“ Forget me not ” How did the flowers come from? What does it have to do with the goddess of the heavenly palace in the myth?

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Long ago, after the story of the weaver girl and the cowherd was discovered, the heavenly palace tightened the rules and clarified the difference between God and man. It could not be infatuated with the human world, let alone let the story of the weaver girl and the cowherd reappear. Those who violated the heavenly rules would be pushed down to the human world and become poor forever. Even those who were light would be punished and could not live forever. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!


Since the new Tiangui came into being, any person who is infatuated with the world, whether a palace maid or a God, has been driven out of the world. There is a girl named xiunv in the heaven palace, a palace maid who once served Zhinv, and she has told many stories about the world to xiunv. Since the story of Zhinv and Niulang was known by the immortal, xiunv has been sent to be a palace maid for other people. But xiunv and Zhinv are infatuated with the world, Several times, I tried to steal out of the heavenly palace, but when the new heavenly rule came out, there were twice as many guards at the South heavenly gate as before, and the plan of the young lady to escape from the palace came to a dead end.

One day, the maid dreamed that the weaver girl told her how to escape from the palace, asked her to steal the Jade Emperor’s driving cloud, and told her the work and rest time of the Jade Emperor. The next night, the maid stole the Jade Emperor’s driving cloud while the Jade Emperor was sleeping. When she passed the Nantian gate, she hid in the clouds as white as cotton. In this way, the maid stole the world. However, the young lady caused a lot of trouble in the world. She took the apple but asked for money. The young lady turned around and ran away. The shopkeeper chased the young lady. How can the young lady beat the shopkeeper? Later, thanks to a young man named Lang Cai who pulled the girl into a cattle pen, the shopkeeper could not find the girl and had to go back to his apple store.

The xiunv and langcai became friends. The xiunv lived in langcai’s house. Langcai was a scholar. He was poor from childhood and had nothing valuable except a few acres of life-saving farmland. His father was the owner of the small shop, while his mother tilled the farmland at home. Many years ago, his father’s small shop closed down, and the creditor forced his father to repay the debt. His father sold his belongings, including the cattle for farming, and his mother remarried, Now my father bought a strong cow and cultivated in the fields. Although his income was not much, it was enough to maintain his livelihood. There was still some surplus money to make new clothes.


Seeing that Lang Cai’s family was not in a good condition, she wanted to make some money for him. Before she left, the lady took some holy fruits with her. But she finished eating them on the way, and there were still a few stones left. The lady heard from other palace maids that if the Holy fruit stones were used for planting, it would take only five months to plant good holy fruits. For the less important ones, it would take September to plant flowers, and there would be nothing to plant again. Therefore, the xiunv planted the nuts of the holy fruit on the land of Lang family. After several months, although no holy fruit was planted, beautiful flowers were planted. A large area covered the land of Lang family. Lang Cai also sold a lot of money with these flowers. The affection between the xiunv and Lang CAI also deepened day by day, from strangers to friends who have nothing to say to husband and wife.

They had a happy life, but one day in the sky and one year on the earth, every day, the God would count the women in the palace, but the goddess forgot to go back. The God also found that there was no xiunv, and was looking for her whereabouts everywhere. At this time, the best friend of the xiunv betrayed her, and told the God all her plans for the next world, so the God sent someone to catch the xiunv. They not only captured the maiden, but also the doctor, and brought her to the Jade Emperor. The God said, “this girl not only violated the rules of heaven, but also stole her Majesty’s driving cloud. According to the rules of heaven, both of them should go to the prison and never be born again!” The young lady resisted: “Your Majesty, the doctor didn’t make a mistake. It was me who made a mistake. Why did you beat the doctor into prison? What’s the reason?” Jade Emperor: “this is a specific rule in the new heaven rules. You can’t break it!” The lady objected: “since the heavenly rules are so unreasonable, where does the majesty of the heavenly palace come from? Is all this hypocrisy?

The Jade Emperor said that he could not help the girl, and was afraid of causing chaos, so he put the girl in prison and could not be reborn forever, and put the doctor back in the world. When Lang Cai returned to the world, he named the flowers planted by the girl “forget me not”. The last thing the girl said to Lang CAI was: “don’t forget me!” Don’t forget that I smiled at him like a beautiful girl. He looked up at the beautiful flowers that seemed to be seen by him. The white clouds were inlaid under the blue sky. He saw faintly that the beautiful girl in the kingdom of the sky smiled at him! Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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