Germany is enlightened, South Korea is stupid!

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Author: Xusheng source: Xusheng (official account id:lxlong20) has been reproduced with authorization

Melon eaters who like to observe global village politicians and entertainment circles may have such a feeling:

Recently, Germany is enlightened, and South Korea is stupid.

The reason why Germany is enlightened is because of its two pragmatic actions against China and Russia.

01 pragmatic towards Russia

Not long ago, Lithuania blocked Russia’s route of transporting goods to Kaliningrad.

Kaliningrad is very important to Russia because it is the location of the Baltic Fleet. However, Russia and Kaliningrad are separated by Belarus and Lithuania, so Lithuania blocked the traffic line, which made Russia very angry.

However, Lithuania brought the EU out to bear the blame, saying that it was not deliberately blocking Russia, but implementing the EU sanctions against Russia.

However, according to Der Spiegel, the European Union will soon publish a detailed explanation of the fourth set of sanctions against Russia, which will clearly point out that the transportation of goods to Kaliningrad is not restricted by Europe.

Der Spiegel also revealed that in the internal discussions of the EU, Germany’s attitude was to insist on lifting the transit ban.

The lifting of sanctions does not mean that the EU will lift all sanctions against Russia; It is an interpretation of the previous sanctions provisions:

From Russia to Russia

The transportation of goods is not within the scope of sanctions.

According to the previous sanctions order, Russia’s cargo transportation will be sanctioned as long as it passes through the territory of the European Union, so Lithuania can block Russia from transporting goods to Kaliningrad.

According to the revised sanctions order, Kaliningrad is also Russian territory, so the goods transported from Russia to Kaliningrad are not included in the sanctions. Lithuania can no longer blockade Kaliningrad.

——In short, this is an attempt by Germany to send a signal of moderation to Russia and not to force Russia too hard.

Objectively speaking, Germany’s approach is more pragmatic.

Lithuania is radical because it is extremely anti Russian. Its blockade of Kaliningrad is likely to cause confrontation between Russia and the European Union.

In addition, Lithuania clings to the thigh of the United States, only considers the interests of the United States (the conflict between Russia and Europe is beneficial to the United States and detrimental to the European Union), and rarely considers the interests of the European Union, which also annoys Germany and France.

The public opinion in Germany is actually intended to ease the potential conflict between Russia and the European Union. A practical problem facing Germany and Western European countries is that it is summer now and winter will come in a few months. It is not easy to replace Russian energy. It’s also good to ease relations with Russia. After all, Russia’s cheap energy is still very attractive.

02 be pragmatic to China

On June 30, in an interview with Der Spiegel, the CEO of Volkswagen AG, DESs criticized the German federal government’s China line for seriously underestimating China’s contribution to Germany’s prosperity.


Spiegel: you often warn about the formation of geopolitical blocs between the United States and China. Should business owners like you work harder to bring Western values to the world?

Dis: both. We should also bring Eastern values to the West. We should mediate between the two groups – and awaken Germany. Our country has seriously underestimated China’s contribution to Germany’s prosperity. If we want to be with it


Germany will look completely different – we will have much less growth, prosperity and employment. For example, Volkswagen employs 20000 to 30000 R & D personnel in Germany, half of which work for Chinese customers, with an annual profit of 4billion euros from China. I always tell my executives that a large part of your bonus is generated in China.

Spiegel: the West has paid a high price for this dependence.

Dis: I have different opinions. Now China is more open economically. For the first time, we can set up a wholly-owned company there. We can contribute to change through localization.

Dis: I am more worried about the attitude of the German government towards China and the world economy facing recession. I think inflation, energy shortages and rising interest rates around the world are very problematic. If there is no business with China, inflation will further intensify. We need more dialogue.

As the CEO of Volkswagen, dis represents the opinions of German business elites in a sense. His interview revealed several points:

1. Underestimated China’s contribution to Germany’s prosperity

“Decoupling” is costly.

2. Now China is more open economically

, there is no reason to confront China.

3. Now global inflation, if there is no China, inflation will be more serious.

Conclusion: Germany needs more dialogue with China. This is the pragmatic side of Germany towards China. Germany’s pragmatism has paid off enormously.

03 return

On July 1, China Southern Airlines, Air China and China Eastern Airlines announced that they would purchase 292 Airbus a320neo aircraft from Airbus, a European aircraft manufacturer, with a total amount of more than 37billion US dollars (about 240billion yuan). This is the first time in the past three years that China’s civil aviation industry has announced such a large-scale passenger plane order. Airbus also released the news of obtaining new orders in China on its official website for the first time.

As soon as the news came out, the United States couldn’t sit still.

After all, in the field of large aircraft, China can be said to be one of the largest customers of the global village. In the next 20 years, China will need as many as 8000 passenger planes. This is a trillion dollar business.

China is also developing its own passenger aircraft, and it already has C919; But in the foreseeable future, China’s airliners will certainly not be able to meet China’s own market.


Before, most of the big orders in China were given to Boeing. But what the United States has done to China in recent years is that political logic overwhelms commercial logic.

Although Europe sometimes follows the United States, it can generally remain sober in the business sector. Among them, Germany, as the engine of European economy, has contributed a lot. This time, China gave Airbus a huge order because Europe can still maintain normal business logic towards China.

Some friends may wonder, Airbus is a French company, and what is its relationship with Germany? Looking at its major shareholders, we will find that Airbus not only belongs to France, but also has shares in Britain, Germany and Spain.

Airbus belongs to Airbus group, with EADS holding 80% shares and British Aerospace holding 20%.

The first shareholder of EADS is France, with about 30% of the shares; The second shareholder is Germany, accounting for 30% of the shares; The third shareholder is the Spanish government, holding 5.5%.

China placed orders with Airbus, which benefited the whole Europe. This is the benefit that the pragmatic faction in the European business community (represented by Germany and France) has won for Europe.

04 Korea is stupid

Western Germany is doing business in real time, while eastern South Korea is being silly.

Yonhap reported on July 3 that Yin Xiyue, who attended the NATO summit, introduced his experience of the visit to his staff, saying that after this face-to-face meeting with leaders of various countries, he felt the current international political reality more realistically.

Literally speaking, there are two interpretations of this sentence:

Either they feel the hegemony of the West and turn around to improve relations with Eastern countries;

Or feel the charm of the West and step up to hold the thigh of the western ally, the United States.

Which one is it?

Yonhap reported on July 4 that the South Korean government decided to take the opportunity of President Yin Xiyue’s attendance at the NATO summit to promote the regular consultation mechanism among the four Asia Pacific countries (South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand).

Yin Xiyue held a staff meeting on the morning of July 4: in order to strengthen cooperation with NATO, he discussed the follow-up measures of a number of NATO summits, including the establishment of a regular consultation mechanism for the communication channels of the four Asia Pacific countries, the conclusion of a partnership with NATO, the establishment of a New South Korean mission to NATO in Belgium, and the acceleration of the inspection of the so-called “India Pacific strategy”.

After reading this paragraph, you must understand that Yin Xiyue is leading South Korea to hug the thigh of the United States.

As mentioned in the previous article, South Korea, which has a narrow territory and lack of resources, relies on trade to build its country, and one third of its import and export trade depends on China. It is actually unwise for South Korea to hold the U.S. thigh tightly.

Everyone can’t help wondering why South Korea is stupid because Germany knows to be pragmatic?

Many gourd eaters understand the truth. Won’t the Korean political elite understand it? Maybe Yin Xiyue didn’t understand it, but she just couldn’t help it. After all, his basic principle is the right, and his words and deeds cannot leave the right fence.

The most fundamental reason is that South Korea is too deeply penetrated by the United States, and all South Korean politicians have neither the strength nor the courage to go against the will of the United States.

Of course, Germany is also deeply penetrated by the United States. However, Germany somehow has the shell of the European Union, so it can appropriately reserve the space to move around and practice pragmatic policies in the face of China and Russia. In front of the United States, South Korea is basically completely naked, like a chicken under an eagle’s claw, pinched to death.

From this perspective, the so-called stupidity of South Korea is the appearance, and the determination of the US emperor to make things in Asia is the essence.

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