Gao Tianzuo’s trumpet responds to the storm. One day, God will give me justice

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The Tangshan beating incident also attracted the attention of many melon eaters to the news that Gao Tianzuo’s beating his ex girlfriend caused him permanent disability. Therefore, many netizens also began to leave messages under Gao Tianzuo’s social platform to denounce Gao Tianzuo. Gao Tianzuo responded to the storm by saying that God would give him justice one day. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Gao Tianzuo’s trumpet responds to the storm

Gao Tianzuo’s beating was already decided by the court. Because there was a letter of understanding from the woman, Gao Tianzuo was sentenced to three reprisals and three years’ imprisonment. As a result, Gao Tianzuo also wrote this matter into a song to show off. He showed off that he would spend money to buy a name, so he would not have to spend money in prison. Before, it was because Gao Tianzuo was too confused, so everyone ignored this matter. Recently, people began to pay attention to the scandal of Gao Tianzuo because of the beating in Tangshan.

In the face of the accusations of netizens, Gao Tianzuo started to explain again, saying that the netizens were not at the scene at that time and did not know the specific situation at all. Gao Tianzuo said that he was attacked by the other party first, and then fought back, causing the other party to be injured. However, the other party was not seriously injured, because after the fight, the other party was still singing in the KTV until four or five o’clock in the morning. He also shouted to netizens not to use internet violence against him. Netizens also found that Gao Tianzuo wrote on his trumpet: “ One day God will give me justice;.

Gao Tianzuo trumpet cries for himself

The netizen’s comment is that if there is God, he will only accept Gao Tianzuo. Netizens don’t believe Gao Tianzuo’s argument at all. After all, he took the initiative to write songs to show off about the beating, and the court judgment on the beating can still be seen up to now. Although five years have passed since Gao Tianzuo’s beating, the evidence is still there, so Gao Tianzuo’s sophistry is not tolerated at all.

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