Gao Yixiang’s former girlfriend issued a lawyer’s statement saying that he had been raped by the Internet for a long time

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Gao Yixiang was loved by many mainland netizens by virtue of the play of meeting Wang Lichuan, but unfortunately, he died unexpectedly while chasing me in the variety show. Gao Yixiang had a girlfriend suxianghan who had been in contact for many years. After Gao Yixiang died, Su Xianghan also became a hot topic. Gao Yixiang’s former girlfriend issued a lawyer statement, saying that he had been harassed by cyber violence for a long time. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Gao Yixiang’s former girlfriend sent a lawyer’s statement

Su Xianghan recently released a lawyer’s statement on the social platform, condemning those netizens who maliciously posted and spread Su Xianghan’s untrue remarks, warning these people that they have been suspected of infringement, and saying that they will take out legal weapons to safeguard their rights. Su Xianghan said that once upon a time, he felt that as long as he didn’t respond, those hypocritical and hurtful remarks would slowly disappear from the network. As a result, these remarks have continued over the years.

There are many fake photos of Su Xianghan on the Internet, which have seriously hurt Su Xianghan. These black fans not only distort Su Xianghan’s personality, but also distort his political position, and also frequently harass Su Xianghan’s family and friends. After so many years of online violence, Su Xianghan has no way to remain silent, because Su Xianghan can no longer bear the pressure brought by online violence.

Suxianghan said he had been raped by the Internet for a long time

Xiaobian wants to say that whether Su Xianghan is good or bad, whether you like Su Xianghan or not, you shouldn’t go online to storm Su Xianghan. The death of Gao Yixiang has nothing to do with Su Xianghan. It’s the program group that should be responsible for Gao Yixiang. As a girlfriend, Su Xianghan is no less sad than her fans in this matter. Some fans of Gao Yixiang don’t need to hate Su Xianghan because they love Gao Yixiang. Both sides are people who deeply love Gao Yixiang. Why bother Su Xianghan.

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