From Hainan to Henan!

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At the end of 1992, Panshiyi, carrying five kilograms of oranges and several cigarettes, went to Haikou Planning Bureau to check the data and found that the per capita housing area in Haikou reached 49 square meters, while that in Beijing was only 7 square meters in the same period.

Stunned by the huge foam, Xiao pan went back to discuss with his brothers who were born in the courtyard to evacuate Hainan. In the next few months, Wantong cleared all the properties in Hainan.

The successful escape from the top at the time of the highest price has become Panshiyi’s favorite bridge section.

However, behind Xiao Pan’s personal struggle, it is only to hide that Feng Lun and other big brothers knew the process of history in advance.

On June 23, 1993, Vice Premier Zhu announced that the listing of real estate would be terminated and bank funds would be controlled. The next day, the State Council issued 16 Regulations, and Hainan’s real estate foam burst.

The bursting of the real estate foam has completely disrupted the financial order in Hainan. None of the financial institutions whose annual interest rates are often 20 or 30 are spared. From trust companies to credit cooperatives, they have all entered the ranks of substantive bankruptcy.

Panshiyi can run, but the government relying on land finance has no choice.

Hainan province led a group of large state-owned enterprises to establish Hainan Development Bank, which became the “Financial Holding Group” of that era. It used government credit to undertake the province’s bad financial and real estate debts, continued to engage in land economy, and bet that Hainan’s house prices would continue to rise in the future.

Unfortunately, absolute power will inevitably lead to absolute corruption. As Haifa ate the province’s rural and urban credit cooperatives, it formed a financial monopoly over Hainan. The shareholders behind it secretly issued loans to themselves and hollowed out Haifa from its roots.

When the Southeast Asian financial crisis broke out in 1997, a run on the Bank of Hainan, which was riddled with holes all over the body, filled the streets of Hainan with people lining up to withdraw money, anxious to get their hard-earned money out.

In order to protect the bank, the Hainan government tried every means to prevent the people from withdrawing funds. The central bank also urgently allocated 3.4 billion yuan of funds to “fight the fire”. Unfortunately, in the face of the hollowed out banks and the crazy run, the milk of the central bank mother can only be said to be a drop in the bucket.

Finally, the only bankrupt bank in the history of new China was born.

On june20,1998, Cai Esheng, then director general of the banking department, announced the decision to close the bank at the Hainan Branch of the central bank.

For the depositors of Haifa, this is a painful decision, because today, 24 years later, the bankruptcy liquidation is still not over


History always likes to follow similar rhymes.

At 2:00 p.m. on July 30, 2021, Cai Esheng, who announced the closure of Haifa, should have attended an event and delivered a keynote speech.

However, the audience did not wait for him until the end of the day. The participants saw the announcement on the official website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. The former vice chairman of the CBRC was under disciplinary review.

Coincidentally, on the day Mr. Cai was sacked, the office of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) issued a notice to clean up trust subsidiaries, requiring to clean up equity and stop investment, cutting off one of the most important financing channels for many real estate enterprises.

The trust business was in the charge of Mr. Cai when he served as vice chairman of the CBRC.

With the issuance of the documents and the removal of Mr. Cai, the hot real estate began to cool down in the first half of 2021. For example, the de urbanization of real estate in Henan and other regions significantly slowed down.

Another coincidence is that as Mr. Cai was taken away, Lu Yi, a mysterious businessman in Henan, was taken away for investigation for several months.

Until February this year, the investigation of Mr. Cai by the State Supervision Commission was completed and transferred to the procuratorial organ. The mysterious businessman lvyide fled overseas with money before the outbreak of the real estate crisis in Henan.

If you can relate to Mr. Cai, Mr. Lu is not an ordinary person.

In september2003, the foundation of “Lan Wei expressway” was laid. At that time, Mr. Lu, 29, was granted the right to construct the expressway and the right to charge fees for 30 years. Relying on the contract with the government, he borrowed 2.4 billion yuan from the bank to build this “poverty relief road” leading to Lankao.

If the old secretary of Lankao was still there, he would definitely be able to beat up Mr. Lu’s parents and take the villagers to build a road to wealth that would not be exploited by capital.

Unfortunately, not all cadres are Jiao Yulu.


With the money printing machine of “Lan Wei expressway”, Mr. Lu was able to continuously raise funds from financial institutions, start large-scale capital expansion, even bypass the supervision of the CBRC, and control a number of domestic rural commercial banks and rural banks.

With the financial license of the village bank, Mr. Lu played a trick of playing with the white wolf. He lent the funds from the Internet channel to a group of local developers in Henan, earning a high interest margin in the middle by taking advantage of the rising house prices.

The operation of Mr. Lu’s ox force is nothing more than controlling Xuchang rural commercial bank through Henan new wealth, a financial holding platform, and controlling Henan Yuzhou xinminsheng rural bank, shangcaihuimin rural bank, Zhecheng Huanghuai rural bank, Kaifeng New Oriental Rural Bank and Anhui xinhuaihe rural bank through Xuchang rural commercial bank.


With the US interest rate hike and table contraction, the foam began to burst. A series of events that took place in Hainan 30 years ago have now been repeated in Henan. Tens of billions of funds have already disappeared from the rural banks hollowed out by Mr. Lu.

Writing here, some of the fog has been opened.

Henan has given a red code to bank depositors and property buyers. The banks and real estate “though far away, they must be Zhu” are all the industries under Mr. Lv’s “command”.

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