Four female stars with amazing figures but unable to escape the fate of aesthetic fatigue

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Speaking of the female stars in the entertainment circle, they all have beautiful faces, thin bodies and graceful shapes.
A-list female stars such as Han Xue, Sun Li and zhaoliying became famous by their acting skills and appearance, rather than simply by their body. But some female stars relied on their good body at the beginning. What about them now?

Today, let’s talk about some female stars who have good bodies, but now they are getting worse and worse.
No. 1, Liuyan

As a new generation beauty of the post-80s generation, when talking about Liu Yan, everyone can think of her sexy figure. Her good figure is more famous than her works. For Liu Yan, I don’t know if this is a good thing for her. It is undeniable that Liu Yan’s good figure has really boosted her fans.

Since Liu Yan’s debut, the word “sexy” has been with her, as if it had become her label. Liu Yan, now 40, is sexy without any discount. In recent years, she has focused on improving her acting skills. She rarely wears too sexy clothes in terms of dressing. When attending the event, she dresses conservatively.

However, Liu Yan’s development has not been very smooth in recent years. There are not many scripts for film and television dramas, and there are few invitations for variety shows. He can only rely on releasing his own dance videos on social platforms to attract popularity.

Liu Yan has always wanted to use her strength to cover up her sexy label. However, the audience has printed her sexy body in their minds. When they mention her, the first thing they think of is her good body.
Second, xudongdong
Xudongdong, who has become popular with the Internet drama “Yu sin”, is not inferior to Liu Yan in terms of body. As a post-90s female star, xudongdong looks more mature.

After “Yu sin” became popular, Xu Dongdong, who should have had a smooth career, did not expect that “Yu sin” had become her peak work. In recent years, xudongdong can only act as some minor supporting roles in some film and television dramas. Although xudongdong’s appearance amazed everyone in Macao Fengyun 3, it did not help her career much. What people remember is her good figure.

Xudongdong has recently received a lot of “bad films” of online dramas. Almost every time he comes out, he shows his sexy body, and the plot content has not received everyone’s attention.

Although her acting skills are not recognized by everyone, she is also an indispensable type of actor in this era.
Third, zhouweitong
Zhouweitong, who started her career as a model, has a tall body and a perfect proportion. In addition, she often keeps fit and exercises. At the beginning of her career, she received the attention of many capital parties.

Zhouweitong once participated in a diving program. His good figure was at a glance, and the audience were dumbfounded. In addition, she took some hot photos before, and soon she became the goddess in the hearts of otaku men.

Zhouweitong has cooperated with sunhonglei, guofucheng, WuZhenYu and other front-line celebrities. In principle, her acting career should be smooth sailing.

However, her acting skills are really not flattering. Every time she appears, the audience only remember her good figure, and even many netizens can’t remember what she looks like.

Now, at the age of 40, Zhou Weitong has already married a wife. In recent years, his career has not improved much. He can only publish his fitness news on social platforms every day to attract traffic.
Fourth, Tong Fei

Tong Fei, who was born as a crystal girl, was attracted by Wang Jing when she was a sophomore. She was promoted by Wang Jing and took her to participate in her own movies. Tong Fei was also called the most beautiful crystal girl by the outside world.

Many of Wang Jing’s works are performed by Tong Fei. Her debut is the peak. She has cooperated with Chow Yun fat in the Macao wind and cloud. Tong Fei is really outstanding. She has a sexy body, a slim waist, and very exquisite facial features and appearance. Who can not love such a beautiful woman?

However, after acting in several films and TV plays directed by Wang Jing, Tong Fei seems to have disappeared from the public’s view. Today, she lives a very low-key life and lives a warm and comfortable life at home every day, as if she had bid farewell to the entertainment industry.

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