Germany has no will!

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Germany has lost its hemp. That’s not what I said. This is an article of the financial times (FT), which means that with the progress of the war between Russia and Ukraine, Germany’s Eastern Policy in the past few decades is facing a wave of major review, especially the leader of the three ruling parties, the Social Democratic Party, which has always been Pro Russian, has been kneeling down to Russia for decades, resulting in today’s evil consequences. To review, we should reflect, find out the German traitors, and catch the traitors from the camp of free, democratic and unified Europe.


It is no wonder that the European and American media began to get mad and sing down Germany. With the continuation of the war between Russia and Ukraine, Germany began to face multiple oppression in politics, economy and geography. For the German people, the first thing to bear the brunt is the rising inflation rate. According to the data released by the European Statistical Office, under the impact of the rising energy and food prices, the inflation rate in Germany was 8.7% in May. The survey shows that 47% of the German people are cutting their living expenses “by a large margin” or “very substantially”. Among low-income people, the figure soared to 77%, indicating that the current inflation has had a broader impact on low-income people.

The economic problem is not a minor problem. In the so-called elected society, there are various interest groups controlled by capitalists and tens of millions of voters fanning the flames under the eyes of competitors. It’s the economy, stupid, It applies everywhere. Clinton overthrew George H. W. Bush. In Germany, Schroeder, who successfully led the labor system reform, was replaced by Mrs. Merkel D because the reform performance had not yet been demonstrated.

There is no doubt that Scholz (the current German Chancellor) does not want war, Germany does not want war, and the EU does not want war. But Russia’s special military action against Ukraine broke out. They have no strategic autonomy, but they have no doubt about the so-called democratic values that originated in the United States and have deeply controlled German Society for decades after the war. They are more derived from the arrogant missionary impulse of the Germanic people, whose national roots are commanding. German society or German politics have lost the ability to accurately operate international strategies, and can only parrot their words and become thugs or cannon fodder under the coercion of the superpowers.


Speaking of Germany’s Strategic Autonomy, the inevitable factor is World War II. After the end of World War II, the European civilization that had swept the world for hundreds of years was reduced to a pile of ruins, and the colonies scattered all over the world became independent. Even Europe itself became the protection leader of the two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union. The Marshall Plan, with tens of billions of dollars (which was really the same as gold at that time), helped Western Europe rebuild from the rubble of World War II, Undoubtedly, it is also a process of “rebuilding” Europe.

As the prime culprit of World War II and the forefront of the cold war, Germany (both East and West) is bound to be shackled by the United States. Carry out all-round in-depth control from the economic, political, military, historical and other aspects. As we all know, taking the military that most represents sovereignty as an example, the United States stationed a huge military force in Germany (the then Federal Republic of Germany). At the height of the cold war in the 1970s, the United States stationed 300000 troops in Western Europe, including 200000 in Germany. On the one hand, the US military stationed in Germany is responsible for the confrontation with the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. On the other hand, it is obviously also responsible for monitoring Germany to prevent the resurgence of German militarism and independent will.

The United States’ more careful control over Germany is much more complicated and precise than this. Erwin warkentin’s book “the history of American information control in postwar Germany: an imperfect past” disclosed that as soon as World War II ended, the U.S. occupation authorities began to exercise in-depth control or brainwashing over Germany from an all-round perspective. After the defeat of Germany, the psychological operations division of the allied expeditionary force was directly renamed as the information control division. In the media field, it directly started with the personnel and worked out a “black, gray and white list” system on the basis of eliminating the existing German media employees. The “white list” method is used to screen fellow travelers who conform to American ideology, so as to achieve the goal of controlling the German media in an all-round way.

In the so-called white list, the average age of certified media editors is about 42, and the median age is about 43. This means that most of the people who were initially approved will not retire until almost 20 years later. A whole generation of German media people are completely under the tangible and intangible control of the United States and American values. Newspapers, television stations, magazines, radio stations and all media are required to go through the process of American recognition, which directly led to the full penetration of German media by American values after the war, And their disciples and grandchildren will continue to spread, enlarge and consolidate the will of the United States under the control of the United States.

Independence, freedom and justice, the fourth right? As long as we touch the hegemony of the United States, it obviously does not exist. This is also the root of some magical news we see in German newspapers and media. For example, in German media, such as the voice of Germany, Der Spiegel, Frankfurt Herald, and so on, there are more fanatical news about Russia than German politics. For example, the latest news about what is going to be decoupled from a certain Oriental power, and the German Ministry of economy does not provide guarantee for a certain factory. Please take a look at the economic and trade structure and basic figures of both sides. Once it happens, we don’t know what people in Wolfsburg, Stuttgart and Munich think. Weixiaoli BYD will be happy to open champagne for three days and three nights.


When it comes to the war between Russia and Ukraine, objectively speaking, in addition to the wonderful and pro american Green Party, the German government and people are very concerned about promoting peace and talks. At noon on February 15, just before the war, German Chancellor Scholz, who took office not long ago, came to Moscow for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It was clear from the press release at that time that Scholz’s trip focused on issues related to the provision of long-term and legally binding security guarantees to the Russian Federation, the settlement of internal conflicts in Ukraine, and the “North Stream 2” pipeline.

Such an agenda is obviously very appropriate for Germany, which is leading the EU in trying to form its own sphere of strength. Compared with Britain and the United States, Germany has maintained great restraint between Russia and Ukraine. For a time, the story of giving 5000 military helmets to Ukraine was scolded by the mayor of Kiev. However, the visit of German President Steinmeier to Ukraine was also rejected by the Ukrainian side, and was publicly declared as an unwelcome person by “Zesheng”. Rao is so horizontal and painstaking, and all Germany’s Oriental strategic aspirations were crushed.


As far as Germany is concerned, the most fundamental strategic focus is Europe. What Germany needs is European peace. What it needs is a unified European market for its own use. It needs low-cost energy sources to continuously supplement Germany’s industrial nutrients. On this basis, it depends on or makes use of the EU to maximize its political status. But now, Beixi No. 2, has been declared a permanent shutdown. After the cold war, the Eastern European countries engulfed by German capital openly voiced their opposition to Germany, and their relations with Russia have plummeted. They do not want Russian resources but have to do so. They do not want to be hostile to Russia but have to advance and retreat under the threat of political correctness. German Enterprises have to follow western enterprises and withdraw from a market that has been cultivated by 150million people for a long time.

A bit of caution has also been called by other countries, especially Eastern European countries, not to be weak. Polish President Duda publicly ridiculed Scholz who advocated talking to Putin. The top leaders of the three Baltic countries have also repeatedly made tough calls to Germany. If this is mixed up, Germany is enough.

Hard up, of course, Germany wants to, but now Germany has once again proved that politics, economy and military are inseparable in comprehensive national strength, falling into a strategic dilemma. In Europe, Germany has successfully built the EU into a white glove to implement Germany’s will by virtue of its super economic strength and the increasingly weak economy of France. The European Union continues to expand and the German market continues to expand. In history, the first, second and Third Reich of Germany failed to do anything with a knife. Now Germany has done it with its own capital strength and the investment of Mercedes Benz, BMW and Volkswagen. However, what always makes people less confident about the future of Germany is that whether it is Germany or the European Union, the strong one is the economic strength, and the soft one is the Strategic Autonomy of all countries. The European Union, which claims to be a cross-country sovereign entity, has its own parliament and Council. However, when it comes to the critical moment of in-depth integration, the super influence of foreign powers will play a role of stirring up the excrement.

Everyone knows that Europe is not peaceful after the cold war. After the Crimean crisis in 2014, the flames of war are approaching. NATO? Of course, it’s very good, but the interests of the United States and Britain are obviously not consistent with those of Germany and France. One geopolitics is enough to explain everything. Offshore checks and balances are always the same heirloom. It sounds beautiful to build a European joint force independent of NATO to undertake many tasks, such as training, counter-terrorism, deterrence, humanitarian relief and so on. In november2016, the European Commission put forward the “European defense action plan”, which established a defense fund of more than 5 billion euros every year. In june2018, France, Britain and other nine countries signed a letter of intent on the “European intervention initiative”, promising to establish a joint military intervention force.

On the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I in 2017, French President macron once again called for the building of a European army. Then German Chancellor Angela Merkel publicly said: “I support the plan to establish an independent military force in Europe to intervene in other hot events”. This statement is very important for the “green light” of the project. The conservative Mrs Merkel’s mother has given the green light. Will this European independent military force be smooth sailing?

You still underestimate the super PUA of foreign powers to Germany and even the whole Europe. At least five years have passed. Where is the so-called European army? No hair.

In the same year, Mr. Wang claimed that the EU was just a tool of Germany. It was very bad, even worse than the porcelain country. Now it seems that, as everyone knows, Germany is still the same Germany under the rule of the United States. There is strength but no hardness, there is industry but no strong arm, and more importantly, there is a lack of sufficient Strategic Autonomy and execution.


Compared with the Cold War era, Germany remains unchanged; Europe is a continent that has been continuously conquered by American culture and values. What is more complicated than the cold war is that more small Eastern European countries have joined the EU family. What Germany has achieved is to expand its market. What cannot be changed is that Germany is still a second-class power under the deep control of the United States. It has no ambition to integrate the mainland, but it has no means to defend its long-term interests, let alone the interests of other small countries, After the Russo Ukrainian war, the economy depends on Germany and the defense depends on NATO (actually the United States), which is bound to be more popular. The tearing of Europe is inevitable, and the control of foreign powers is more convenient.

Some scholars have said that under the unbalanced “Atlantic alliance”, the “Conquest” of Europe by the United States is a main line in the European narrative in the middle and late 20th century. This main line is of course more applicable to Germany. Where is Germany’s self will and its ability to defend it? The end is far from being seen.

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