G7 claims to use 600billion yuan to disrupt China’s “the Belt and Road”!

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Author: villa owner source: mikuangtouzi (id:mikuangtouzi)


In the Xu Shi chapter of Sun Tzu’s art of war, there is a saying: avoid the actual situation and attack the weak, so as to cause people but not people.

That is to say, we should strike at the weak points of the enemy and not be hard on the strongest points of the enemy. You have to lead the other side by the nose, instead of being controlled by others everywhere and fighting on the other side’s preset battlefield.

What a great wisdom!

It’s a pity that some people don’t listen to advice and want to break the wrist with China, the world-famous “infrastructure maniac” in infrastructure projects.

The G7 meeting being held in Germany declared that,

We will raise $600billion within five years to provide developing countries with funds for infrastructure development.

The European media themselves said that although this claim did not mention China from the beginning to the end, everyone knew that this was going for China’s “the Belt and Road” plan.

Biden, while muddling through with Yellen on the issue of domestic inflation, said “I am still making decisions”, but went to the G7 summit and resolutely threw out a “new” plan called “global infrastructure and investment partnership”.

It also announced that the G7 would provide $600billion in infrastructure loans to developing countries within five years, so that developing countries could see the concrete benefits of cooperation with democratic countries.

The United States will mobilize $200billion in five years to invest in this program.

And vowed that this time, the “global infrastructure and investment partnership” will not change the name of last year’s “plan to rebuild a better world”.

After all, that thing has been sprayed into a sieve, so embarrassing that even the western media are reluctant to mention it.


Because it was so embarrassing, the plan of “rebuilding a better world” was really a fierce call last year, but the result was that almost no one gave him a bird.

Since its implementation for about a year, the US government’s investment in global infrastructure has totaled only a paltry $6million. “

To tell you the truth… The sum is not as much as the money spent by Musk on the monkey running through the sky


The most embarrassing thing in life is not that everyone is against you, but that you raise your arms and no one beats you


The last “rebuilding a better world” plan, although it turned into an embarrassing joke with few respondents, was at least a few million dollars thrown out, at least not pure “shouting slogans without paying”.

It may be that we have learned from the last lesson. This time, Biden’s speech is very spiritual when it comes to paying money.

When the president of the European Commission von delaine followed up and said that the EU would raise 300billion euros for the plan.

Biden then said: the United States will also mobilize $200billion in funds within five years.

The word “mobilization” is really spiritual!

“Raise” money must be paid, but “mobilize”… Who will be mobilized to pay? Can we mobilize? That’s hard to say.

The current inflation and government fiscal situation in the United States, while supporting the mud pit in Ukraine, also has to feed the domestic masters. It is really worth pondering whether it can spend so much money again.

Biden’s plan is also very obvious. The US government will only bear a small part of the $200billion, and the vast majority need to mobilize private investment.


While fooling allies to rush to hard China, he slowly mobilized private investment

Well… I’m not feeling well recently. I can’t move well. Brothers, go first. I’m in charge of shaking people.

From the perspective of the other six companies, if Biden can really shake people, he will not disappoint his brothers to jump out and carry the beating. But why did you shake a few “primary school students” in the end?

In other words, this private investment should be in the “werewolf bureau” with national capital as the main body. Isn’t it the rhythm of “primary school students vs. Tyson” that the first infrastructure maniac in the hard and hard world?

Besides, the European Union is still stuck in the Ukrainian blood pit you dug. Have you dug the new pit?

I don’t know why. Although it is said to pull allies against China, there is always a sense of “protecting opponents and beating teammates”


To tell you the truth, I personally think that the “the Belt and Road” initiative should be a move made by Biden after experiencing the Russian Ukrainian conflict, the US summit and the G7 wrangling. He was so forced that he was eager to show us control.

The aim is not to build, but to destroy.

To be honest, it is impossible for the US government to force private capital to offer warmth to the third world. The ultimate mobilization can only be realized in terms of profits.

However, in the period of peace and prosperity, western capital countries can rely on their own capital redundancy to create interest rate differentials with developing countries with low or even zero interest rate policies, so as to guide private investment into the third world countries to extract surplus capital.

However, at this time, the world inflation has reached the point where it can not be held back. The financial instruments of the Federal Reserve are almost fully open and still have little effect.

The large-scale reduction of the balance sheet and the increase of interest rates have been the last straw for western central banks, while developing countries have just or are still under the triple impact of the epidemic, the decoupling of the industrial chain and the inflation depression.

Whether they can provide enough capital and blood at this time is a problem. After all, this is not a high growth stage.

On the one hand, interest rates in the West must rise, and on the other hand, the rate of return on investment in developing countries has declined. The interest rate spread has basically been smoothed out, which coincides with the “harvest season” of global capital flowing back to the United States.

You not only want to mobilize domestic private capital to give up this blood eating carnival, but also want them to go out to build roads and send warmth?

To tell you the truth, I don’t think there is any possibility except for the dark political transaction.


Moreover, even if they are willing to come out as cannon fodder, they must have the ability to defeat China’s infrastructure army, right?

It is no exaggeration to say that it is no less difficult for anyone in the world to compete with China in infrastructure construction than to challenge the whole Chinese team on the table tennis table.

I am not aiming at anyone! I mean, in this respect, one can count as one, and all of them are war dregs~


In the worldwide infrastructure bidding, China has always been in an overwhelming dominant position.

Chinese companies start with billions of dollars of orders in overseas infrastructure bidding every year, while the total order volume of the United States in 2020 is only more than 27million.

Among the tpo20 infrastructure contracting groups in the world, China alone dominates 14, leaving 66 in Europe. What does the United States have?

He has a hammer

Britain supported a bridge in Africa. After seven years of construction, it collapsed within two months. The workers’ vacation time was longer than the construction time.

The efficiency of infrastructure construction in the United States, let alone external support, is not easy to get their own home. It took three years to build roads in California before they reached less than 100 kilometers. Angry American netizens posted videos of China’s infrastructure construction all over the world.


The G7 cannot catch up with China in terms of project quality, construction speed or project volume.

What’s more, this time, the G7 risked its life to get 600billion yuan, claiming to destroy the “the Belt and Road”, but it did not know that China’s “the Belt and Road” has spread to more than 100 countries around the world,

More than 2600 projects have been involved, with a total value of more than US $3.7 trillion, accounting for 4.3% of the world’s GDP.

By 2030, it is expected to generate $1.6 trillion in global revenue each year, accounting for p1.3% of global GDP, 90% of which will be shared by partner countries.

From 2015 to 2030, we can help 7.6 million people out of extreme poverty and 32million people out of moderate poverty.

The real data and results are there. Let alone say that the 600billion probability is another “empty talk”. Even if it can be fully implemented, it is not a big number.

I really want to be positive. I don’t need to think about it without 5trillion dollars.

At first, their plan was to throw 40 trillion yuan. Later, after counting, it turned into 600billion yuan when they really couldn’t afford to play. They had to “borrow” from private capital


However, as American netizens said, “why only now? China has done this for at least six years, focusing its’ development ‘efforts on Asia and Africa, and expanding its own influence. It is no secret. The G7 is just watching and doing nothing.”


Although what this netizen said is not accurate, we have been supporting developing countries all over the world since 13 years.

But there was nothing wrong. After nine years, they just looked indifferent, and then suddenly jumped out to “create a better world”.

Its motives are almost obvious!

US $600billion is certainly not enough for success, but it must be more than enough for failure.

By the end of 2020, the overall external debt stock of sub Saharan African countries had exceeded US $700billion. Among them, western private creditors account for 47% of Africa’s long-term debt.

In my previous articles, I have talked about the world bank’s means of madly raising the debt of the third world in the name of “supporting investment” and carrying out ideological output and political binding. This is almost a standard template.

Therefore, it is almost certain to use this $600billion bad check as a bait to bind political conditions in the process of investing in developing countries and to alienate the relations between China and friendly countries!

be vigilant! Still have to be vigilant!

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