German schizophrenia!

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Recently, several friends asked why Germany and France do not want Russia and Ukraine to continue fighting, but the EU is mired in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

This should start with the German general election last September.

In this election, under the interference of the United States, the Democratic Alliance for Democracy (CDU), which has been in charge of Germany for more than ten years, suffered a disastrous defeat. The Social Democratic Party (SPD) defeated the CDU led by Angela Merkel by a narrow margin and won the election.

Although the Social Democratic Party defeated Merkel’s CDU, it could not make up half of the seats for independent cabinet formation, so it formed a coalition government with the “white left” Green Party and the Liberal Democratic Party, leading to the left turn of the German government, which was originally biased to the right.

In addition, in the process of political enrichment, the Green Party won the vice premier, Minister of economy and Minister of foreign affairs, which led to a sharp left turn in Germany’s economic and diplomatic line.

However, the democratic government of the United States has made good use of this and quickly intensified the conflict between Russia and Ukraine by taking advantage of the political vacuum after Merkel stepped down.


Although the Social Democratic Party (SPD) corrected by Germany hopes to continue Merkel’s European diplomatic strategy, the green party, the second largest party in the coalition government, with the support of the Democratic Party of the United States, continues to coerce public opinion to put pressure on the SPD.

In Germany and even in the European Parliament, the green party not only asked Germany and the European Union to impose sanctions on Russia, prohibit Russian oil and gas imports to develop green energy, but even delivered the most advanced weapons such as German Leopard 2 to the “free” Ukraine to resist the “Russian invasion”.

The Social Democratic Party (SPD), which was in power in Germany, was thus caught in a dilemma.

Supporting Russia conforms to the interests of Germany and Europe but harms the interests of the parties, leading to a sharp decline in support and stepping down. Although supporting Ukraine can win the support rate for a short time, with the surge of inflation, angry people will still step down.

However, the German Green Party, which is not in charge and does not know how expensive it is, is using the national finance to buy people’s hearts under the banner of political correctness. It agrees with ZELINSKY, cancels special treatment for former chancellor Schroeder, refuses to visit the current president Steinmeier, and pushes down and tramples on the old and stable politicians in Germany one by one.

The green party is very retarded, but no one will say that he is bad.

The “rightists” in Europe dare not compete with political correctness. They most secretly support the “right stick” Hungary to snipe at the left leaning Parliament. Once they reveal their true attitude, they are easy to be “street lights” by extreme people.

From Russia to China, India and Turkey, from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar to the United States, whether oil producing or non oil producing, all major economies in the world, with the cooperation of the green party, sold fuel and natural gas far above the market price to Europe, quietly making a fortune.

Russia has more fiscal surpluses and Ukraine has more aid. It is self-evident who is paying for the war.

However, don’t think that the German Green Party is silly and naive, and don’t think why Europeans can’t understand such a simple thing.

In 2014-2015, when the Democratic Party of the United States was in power, Chai Jing also filmed a haze survey of “under the dome”, which caused a huge sensation in China and plunged a large number of elite groups into deep reflection.

After writing here, you can probably understand why the policy of a city has been wavering repeatedly, and why we suddenly want to start with the teaching materials during this period of time.

Analyzing the past is to better cope with the future. The routine of the United States influencing Russia Germany relations through the German Green Party will also be used to affect China Germany relations.

For example, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the leadership of the Green Party has repeatedly criticized our human rights, and the Ministry of economy has rejected Volkswagen’s investment guarantee in China. These are like the Green Party forcing Germany to give up Russian oil and gas. The United States is responsible for creating public opinion, and the green party is responsible for promoting the implementation of policies.

In response to these routines, we should learn from Russia’s lessons, avoid tit for tat coercion, and become less straight men of steel. The more we speak in the western media, the more targets we provide to the greens, and instead provide material for them to challenge.

If you have a heart disease, you must cure it with heart medicine. If you have a heart disease, you must tie the bell.

We should be like a mature man facing the daughter-in-law of “Princess disease” and “you’re right, I’ll change it right away”. We should vigorously promote the green energy and new energy to the countryside supported by the green party, support Tesla to expand its plant in China, and attack its shield with its spear.

At that time, the German political and business leaders attached to the automobile industry will naturally try their best to explain or even fabricate evidence for us to establish an image and prevent the green party from continuing to tear us up, seeing that half of the Chinese market, the source of profits, will be buried in the hands of the green party.

Many times, the enemy of the enemy knows the enemy better than we do

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