From Trump’s water to Biden’s sword!

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Author: Sheng Tang Rusong Source WeChat official account: The Shopkeeper’s Dao has been reprinted with authorization

Tell me about Trump. Trump went to East Palestine, Ohio, a few days ago to pay tribute to the local residents affected by the poison train. Instead of going empty-handed, he brought a large number of Trump bottled water and distributed it to the local people. To highlight the hand pollution dilemma of local drinking water. Puweng’s meaning, of course, is not in water, but in pointing directly at the inaction and abuse of the Biden government in disregard of the safety of the people.

At the same time of this water donation, Trump made a speech, saying that Biden came to Ukraine with a large amount of economic assistance, but he ignored the plight of the people of Ohio. What do you want from such a president? Why don’t you choose me as president? At least I can give you clean water.

However, Trump’s unfortunate niece began to attack his uncle again. The woman named Mary Trump said that the so-called Trump brand purified water was produced by a production line that had stopped production for 13 years. He also said that the water might have been stored in the warehouse for 13 years. Now Trump is sending poison to the residents of the East Palestinian City by taking out the water.


Trump and his water

Of course, Trump’s niece has been attacking his uncle since Trump was in power, which seems to be a small dagger of the Democratic Party. Although it is not powerful enough to be fatal, it can stab Trump in close proximity. The attack of the small dagger is also the same. Its attack point is not Trump’s big mistake, but it is very consistent with Trump’s nature as a businessman president. As we all know, Trump used to take care of his own business during his presidency. Anyone who went out to stay in a hotel, as long as there was a Trump brand hotel in the local area, would definitely choose it. This matter has been greatly fired, and all American people know it. So this time, the little dagger started from bottled water. Not only the American people, but also I think that Mary is very reliable.

Because Trump is rich, but he also knows how to save, especially for others. Moreover, he has brought the true qualities of a businessman into full play, and tried to kill two birds with one stone, or even more with one stone. During his four years as president, this has been reflected in many of his domestic and foreign policies.

In fact, there should be many manufacturers of bottled water in the United States. If Trump really wants to find a factory to manufacture his own brand of bottled water, it should not be very difficult. Why buy from a manufacturer that has stopped production for 13 years? I think he has at least three considerations. Of course, first of all, we need to confirm whether the message is correct. The words of the little dagger should be credible. That is, the manufacturer of Trump bottled water did stop production thirteen years ago. Americans can even find information online to confirm this. The strength of the little dagger is that her words are generally based, otherwise she will be punished by God if she embarrasses her uncle by making rumors. [It is estimated that these two small daggers are not afraid of the capital]. After confirming the manufacturer, let me talk about Trump’s three considerations.

First of all, Trump, who is rich in money, must not only need a few bottles of water in this matter. After learning about the explosion of the poison train in Ohio, his shrewd brain may think that the world’s water source is becoming increasingly unsafe. Especially in the United States. Both Biden and Trump are committed to the return of indigenous industrialization in the United States. However, the long but weak infrastructure of the United States can not bear the heavy responsibility of the return of industrialization. So I’m afraid things like poison trains will often happen in the future. Not only poison trains, but also poison factories, poison mines, and so on. In the absence of guarantee of infrastructure construction and environmental protection, the factories driven by the United States in the past two years are similar to the power battery factories of Japan and South Korea in the United States, the semiconductor factories of TSMC in the United States, and the factories that Germany and other European countries moved to the United States last year due to the energy crisis… These factories may increase the scale of local industrialization in the United States, but without matching infrastructure and environmental protection facilities, the future environment of the United States may be difficult to be optimistic. Because the materials and products needed by these factories will produce a large amount of industrial pollution. If there is an accident, the pollution will be more serious.

With capital as the king and government as the tool, it is very difficult for the United States to obtain a stable environmental protection mechanism without a painful struggle. This toxic train incident is proof that this accident has fully exposed the weakness of American infrastructure. This is contrary to the return of industrialization promoted by the US government. So even if the US government is not threatened by the railway capital that does not want to lose money, it can only insist that there is no pollution. Because once it is recognized that the pollution is serious, it is necessary to take measures to improve infrastructure and adjust environmental protection policies. In this way, the ambition of industrialization will face setbacks. This point, whether Trump or Biden, is unbearable and unacceptable. The industries that are hard to drive back should not be driven away again because of environmental protection. So let’s take a look at Japan’s nuclear sewage discharge to Tepco, and there are roughly the same reasons. Once it is recognized that nuclear sewage is harmful, not only TEPCO but also Japan’s entire nuclear power policy will suffer. In the current world, Japan, whose resources are limited by external supply, is absolutely unwilling to restrict nuclear power production. This is not only related to the people’s livelihood of Japan, but also related to the industrial power consumption of Japan.

It’s gone astray again. Trump, as the former president, has always been a successful businessman, and naturally sees this trend. The water world in the future will be a good way to make money. Although I am old, it is not a good thing to leave some high-quality resources for my children. Therefore, Trump is very likely to start searching for the resources of the bottled water industry in the United States and even in the world at the first time after learning about the toxic train incident. This bottled water plant, which has been shut down for 13 years, may be the first to be purchased by Trump. Moreover, with Trump’s quick cut and love to get more with one move, it is likely that production will resume at the first time after the acquisition. The bottled water that Trump brought to East and Palestinian cities this time is likely to be the first batch of bottled water after the factory resumed production. So we can see that the packaging of bottled water is slightly rough, and it is obviously rushed out.

If the first consideration is to consider the future direction of Trump Group. The second consideration is Trump’s own political consideration. In Trump’s view, the Biden government has provided an unsafe living environment for the American people. Then we should let the public know that Trump can bring them a safe environment. At the very least, we can provide them with a bottle of safe drinking water. By comparing the Biden government’s indifference to the poor living environment of the people with the water donated by its own brand, we can add points to the general election next year. By the way, I also advertised my new industrial direction – water resources products.

The third aspect is purely technical. Trump is very generous to himself, so his private plane is comparable to the US President’s Air Force One. However, they are very smart or even very stingy in business. As for Trump’s characteristics, when he was president, everyone had heard a lot. For example, he often brought some real and fake business negotiation skills to international negotiations, which led to many countries’ inability to find out the bottom line when negotiating with the United States and thus suffered losses. This kind of business negotiation skills can not be brought into the negotiations between countries, but if you pay too much attention to the skills, it will make the big countries lose their stable characteristics, and thus put the world in a more volatile and dangerous situation. People often say that a small ship can turn around, but if a large ship also often turns around, it is not a good thing. However, Trump is not the other way around, because such a turnaround often allows him to gain more benefits. Especially when he was driving the big ship of the United States through a large number of small and medium-sized ships, his frequent and irregular turn pattern made other countries even more afraid and unpredictable. Therefore, Trump tried to minimize his efforts and maximize his benefits in this water donation. Just a small bottle of bottled water can not only embarrass the Biden government, but also make itself proud, and also give its new industry a chance to show up. How powerful is it to kill three birds with one arrow.

Yesterday, we saw a friend say that Trump is the best choice for us. Because he is straightforward. Do what you say. But I have different opinions. In fact, during Trump’s term of office, the most direct goal he aimed at was us. It is difficult for us to reach a stable communication environment, not to mention the rhetorical negotiation skills. Even with the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Trump government has great doubts. This guy is a naive adventurist. He thinks that with the sword of the United States in his hand, he can do everything and act recklessly. His ruling characteristic is his skill. It belongs to the kind of people who like to be clever but bold, but the target he aims at is us. Even Biden’s current measures against China are in fact the continuation of Trump’s policies.

Biden’s Democratic government is more particular about the big picture. They want to control the whole world, so it is difficult to deal with the problem of tying Europe, weakening Russia, and finally targeting China with the power of the United States, although the steps are simple and clear. The so-called epee has no edge. Biden took the same path, while Trump took the same path as the epee.

There are different opinions on which is more in our interests. However, I think Biden’s current route is actually easier for us. Yangmou versus Yangmou, and epee versus epee are competing for their respective strengths, while the gap between China and the United States is only in some cutting-edge industries. That is exactly the advantage of skill. It is really not up to the United States to decide who will win or lose when the real swords meet.

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