For the first time_ Three character idiom

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[Pinyin] pò ti ? n hu ? ng

[idiom story] during the Tang Dynasty, Jingzhou area did not have any scholars in the capital for more than 50 years, so it was called “ The end of time ”, Until the reign of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, Liu Tuo, a member of the Jingzhou people, won the Jinshi, breaking the natural gap. Cui Xuan, Duke of Wei state in Jingzhou, specially rewarded him with 700000 yuan. Liu Tuo refused and wrote back: “ In the past 50 years, people have become useless; A thousand miles away, it is not the end of time& rdquo;

[allusions] Jingzhou in the Tang Dynasty was dressed like a souze, who sent people away every year. Most of them didn’t become famous, and the number was solved by the end of the day. Liu Tuo sheds his people to Jing Jiehe, whose name is ‘ For the first time ’. Song · Volume IV [interpretation] of sunguangxian’s northern dream trivia refers to things that have never happened. [usage] as object, attribute and adverbial; It refers to things that have never happened before [structure] verb object type [synonyms] unprecedented [opposite words] common [rhyming words] people plan not to hide, catch thieves and stolen goods, catch traitors and catch Shuang, stir up the sea and cross the river, soft jade fragrance, Yang huweikuang, convert thousands of people, go beyond the limit, beg for poverty and frugality, the spirit of the Lu hall, be clean and do good [time] Ancient [lantern riddles] conquered natural disasters [allegorical sayings] the clouds were covered with grass for half a day [English] occurforthefirsttime [German] nochniedagewesen [Japanese] the first time (????), there was no way (???), and it was unheard of in previous generations (?????? [French] sanspré cé dent< pourpremiè refois>

[examples of idioms]

? half of a man is a woman. When his mother died, he was in vain. This time, for the first time, he touched my head with his calloused hand.

? but one night, Haimen came to my door with his precious son in his arms. When he entered the door, he made his son call uncle. This was the first time in the world.

? during the Spring Festival this year, the Ye family finally killed the new year pig for the first time. The per capita income increased by more than 300 yuan over the previous year.

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