French and German leaders were forced to resign in a scandal on the same day! Is it related to the super large order of Airbus in China?

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Author: north wind source: beifengxuelin (id:beifengxuelin)

In the past week, we were dazzled by the changes of the world’s “unprecedented change in a century”.

On July 7, British Prime Minister Johnson was “forced to resign” by more than 50 government officials.

On July 8, Shinzo Abe, who was speaking on the street in Nara Prefecture, Japan, was shot and killed.

On July 9, after Sri Lanka, an Indian Ocean island, declared bankruptcy, demonstrators rushed into the presidential palace. Sri Lanka’s president and prime minister resigned, senior officials fled, and the country fell into complete chaos.

At a time when the world’s attention was focused on the “political turmoil” in the three island countries of Britain, Japan and Sri Lanka, the two most important countries on the European continent broke out shocking scandals on the same day.

The scandal involved French President macron and German Chancellor Scholz, who had a good talk with the British and Japanese prime ministers at the G7 summit not long ago.

In the past two days, the “black material” of macron and Scholz is still in the sorting stage, which is not at all “empirical”, but the western media have begun to collectively discuss the “successors” of macron and Scholz.

Why was the French president and the German Chancellor “sniped by black material” on the same day?

Germany and France are facing the crisis of political upheaval. What impact will the conflict between Russia and Ukraine have on China?

One, what did macron and Scholz “do?”?

The first to snipe at French President macron was the guardian.

The British Guardian suddenly released 124000 documents obtained from “Uber” in the United States.

You can think of “Uber America” as a taxi software platform similar to “didi special bus”.

Uber once entered China for a short time, but soon “acclimatized”, unable to win didi and kuaidi, it withdrew from the Chinese market like Amazon.

However, as a super Internet platform backed by Wall Street capital, Uber has achieved much more rapid and successful expansion in countries around the world than Didi.


However, the 124000 documents of Uber published by the guardian revealed that Uber is “financial aid to open the way” in many countries, including the United States, forming an interest alliance of collusion between officials and businessmen with bribes and political donations, and then occupying the market.

On the surface, this report was aimed at “exposing Uber in the United States”, but soon everyone focused on the business development of Uber in France.

Similar to the controversy caused by the expansion of “barbaric subsidies” of Internet taxi platforms such as didi in those years, we can find that in those years, many cities had “local taxi companies and drivers” blocking Internet special buses.

In France, taxi drivers all have husband unions, so taxi drivers organized a large number of taxi drivers’ strike marches to fight against the unfair competition of Uber.

According to the documents of Uber in that year, Uber communicated and coordinated with macron, who was the Minister of the French government at that time.

Both sides decided to send Uber online taxi Hailing drivers to the streets as well, and even mentioned in the chat record that “violent confrontation won the victory”.

The British Guardian even published the chat record of “macron and Uber executives”, mentioning that macron came forward to exchange interests with legislators who “safeguard the rights of taxi drivers”, which ultimately led to the successful landing and business expansion of Uber in France.

In other words, the guardian revealed that macron “acted as a comprador of American capital” and harmed the rights and interests of domestic workers through interest transfer.

Almost at the same time, the German media also broke out the “shocking scandal” in German politics.

If the transfer of interests between macron and American capital and the sale of workers’ interests are still “old-fashioned European and American political scripts”, the scandal in Scholz is really “Hollywood films dare not design like this”!

According to German media reports, the parliamentary leading group of the ruling Social Democratic Party of German Chancellor Scholz held a “high-end reception” last Wednesday.

This is a “private gathering” within the German ruling coalition, so only relevant politicians and their closest friends attended.


But soon, a woman who attended the “high-end reception” claimed that she had not drunk at the reception, but she was drunk unconscious, and the next day she “lost her memory”.

This kind of “one cup and one drop” has the effect of “amnesia” the next day, and the Internet platforms that were severely beaten some time ago dare not blow it like this.

But soon, many women who attended the party claimed to have the symptoms of nausea, vomiting, coma and “amnesia” the next day. As many as nine women were accused of being victims!

Therefore, the German media pointed the spearhead at the ruling party, especially the leader Scholz, and asked him to take responsibility for “drugging political gatherings”.

It is possible to stage the drama of “drug addict X” at the gathering of the rich second generation, or the wild bar, or even the “private gathering of individual abnormal councilors”.

However, this is a formal gathering of hundreds of members of the German ruling party. At such a gathering, as many as nearly 10 people have “special symptoms”, which are not so much medicine, but feel more suspected of being poisoned by “political enemies”.

In the absence of any official investigation of the incident, Western media have been manipulating public opinion to guide the direction of “prime minister Scholz stepping down and taking the blame”.

Second, Britain and France are paying the price of “independence”!

From British Prime Minister Johnson to Japanese Prime Minister Abe to macron and Scholz, the “sniping” of these “world’s top political figures” in the recent week was quite sudden.

Over the past year, Johnson has been affected by the “party door” and Britain’s ultra-high inflation, but several “no confidence votes” have survived. When everyone thought he was a “small strong man who could not be killed”, he was removed from office by “collective coercion” within two days.

Although Shinzo Abe announced his retirement for two years, he is widely recognized as the actual controller of Japan’s internal and foreign affairs. Everyone is guessing when he will “Shinzo” and become prime minister again.

As a result, he was shot in a street speech when the Senate election was inevitable.


Macron today, just in the general election in May, withstood the impact of the far right Le Pen and became the first president of France to be re elected in the new century.

Although German Prime Minister Scholz had a “breathtaking” advantage in the election at the end of last year, his domestic and foreign affairs were constrained after he formed a ruling alliance with the green party.

However, after more than half a year of combing, Germany’s actual industrial difficulties have taught the green party to be a man, and Scholz has successfully suppressed the Green Party’s assassins in China.

It can be said that macron and Scholz have both experienced “lows” and are in the “climbing stage” after overcoming the crisis.

But at this time, within the same day, the two were forced to “resign”.

The timing of the two people’s scandals this time is too coincidental, and the “type” of scandals is the death hole of political correctness in their respective countries.

Some people have suggested that if macron and Scholz’s “scandal” swap, it is “not a thing” for each.

In France, which is relatively romantic and open, if it is just a “party door” or a “peach dispute”, it will not have an impact on macron’s governance.

Similarly, in Germany, where the industry is upgraded, there is often a conflict of interest between the new industrial trade union and the workers’ trade union in traditional industries, which is similar to that between online car hailing and taxi Hailing. In large industrial countries, the dispute between workers and industry will not damage Scholz’s ruling foundation.

It can be seen from this that the “black curtain on labor rights” in France and the “peach scandal of the ruling party” in Germany were all accurately planned.

Macron and Scholz were “engaged” on the same day. I think it is related to the recent “independent diplomacy” between France and Germany.

Although the Biden administration of the United States presented the illusion of “gathering allies and one voice” to the world through the G7 summit and NATO summit at the end of last month.

However, because of different interests, France and Germany have become the blocking forces of “the United States and Britain disturb the world” at the G7 and NATO summits.

At the G7 summit, the United States, Britain, Japan and other countries actively promoted the policy of “price fixing on Russian oil”. In the context of G7 countries’ dependence on Russian energy, since “it is impossible to ban the import of Russian oil”, it is “to limit the price of Russian oil”.

The “price limit standard” proposed by Japan and Britain is that Russian oil should not be higher than $50, equivalent to half of the international oil price.

Finally, the G7 countries reached a “consensus in principle” on limiting Russian oil prices, but there was no consensus on how to limit them.

The fundamental reason is that Germany, the industrial core of the EU, has the highest energy dependence on Russia, so Scholz does not want “extreme price limits” to stimulate Russia to retaliate for production cuts and damage Germany’s industrial base.

Therefore, both the Biden administration of the United States and the United Kingdom felt that macron and Scholz had a “relatively weak” attitude towards Russia at the G7 summit.

At the G7 summit, Germany and France were inconsistent with the United States, Britain and Japan on the issue of Russia.

At the next NATO summit, the United States, Britain, Germany and France had differences on the “relationship between NATO and China”.

Originally, the United States and Britain created public opinion in NATO to promote China to be tied with Russia as the biggest “threat and enemy” of NATO.

According to the media reports at that time, “some countries within NATO have different opinions”. Finally, the United States encountered resistance and was forced to downgrade China to a “systematic competitor”.


At that time, the western media did not expose which countries within NATO “did not agree with the positioning of China’s threat and enemy”, but soon, China announced the super large order of Airbus aircraft with the scale of three major airlines reaching 240 billion.

Through the super large order between China and Airbus of France, the world has also seen the huge interest link and still huge development potential between China and Europe.

Third, what opportunity does Aung SA give us to kidnap our allies in the form of “executing the family law”?

Many people have always thought that the super large order of China and Airbus is just “good for France”, which is a little smaller.

In fact, French Airbus has already become “EU Airbus”. The manufacturing of large aircraft requires an extremely complex and threshold long supply chain.

Therefore, Airbus large aircraft from R & D to parts supply, to whole machine assembly, involving supporting factories in many European Union countries.

Therefore, the 240 billion large order between China and Airbus will form a “tonic” for many countries in the EU through the Airbus supply chain.

France and Germany saw the “benefits and potential of China EU trade”, so the two countries “from the standpoint of allies” and succumbed to the United States to “target and contain our country”, but there were differences in strength and tone with the United States.

At the G7 and NATO summits, Germany and France were disobedient on the issues of “Russian oil price limit” and “positioning of the relationship between NATO and China”. As the leading brother, the United States naturally wanted to take action.

In the alliance relationship, it is the best policy to use the transmission of interests or common interests to make allies “work together towards the same goal”.

When we lack “common interests” with our allies, and we have no surplus food and cannot deliver benefits, it is the best policy to kidnap the public opinion of our allies with nihilistic “doctrine” through public opinion hegemony without actual benefits.

The worst way to deal with allies is to “enforce family law” in the form of gangs, which force allies to follow and act obediently through violence and coercion.


The ansa gang led by the United States and Britain, after the hollowing out of industry, has been unable to deliver benefits to Germany and France allies, and even “the interests of their respective countries are in sharp conflict”.

In this context, the ansa bandits chose to use “public opinion and media hegemony” to subversively punish the disobedient leaders in their allies, thereby intimidating the “successors” of their allies to be obedient dogs.

At a time when the Ansar gangs led by the United States and Britain can only use “subversive means” to intimidate and intimidate their allies, China has used Airbus super large orders to show Europe huge “prospects for cooperation and sincerity in making profits”.

It is clear at a glance who is the best choice to create a community of shared interests and who is the worst choice to enforce family laws and bully and intimidate!

If macron and Scholz can survive this round of public opinion sniping by the ansa bandits, our interest alliance with the EU will be upgraded again!

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