Fu Jing is also very good to fans. Give fans extra gifts instead

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Fu Jing became a member of the rocket girls’ team and gained a lot of fans because of her successful debut in creation 101. Now Fu Jing is mainly Acting, but she hasn’t given up her singer identity and recently held her own small concert. Fu Jing is also too good to his fans. He even gave excessive gifts to his fans. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Fu Jing is also very good to fans

Fu Jing recently held her own concert in Changsha. The ticket price of the concert is 333 yuan. Many people may think that stars hold concerts to cut leeks from their fans, but Fu Jing’s concert really didn’t. instead, fans feel super happy. Because Fu Jing gave gifts to all the fans who came to watch his concert. These gifts were worth nearly sixorseven yuan, which was cheaper than Fu Jing’s concert ticket price. So he invited fans to see his concert. It was really a benefit to fans.

Many fans who attended Fu Jing’s Changsha concert also aired the gifts they received, including Weibo constellation cup, mobile power supply, comeback facial mask, Swarovski letter pendant, zumalone perfume, fisherman’s hat and so on. These things are very attentive and can also convey Fu Jing’s gratitude to her fans, and thank her fans for their support all the time.

Fu Jing gives fans extra gifts

Many passers-by also said that being a fan of Fu Jing was too happy, and it was also a kind of luck to meet such an idol. Everyone even joked that Fu Jing’s efforts in filming in recent years were for her singer career, and her favorite was her singer identity. But whether it’s Fu Jing’s music fan or actor fan, Fu Jing is a grateful person, and her fans will be in her heart. I also hope that more people can understand Fu Jing and support Fu Jing and her works.

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