Ge Siqi explodes that Lin Zhixuan has a dark disease, and his ex girlfriend has an abortion after infection

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Every time Ge Siqi broadcasts live, he will reveal some strong news. In his latest live broadcast, he targeted Lin Zhixuan. Ge Siqi burst out that Lin Zhixuan had a hidden disease and said that Lin Zhixuan’s flight attendant ex girlfriend had to have an abortion because she was infected by Lin Zhixuan. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Ge Siqi explodes that Lin Zhixuan has a dark disease

In the live broadcast of Ge Siqi, he said he knew an ex girlfriend of Lin Zhixuan, who was Sara, a flight attendant. Lin Zhixuan and Sara have been dating for a long time, and the woman also had an abortion for Lin Zhixuan. The reason for abortion is that Sara was infected by Lin Zhixuan. But Lin Zhixuan explained to Sara through his agent that Lin Zhixuan was infected when he was in a commercial show in the mainland because the hotel he stayed in was not up to standard, not because of the chaos of his private life.

The incident caused controversy on the Internet, and many netizens were curious about Lin Zhixuan’s underlying disease. In this regard, Lin Zhixuan also wrote that he was a disaster from heaven. He had been on the news 14 years ago, and now he has been used as a news speculation, saying that this is a false accusation. He had produced a health examination report to prove his innocence. Yell Gussie, this is the second harm to yourself. Facing Lin Zhixuan’s explanation, Ge Siqi was not afraid. Ge Siqi sent a long text explaining that Lin Zhixuan and Sara met and interacted in 2001, and the woman was found infected in 2016.

Ge Siqi explodes Lin Zhixuan’s ex girlfriend for aborting him

Ge Siqi said that Sara only exposed the matter to the media in 2008, and Lin Zhixuan’s health report was also made in 2008. From 2006 to 2008, there were two years. Lin Zhixuan definitely had enough time to treat his illness. Ge Siqi also revealed that Lin Zhixuan’s agent had been shouting to sue Sara, but in fact, there was no act of complaining. Ge Siqi finally shouted Lin Zhixuan: “ Don’t be angry, brother Xuan. Just don’t mention you in the future ”.

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