From the movement of “defending the Diaoyu Islands” to today’s protests in Japan!

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More than 100 days since the outbreak of the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Japan has been the most popular in Asia. Even without the United States winking, Japan rushed to bite Russia. At the same time, Japan has deliberately shown that the “US Japan alliance” is as firm as a rock during the G7 group, the Shangri La forum and Biden’s visit to Japan.


This move was also used by some people in Hong Kong, China. Gu siyao, who was arrested by the National Security Department of the Hong Kong Police Force on February 4 this year, is one of them.

He took the money from the “disordered Hong Kong” organization and repeatedly carried the red flag to Diaoyu Island at the delicate moment of China Japan relations, and then burned the red flag. Although he carried the flag to the island and once confused many people, he could not escape the law after all.

Moreover, in Taiwan Province, the people of the fishing protection movement soon divided into three groups, and their forces were greatly dispersed.

The patriotic reunification faction, the reform and protection of Taiwan faction, and the “Taiwan independence” faction.

The “Taiwan independence” faction is divided into the emperor faction, the violent faction, the autonomy faction and the self-determination faction because of the uneven distribution of dog food and the different masters behind it.

The Huang Min faction, which regards Japan as a suzerain, is proud to speak Japanese and wear Japanese clothes. This kind of goods have the face to come out and shout “protect fishing”. Whose fishing do they protect?

By the 1990s, the organized folk fishing protection movement was dying and had not become a climate.

Today, the original intention of the fishing protection movement is something worth advocating, but we should also sum up the lessons and understand the history, and we will understand a lot of things.

Who can defend our Diaoyu Islands and our East China Sea resources? the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.


Now all of them are large and medium-sized “official ships”, which cruise at a high frequency, killing the Japanese. Isn’t Tokyo protesting repeatedly? China’s attitude is that “protests are invalid”.

The purpose of dispatching the “official ship” is to keep the situation under control. If Japan dares to escalate the conflict, the “official ship” will be followed by the Chinese people’s navy.

Further, our real opponent is the US Navy.

Although Diaoyu Island is small, it is related to oil and gas resources in the East China Sea, Ryukyu Islands and Taiwan, China. Japan wants to make some noise on the Diaoyu Islands because it wants to link up with the “India Pacific strategy” of the United States to test China’s response.

In today’s waters around the Diaoyu Islands, as well as the Taiwan, South and East China seas, our military strength is not at a disadvantage, and the US military is unable to mobilize all its maritime forces to the Pacific.

Japan is born cheap. If you are hard and ruthless, it will come to you to negotiate and propose a solution, while the other eye will focus on the face of the American master.

History has proved that Japan will only tame those who can beat it up.

Although the Japanese are always shouting at Diaoyu Island now, it will get used to it gradually in the future.

The United States, on the other hand, can only engage in one alliance or another, trying to frighten China with a brawl.

But the Chinese people are not scared. No matter single fight or group fight, I will accompany you to the end!

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