Fox fairy girl

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There is a painter in Sizhou city named Du Feng’e. He does not paint birds and beasts, nor flowers, plants, fish and insects, but he loves to paint foxes. Du Feng’e often quietly went to the mountains to observe foxes. Once he stayed in the jungle on the mountain for a whole day and saw no sign of the fox. Seeing that it was getting dark, he had to go home. Walking alone on the sheep intestine trail, Du Feng’e felt a little unhappy. Suddenly, he saw a hunter approaching from the fork in front of him, with a fox with a wounded leg on his shoulders. This is a young fox. The red hair is shiny. Du Feng’e looked at the little fox’s timid look for help, and felt a trace of pity in his heart, and pestered the hunter to buy the fox. After returning home, Du Feng’e carefully scrubbed the young fox’s wound with salt water, and then applied herbs to it. The little fox will soon recover under the careful care of Du Feng’e. This little fox is really clever. As soon as the wound heals, it jumps up and down in the cage, making various poses to please Du Feng’e. Du Feng’e was overjoyed and took this opportunity to draw many sketches.

Lady Fox Fairy One night, Du Feng’e dreamed that the fox in the cage was talking to him. He remembered the legend of the fox fairy, and asked: “It is true or false that the fox can become a human being?” The fox said: “If you believe it is true, if you do not believe it is false.” Du Feng’e said: “Then you become a Be me a daughter-in-law!” The fox said, “Then let me go first.” Du Feng’e went to open the cage dubiously, but suddenly stumbled and woke up. Thinking of the scene in the dream, I felt a little strange in my heart, so I opened the cage subconsciously. The little fox didn’t turn into a beautiful woman, but disappeared into the night outside the door with a squeak. The next night, as soon as Du Feng’e fell asleep, he was awakened by the sound from outside the door. When he opened the door, he was surprised to find that there was a large group of foxes outside the door. Seeing him come out, a fox immediately ran over to grab his trousers with its paws and lick his ankles with its tongue. It was the red fox he let go the night before.

For several nights in a row, the foxes came to Du Feng’e’s yard to play and play, chasing and rolling. Du Feng’e suddenly understood that it was the red fox who wanted to repay him, so he attracted these foxes to let him draw. With so many lovely models, Du Feng’e’s fox paintings have become more exquisite since then, but in the folk, the fox is an ominous symbol, and no one wants to buy this unlucky thing to hang at home, and Du Feng’e is still poor.

One day, when Du Feng’e was selling paintings on the street, a woman in red came to his booth and bought two fox paintings at a high price. This is a rarity. Du Feng’e looked at the woman strangely, and saw that she had bright eyes and white teeth, a graceful demeanor, and a touch of grief between her brows. The woman was a little embarrassed to be seen, hurriedly rolled up the painting, and left. The next day, Du Feng’e’s painting booth was just set up. The woman who bought the paintings yesterday came again and bought two more paintings at a high price. It’s been like this for days in a row.

Du Feng’e was puzzled. When the woman came back, he asked, “Who are you, and why did you buy so many paintings?” The woman smiled and said nothing. Du Feng’e said: “If you don’t tell me the reason, I won’t sell the painting.” The woman said, “You sell the painting, I’ll pay for it, why not sell it?” Du Feng’e’s stubborn temper came up and said: “You If you don’t tell me, I won’t sell it.” The woman looked at him resentfully, and left silently.

Unexpectedly, that woman came to the door at night. Du Feng’e was surprised and asked: “How did you find my house?” The woman smiled and said, “I’m afraid it will scare you.” Du Feng’e said, “What’s there to be afraid of?” The woman said, “To be honest, I You are a fox fairy, because I like your paintings and I am moved by your infatuation with foxes, so I often buy one or two of your paintings and go back to enjoy them. I didn’t expect you to be very strange. You ask me the answer on the street. ?” The two chatted. Before leaving, the woman gave Du Feng’e some silver taels, but Du Feng’e refused to accept it. The woman said, “Take it, I know magic, money is easy to come by, and besides, this money is from those bad people.” Du Feng’e had to accept it. . After that, the woman would often come to Du Feng’e’s study to sit and help Du Feng’e polish ink and sort out the desk. The two got along very well.

On this day, Du Feng’e was selling paintings on the street. He heard people talk that today the county government is going to execute a brothel woman. It turned out that the son of the county magistrate ran wild in the famous brothel “Qianxiang Pavilion”, and was killed by a brothel woman who couldn’t bear it. Relying on his father’s power, the county magistrate’s son ran rampant in Sizhou and committed many evils. People dared to be angry with him but did not dare to speak. This time he was killed by a brothel woman, which is really heartwarming. People praised the woman’s strength and resented that she could not escape bad luck. Du Feng’e also squeezed into the crowd to watch, ah, isn’t this the woman who bought his paintings, the fox fairy? Du Feng’e wished he could rush to rescue him immediately, but he was a weak scholar and was so anxious but could not do anything, Du Feng’e suddenly remembered that she was a fox fairy , can do magic, so let’s relax.

Said it was too late, but it was too soon. I saw the executioner slashed down with a knife, blood splashed everywhere, and the fox fairy was separated and fell to the ground. The crowd gradually dispersed, and Du Feng’e ran over to caress the gradually cold body of the fox fairy, unable to guess whether her real body escaped or not. Suddenly, Du Feng’e heard someone crying beside him, a woman of the same age as the fox fairy. While crying, the woman raised her head and asked Du Feng’e, “Are you Du talented?” Du Feng’e said; Yan? Who are you?” The woman’s voice choked and said: “Where is she a fox fairy! Like me, she is a woman from a poor family. She was forced into a corner by the evil son of the county magistrate, and then she fell into the red dust. Sister Yan likes your paintings very much, admiring your talent, knowing that Yi’s life is hard, she wants to help you, but she is afraid that you will know the truth, so she jokes with you that she is a fox fairy.”

Du Feng’e stood there for a long time as if she had been slammed with a stick, hugging Fei Yan’s body and crying.

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