Ge Siqi apologizes to Zhang Ziyi after five years to restore the unexpected inside story of the wedding of the Song Dynasty

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Taiwan’s paparazzi Ge Siqi recently came to the mainland platform to disclose the news. In addition to breaking a lot of gossip, of course, he also said good things for some stars, such as Zhang Ziyi. Ge Siqi apologized to Zhang Ziyi after five years. Ge Siqi restored the inside story of the wedding accident in the Song Dynasty. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Ge Siqi apologized to Zhang Ziyi after five years

Zhang Ziyi and song Huiqiao became good friends because they cooperated in shooting a generation of masters, and Zhang Ziyi and song Zhongji also had private friends. Therefore, Zhang Ziyi agreed not to go to South Korea to attend the wedding at the wedding of the two Song Dynasties, and also brought her best friend Su mang at that time. At that time, Zhang Ziyi and Su mang showed great glory at the wedding. Domestic news all reported Zhang Ziyi and Su mang. Many netizens angrily denounced them for stealing the spotlight at the wedding of the Song Dynasty, not for sending blessings.

At that time, there was an accident at the wedding of Song Dynasty. Paparazzi broke into the wedding and broadcast it live. At that time, many people questioned that Zhang Ziyi brought the paparazzi in, because the live broadcast platform was related to Wang Feng, who was the shareholder of the platform. At that time, Zhang Ziyi was scolded by fans of the Song Dynasty for this incident. After a lapse of five years, gussy finally revealed the truth of the incident. Everyone really misunderstood Zhang Ziyi. The paparazzi incident was completely related to her facial features. Ge Siqi said that he felt sorry for Zhang Ziyi’s suffering for nothing.

Ge Siqi restores the unexpected inside story of the wedding ceremony in the Song Dynasty

The reason why Ge Siqi feels guilty about Zhang Ziyi is that the paparazzi who broke into the wedding ceremony of the Song Dynasty was no other than Ge Siqi. With his years of paparazzi experience, Ge Siqi broke into the wedding scene of the Song Dynasty. He was also the first reporter to shoot the wedding scene. Later, however, gussy was found by the bodyguards at the wedding scene. He was not only driven out of the wedding scene, but even beaten by the bodyguards.

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