World War II, not to mention generals, marshals could die in front of the battle.

Throughout the military history of the Soviet Union and Russia, their “art of war” is to “win bad battles” again and again. You give them absolute advantages and crush them all the way, but they still can’t fight. Only when they lose their strength at the expense of the enemy can they inspire their passive skills – “Russia is like a crumbling, windy house, you just need to kick…”


Napoleon and Hitler thought so, and the United States and NATO probably think so today.

But you see, in June, spring has passed, summer is coming, autumn and winter are not far away. I think Russia is not in a hurry at all. It can continue to fight for three or five years. As long as Zelensky’s Pro western government does not fall, as long as the Ukrainian Nazi organization is not completely eliminated, and as long as the Western forces do not completely withdraw from Ukraine, it can continue to fight, because it will not fight poorer and poorer, and may fight more and more.

If you look at the text of some platforms and some official account, you will feel that Ukraine has gone from one victory to another

But reality is reality. The war is fought on Ukrainian territory, destroying Ukrainian cities and industries, abandoning Ukrainian land, killing Ukrainian men, and fleeing to Europe are Ukrainian women and children If you are not such a comprador politician attached to Europe and the United States as ZELINSKY, and you are just an ordinary Ukrainian, do you think it is worth it? (take refuge in NATO and become enemies with Russia)

In fact, I do not support either side of Russia or Ukraine. I love peace and oppose unjust wars. I do not like dead people and disasters.

However, I support my own country. I am against the hegemony of the unlimited expansion of US imperialism in the world. I am against NATO’s expansion of its positions to our doorstep. I am even more opposed to the US blockade and containment of China in East Asia, impeding China’s reunification. Therefore, at this moment, those who oppose US imperialism are our friends.

Moreover, Russia and Ukraine are not the relationship between the two countries that many people imagine. In fact, this is a “Soviet civil war” that is 30 years late. In the Soviet era, Ukraine is not only a part of the Soviet Union, but also the core and essence of the Soviet Union. A large part of the Soviet Union’s heavy industry, aircraft manufacturing and ship manufacturing are in Ukraine. Many of the Soviet Union’s famous generals, marshals and heroes are Ukrainians.


The disintegration of the Soviet Union was not only an ideological disaster, but also a geopolitical disaster. It was also a national disaster, because many Russian families and Ukrainian families could not be separated. They had too many relatives and friends on both sides. Originally, they were one family, but suddenly they were in two countries. This was a tragedy, and it was not a tragedy chosen by the people.

In this conflict, even the “Slavic civil war”, Kiev is actually the birthplace of the Russian nation. In fact, most Ukrainians can speak Russian, and a large number of Ukrainians can’t even speak “Ukrainian”. Kiev is the “Chang’an” of the Russian people, whose status is far above Moscow

Therefore, we cannot view this war from the perspective of traditional countries and countries, “aggression” and “anti aggression”. Otherwise, you cannot explain why the people of eastern Ukraine angrily asked the Russian army, “you are late. You should have come in 1991”. You can’t accept why the old woman of Ukraine raised the flag of sickle and hammer Maybe some hybrids like division and independence, some people yearn for the west, but others also yearn for reunification and miss the great red motherland.


We should not be fooled by some scripts on the Internet.

Do not think that “anti war” without asking about the causes and consequences, national interests and political wisdom is natural justice. In fact, people who always talk about “anti war”, “universal values” and “the international community” can see through who they are at a glance.

Normal people are not afraid of anti American, and normal people are not afraid of national reunification, because this is a matter of course.

Only the running dogs of the United States are afraid, and only the compradors and traitors who split the country are afraid.



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