For two reasons, Gorbachev buried the Soviet Union himself!

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On the evening of August 30 local time, Gorbachev died of illness at the age of 91.

Although the disintegration of the Soviet Union was the result of its long-term ossification and decay, and it was not the fault of Gorbachev alone, we still have to ask a question: what is the reason why Gorbachev became the last gravedigger of the Soviet Union? So that he buried the red Empire himself!

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In the author’s opinion, Gorbachev’s biggest problem is two points:

1. Lack of faith

By the end of the Soviet Union, the whole Soviet Union admired the west very much, including Gorbachev, the highest helmsman.

When Gorbachev was pro western, those more “decent” subordinates were doomed to be unable to stay and replaced with those he thought appropriate.

In the end, a group of Pro western people took control of the Soviet Union. For example, Yakovlev, an extremely important person who served as the head of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, a member of the Presidential Committee, and was in charge of Soviet ideology, was actually a staunch anti Communist.

It can be imagined what such a group of people can do at the helm of the Soviet Union.

Until the disintegration of the Soviet Union, they still believed in the West and used disarmament and economic shock therapy to express their sincerity for reconciliation to the West; NATO’s five eastward expansions are even more representative. Under normal circumstances, it is understandable to cheat once, but it is not an IQ problem but an emotional problem to cheat five times in a row. Russia really loved the west at that time.

Faith is firm, even if there are difficulties, it is only temporary. Sooner or later, we can break through the darkness. But if faith is missing, it is over.

2. Perfect idealist

Another problem with Gorbachev was that he was too perfect.

Before he became general secretary and President of the Soviet Union in 1985, his resume was spotless and almost perfect.

When a person is too perfect, there are only two possibilities, either he is a saint or he is too smooth and a smooth speculator.

This kind of perfectionism and idealism was also manifested in his later works.

For example, when he proposed his “2000 nuclear free world” plan, he confused the United States. His first reaction was “what do you want to do?”, The Americans have no idea what Gorbachev wants to do.

In the end, the Americans came to the conclusion that this was a Soviet conspiracy aimed at deceiving the United States to destroy all its nuclear weapons.

However, the reality is that Gorbachev really thinks so. He wants to work with the United States to eliminate all nuclear weapons in the world and make the world an ideal world without nuclear weapons.

Up to now, he still believes that the United States and Russia should reduce their nuclear weapons substantially, and then pull together China, France, Britain and other countries to completely eliminate their nuclear weapons.

Another example is the early years of negotiations on intermediate guidance.

In April 1987, US Secretary of state Schultz came to Moscow for negotiations on European missiles. The basic intention acceptable to both sides is that the United States will remove its medium range missiles in Europe and the Soviet Union will remove its SS20 missiles deployed in Europe. Once an agreement is reached, the two sides will destroy these missiles.

Prior to the negotiations, marshal ahromeyev, chief of the general staff, repeatedly stressed to Gorbachev that the ss23 missile (with a range of only 400 kilometers) was the bottom line and could not be withdrawn. If the Americans proposed it, they must resolutely reject it. Fearing that Gorbachev would forget it, he also specifically included it in the memorandum of talks.

The Americans also knew that this condition could not be reached, but they still proposed it as a means of negotiation during the negotiations. To their great surprise, Gorbachev’s answer was “it’s settled.”.

This result also made marshal ahromeyev stunned and found Gorbachev again, hoping that he could find the Americans to correct before Schultz left. What he got was Gorbachev’s rage. “Do you want me to break my promise? Do you want the Americans to think that I do not understand military affairs?”

In Gorbachev’s view, the whole world should be like one family, live in harmony, love and help each other.

Looking at Gorbachev’s entire history and his propositions, we can find that his ideal is “lofty”, his morality is “noble”, his doctrine is “pure”, and his feelings are “lofty”… Almost all his starting points put the common interests of mankind and human values first, higher than any national interests, class interests, and personal interests. The leaders of the western group, whether in Europe or the United States, Compared with him, he is simply a selfish clown and a heartless clown.

It is also because of his contribution that the West has given him a lot of honors and medals: Time magazine’s man of the year, Reagan’s Medal of freedom, Nobel Peace Prize, German unification prize, Bush’s Medal of freedom… All kinds of Western awards have been soft handed.

He eventually became a person praised by the enemy, won numerous false names, and became the last gravedigger of the huge red empire. If you don’t know how to evaluate him, you can see how the West evaluates him, and then on the other hand, it is basically not bad.

Gorbachev has won all the awards. If he insists that there is any defect, it should be that the West owes him a one ton gold award to thank him for his contribution to the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

Gorbachev is indeed noble enough, but what he does not know is that many noble things can be said in public, but in fact they can not be done. His problem is that he works hard, only talks about nobility, but forgets the selfishness and cruelty under the law of the jungle.

For such a person, he is most suitable to be the Secretary General of the United Nations, or it is not bad to be Jesus. If he has nothing to do, he is very suitable to talk about the great road of mankind and the Great Harmony of the world, and win the worship of all living beings. But if such a person becomes the highest helmsman of a country, it is definitely a disaster for the country.

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