Germany rolls tirelessly, chatting about social justice!

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Author: Xiaoer Pang source wechat official account: think tank baixiaosheng

Throughout the ages, in any country, it is difficult to achieve absolute fairness. If we can achieve relative fairness, it is basically very good.

Generally speaking, we can see whether it is fair from two aspects: one is whether the stratum is solidified, and the other is whether the society is involved.

I’ve seen the doctoral thesis “cadres of Zhongxian County” written by Dr. Feng Junqi of Peking University before, which reflects the political Jianghu in a small county.

The content is very realistic, but it’s not too amazing. Officialdom has been like this since ancient times, but Dr. Feng writes from the perspective of observers and interlocutors.

It’s more documentary literature than a thesis. In fact, there are many things he didn’t write, and he may not dare to write, after all, it’s just a graduation thesis. Of course, many officialdom novels don’t have so many scruples, and the content is more exciting and closer to reality.

In 2000, I read the novel “traditional Chinese painting” by Wang Yuewen. At that time, it was too realistic to call it a modern official appearance.

In the summer vacation of the fifth grade of primary school, I finished reading the first officialdom literature of my life, “short spring and Autumn”, about Chairman Hua, which left a deep impression on me. Later, I read a lot again and again, and the title of the book could not be mentioned. During the period, I also read some books about the warlords of the Republic of China, which was also very interesting.

During college, I also read many history books, among which I was most impressed by Mr. Feng Youlan’s “a brief history of Chinese philosophy” and “the political gains and losses of Chinese Dynasties”.

These books have a great influence on the shaping of my world outlook and outlook on life, so that when I was very young, I read and lived more clearly than my peers.

However, there is also a lot less fun, so that people begin to take up childhood classes in middle age, and begin to watch martial arts, games, and fantasy dramas when they get old. Anyway, TV dramas in real life can’t be watched at all, either too fake or too stupid.

Therefore, every step of life cannot be taken less.

Most people have a misconception that the second generation of officials are ignorant and incompetent. The truly talented are children from ordinary families, even children from poor families. Many people hold this view, which is definitely a misconception.

When I graduated from college, I had dinner with my teacher. During the dinner, he also said this point, and I refuted it at that time. In fact, psychologically speaking, this argument is generally accepted and believed by the society. After all, it gives people hope.

If you know the truth, it is likely to be difficult to accept, and you will lose the motivation to make progress. The media will always write some articles about the ignorant and incompetent children of the second generation of officials and the rich, focusing on the examples of poor students how to study hard and suffer hardships, and finally admitted to Tsinghua University and Peking University. This is actually deliberately let you see and let you form this view in your heart.

However, in fact, the success of poor families and noble children is an example, while the success of the second generation of children is a common phenomenon. If there are statistics, it must be a world of difference, but I believe that the current society does not allow this data to appear.

People receive different resources from childhood, and it is very important for children to be influenced and taught by words and deeds. Officials’ children grew up in an environment of how to behave and interact with others. Think about your growing up environment when you were a child. Your family is short and trivial.

Intellectuals are different again. For example, the children of university professors accept a high-minded, conceited, or even false high-minded environment from childhood. These are useless in society, and even obstacles to growth. However, if they return to colleges and universities, their resources are far beyond others.

Of course, there are also many people who make money through their parents’ connections. Some eat better, and some eat too ugly. There is also arrogance. My father is Ligang. That popular Internet language still had a great impact on the society at that time.

So, is there any second generation in Germany? The answer is, yes, not only there, but also they have more resources, and the solidification of class is actually more serious in Germany.

Most Germans don’t realize this at all. The Chinese people blindly boast about Germany, believing that Germany is democratic and free, officials are honest, advocates the engineer culture, and everyone is unwilling to be a civil servant. In fact, this is also a misunderstanding.

The solidification of German class is not very obvious, but recessive, so that ordinary people can’t notice it.

I have read a German statistical report about the statistics of class changes in the past 30 years. I have to say that Germans are very rigorous in terms of data.

I remember that the statistical result is that German society is divided into seven levels. The top three levels have hardly changed, and it is difficult to go up and down.

The number of people in the bottom three strata who jump up is far less than that who change down. It is difficult to go up and easy to go down.

A few years ago, the Kiel Institute for world economics in Germany conducted a survey. In order to eliminate ‘measurement errors’, they analyzed the data of more than two generations and concluded:

German social status largely depends on their family background, and it is very difficult to achieve the rise of intergenerational social class. If the social status of great grandparents is lower, the social status of their great grandchildren is lower. Four generations later, intergenerational influence still exists.

This is also consistent with my observation. I talked with a young official of safe before. She said she was lucky to work in the city hall as soon as she graduated.

She graduated from a very famous university. She didn’t stay in Munich or go to Frankfurt like other students, because she was a local. In a very small and remote city, she chose to work after graduation. She worked outside for two days a week. Her work was very easy and her salary was not low.

Of course, her grandfather used to be a member of Parliament of a higher-level regional city. In fact, young people in Germany are very willing to be civil servants. Their ideas are the same as ours. Civil servants have high income, guarantee and status. But the competition is also very fierce.

In fact, in any country, civil servants are basically enviable occupations.

There is also a classmate of my daughter. Her parents’ work is very general, but they live in a newly-built high-end villa in the style of German Bauhaus. Later, they became familiar with her. They know that her grandfather is a famous painter, the house was built by his grandfather, and a large area of land around it is also his grandfather’s. under the influence of this generation, her life and resources are far better than ordinary people. There are many examples of this

Compared with the implicit class solidification in Germany, the class solidification in China is explicit, which is an indisputable fact. More officials’ children are in politics, more businessmen’s children are in business, more intellectuals’ children return to the academic circle, and the children of the entertainment circle continue to mix with the entertainment circle… They have their own resources in each class.

Many of my former friends worked in politics, and the one who went the most smoothly became the main hall at the age of 40. After all, their master was a few years younger than him when he became the main hall.

This kind of successful life experience is the most valuable. The guidance at the critical moment can reduce many detours and step on many pits. Some people go wrong in a detour, and may never have a chance in life.

This is the fact, and there is nothing to criticize. However, whether implicit or explicit, class solidification is unfair to people outside the circle. Without room for improvement and mobility, young people will lose their desire to make progress.

However, the solidification of this class is inevitable, and it cannot be broken, unless there are major social changes, external forces to break it, and then create a new class, and then continue to solidify.

Since it cannot be broken, there is another problem. It is very important to see whether it can be relatively fair in the existing situation.

A reader left a message to me and asked me whether I would be enrolled in Germany. I replied, no, because the examination is useless, it is difficult to achieve the transition of class.

Most people live step by step, have a good income, support their families, and have a little inexpensive hobbies. They take a vacation every year, which is basically the case. A few people lie flat completely. Anyway, the relief fund is enough to live.

However, for ordinary people, life without volume is indeed very comfortable. The vast majority of people already know that it is impossible to achieve class transition, and then form a value that they do not live in order to earn more money, because they earn more and pay more taxes. It is better to make their life easier.

The tax burden in Germany is borne by most salaried people. This range is very wide, whether workshop workers, office white-collar workers, or company executives.

German personal income tax is an excess cumulative tax rate system, with the highest tax rate of 45%. Even executives with an annual salary of 20 euros are still ordinary people, because they basically have no room for tax planning.

But the rich are different. Through tax planning, the final tax burden is not so big.

To take the simplest example, many old castles and old houses listed in cultural relics sell very cheaply, but the maintenance cost is very high. Ordinary people won’t buy them at all, but the rich will buy them. The more broken, the cheaper, and the higher the later investment, the better.

They bought it and invested dozens of times of funds to build it in the next few years, because the cost of repairing the cultural relics house can be offset against personal income tax in the current period. After the repair, depreciation can be accelerated, and depreciation can also be offset against personal income tax. Some rich people in Germany will immigrate to Switzerland because the tax cost in Switzerland is much lower than that in Germany.

Not long ago, there was a hot topic “why do young people in today’s society have so much negative energy?”

In fact, it’s not that young people have more negative energy. In the final analysis, it’s the result of class solidification and social involution.

This society leaves too few opportunities for young people, too much pressure, high housing prices, all walks of life and serious volume, can not see the hope of the future, what do you want them to do?

However, anyone who can say why young people have so much negative energy is not a person who stands high and looks down on others. Why not eat minced meat?

Under the guidance of looking forward (money) to everything, and letting young people talk about dedication and strive for a new life, painting cakes to appease hunger can only be a self deceptive look at the mirror, which will sooner or later break into pieces.

It’s always said that young people should be vigorous, but you didn’t give them the confidence to eat three meals a day; It’s always said that young people should work hard and make progress, but you monopolize wealth and don’t want to show your fingers.

The stratum has been solidified, and it is useless to beat chicken blood and drink chicken soup. It is better to do something really, for example, reduce house prices and let homeowners have their own houses; Put the labor policy in place and don’t let young people trade their lives for money in 996; We should improve the social security system and give people a chance to lie flat even if they lie flat.

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