G7 6000 against China? China is laughing!

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Who cares more about China and the United States?

We only need to observe one phenomenon to see the leopard. In today’s world, as long as there are places in the United States, there must be China. It is not that China and the United States are together, but that the United States must set China as the most important issue, and then deceive its allies or relevant countries to deal with China together, or do things hostile to China. This is the core reason why the current farce is staged in the world today. There would be no chaos in the world without the bad influence of the United States.

Just now, the United States began to fool its allies to deal with China together, this time at the G7 summit. The leaders of the ongoing g summit said that their goal is to raise $600billion for infrastructure, mainly infrastructure projects in developing countries, to counter China’s “the Belt and Road” initiative. Reuters asked Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman zhaolijian about the attitude of the G7 leaders. Zhao Lijian’s reply was very reasonable, beneficial and restrained.

Zhaolijian refuted the so-called “debt trap” that the United States and the West accused China of the “the Belt and Road”. Zhaolijian said that in the nine years since the “the Belt and Road” initiative was put forward, it has always adhered to the principle of joint consultation, joint construction and sharing, and has brought tangible benefits to the people of relevant countries. According to the world bank, if the transportation infrastructure projects under the framework of the “the Belt and Road” are fully implemented, by 2030, it is expected to generate $1.6 trillion in global revenue each year, accounting for p1.3% of global GDP, 90% of which will be shared by partner countries, and low-income and middle-income countries will benefit more. Between 2015 and 2030, 7.6 million people will get rid of extreme poverty and 32million people will get rid of moderate poverty.

In response to the accusations and defamation of the United States, zhaolijian said that no partner country of the “the Belt and Road” has recognized the so-called “debt trap” caused by the “the Belt and Road”. In fact, the United States is the real producer of the “debt trap”. Its expansionary monetary policy, lack of regulatory financial innovation and malicious empty handed practices have exacerbated the debt burden of developing countries, which is even more responsible for the countries concerned falling into the “debt trap”.

As you can see, the U.S. has pulled together allies to create a so-called $600billion fund, which claims to be used to help developing countries invest in infrastructure. However, the U.S. focus is not on which countries and projects it invests, but on attacking China and China’s “the Belt and Road”. Does the United States want to attack other countries or invest?

Moreover, China’s “the Belt and Road” initiative is really impeccable. All relevant countries have benefited from it. It is equivalent to getting relevant infrastructure and development opportunities without paying. Which country can provide such services? What’s more, what China has done in the past nine years has been recognized by relevant countries, as well as by the United Nations and international institutions. The United States’ deliberate smear campaign cannot be effective.

As for the $600billion that the United States and its G7 allies have invested in the infrastructure of developing countries, that is certainly a good thing. As long as the United States and the West are willing to invest in infrastructure, China absolutely welcomes it. Why? No matter who invests in infrastructure, it is for the people of all countries to develop the economy and improve people’s livelihood. Who invests in it? What’s more, the flame is high when people gather firewood, and it is more conducive to economic development to invest together. Therefore, zhaolijian stressed that China always welcomes all initiatives to promote global infrastructure.

Zhaolijian also said that we do not believe that there is a problem of replacing each other in various relevant initiatives. We oppose the words and deeds that promote geopolitical calculations under the banner of infrastructure construction and smear the “the Belt and Road” initiative. However, in the end, zhaolijian took off the new clothes of the US emperor. He said: a year ago, at the G7 summit, the US side put forward the “rebuilding a better world” (b3w) initiative and promised to promote global infrastructure construction different from the “the Belt and Road”. Whether it is the “rebuilding a better world” initiative or any other initiative, what the international community wants to see is real money and projects that actually benefit the people.

Zhaolijian’s face beating this time can be described as a slap. Because the United States boasts such a big cow, it just creates some traffic and attracts some attention. However, the United States and the West have no substantive action. Therefore, the so-called plans are all on paper and have no substantive action. Therefore, the so-called $600billion, in fact, I am afraid that $6billion can not be seen.

Then why does the United States have to do this? We did it last year, and we still do it this year? Because without a high profile, we can not attract attention, and if we can not attract attention, we will have no political achievements. Therefore, the US government likes to do this. However, in fact, it is absolutely impossible for you to let other countries really give money to help other countries in their construction. Why is it impossible? The reason is very simple. He wants to build infrastructure on a large scale. Where can he buy cheap steel and cement? It can only be China! Where is the most cost-effective construction team? Still China! Can’t the United States pull its allies to raise money and then purchase large amounts of infrastructure products and services from China? It is for this reason that the United States has no choice but to resort to the strategy of thunder and no rain.


So, will other developing countries trust the United States? The answer is, of course, No. The reason why relevant countries do not trust the United States lies in two aspects:

On the one hand, the United States has no substantive cases at all. In the past, many empty cheques were written and never cashed. Who would believe that a country that has no practical cases is engaged in infrastructure construction?

On the other hand, the world has seen clearly that there is no future for the United States to follow, and there must be political conditions for the United States to get any benefits.

Moreover, the U.S. economy has reached the ceiling, and there is little room for development. The U.S. market does not have much growth, so it simply cannot provide support for the sustainable development of the economies of relevant countries. This is totally different from China; Second, like Ukraine, countries that follow the United States can only become the cannon fodder of the United States.

In the face of the United States’ deception, China must feel funny! This is mainly based on three aspects:

1? The image of the United States as a big liar is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It is impossible for Miko to deal with China! If you don’t believe it, the United States will try to put together $600billion. It’s impossible!

2? The United States has really invested heavily in infrastructure for developing countries, which China can’t wait for, because when everyone has a good foundation and a developed economy, they can have more choices.

3? The United States cannot let the countries concerned stand in line. The United States has too few chips to offer, so the support rate of private Americans in their own countries is plummeting.

China sees all this and sees through the American tricks at a glance!

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