Forgotten time starts broadcasting, fan Chengcheng and LAN Yingying perform sadistic CP

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Fan Chengcheng’s current film and television resources are still very good. The TV series “forgotten time”, starring him and LAN Yingying, was launched. The name of the play was called “boyfriend pawn shop”. It is said that the name was changed to “forgotten time” for the sake of quick review. Fan Chengcheng and LAN Yingying performed sadistic love CP in this play. The editor will introduce them today.

Forgotten time starts broadcasting

The forgotten time tells the story of the male and female protagonists who exchange wishes through feelings, meet again after losing their emotional memories about each other, and re start the old love and new love. At the beginning, Wu Tsui, the heroine played by LAN Yingying, was a girl with a very miserable fate. After her father died, she and her mother lived together. In order to pay off the debt as soon as possible, she exchanged the feelings of her friends. In order to save Wu Tsu’s name, Lu Xiaofan, the hero played by fan Chengcheng, pawned the love between the two people, making Wu TSU forget himself.

Three years later, Wu Tsu and Lu Xiaofan met again, and Wu TSU accidentally discovered the secret of pawn. But pawn has to pay a price, so those hidden secrets are gradually solved. It can be said that the play “forgotten time” has a very big brain hole. Those who like to watch novel stories should not miss the play.

Fan Chengcheng and LAN Yingying perform sadistic love CP

In fact, before the broadcast of the forgotten time, many netizens were particularly worried about the CP feelings of Fan Cheng and LAN Yingying. After all, there are many age differences between the two people in real life. Fan Cheng’s advantage is to love the transformation of beans, which may not necessarily spark a spark with LAN Yingying. However, after watching several episodes of TV dramas, we found that fan Chengcheng and LAN Yingying were very well matched in the drama, and their sadistic love also worried netizens. I also hope you can support fan Chengcheng and LAN YingYing and support this forgotten time.

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