Gillian and xuekaiqi had a same-sex affair. What’s the relationship between Gillian and xuekaiqi

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Sister Lang 3 has also invited many Hong Kong and Taiwan artists to participate in this time. Although the feelings between Gillian and SA in the program are enviable, in fact, there is another sister who has a particularly good relationship with Gillian in the program. She is xuekaiqi. Gillian and xuekaiqi have been rumoured about homosexual affairs. What is the relationship between them? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Gillian and xuekaiqi have been rumoured about homosexual affairs

Many netizens think that the entertainment industry is particularly chaotic. They always think that many stars in the entertainment industry are both men and women. They think that 80% of the people in the entertainment industry are gay. Therefore, if there are any same-sex stars in the entertainment industry who are particularly close, they will easily be misunderstood by the outside world. For example, Gillian and xuekaiqi are good friends, so they often meet privately. Unexpectedly, they were misunderstood by the Hong Kong media and mistaken for lovers by the outside world.

Gillian and xuekaiqi first spread the same-sex scandal because Hong Kong media photographed them going to a famous same-sex bar in Hong Kong. Hong Kong media said that after they entered the bar, they didn’t socialize too much with other people in the bar. On the contrary, Gillian and xuekaiqi kept hiding in the corner to chat. Xuekaiqi kept talking, trying to amuse Gillian.

Gillian, xuekaiqi what’s the relationship

But in fact, in addition to Gillian and xuekaiqi, there were twoorthree friends in the same trade that day. On that day, a group of friends went out to play, and going to a gay bar did not mean that they were gay. Gillian and xuekaiqi are really pure friendship, the beautiful friendship between simple girls. And xuekaiqi has a good relationship with a SA, so don’t misunderstand a Jiao and xuekaiqi. They are straight women. Finally, Xiaobian also wishes Gillian and xuekaiqi a good time in sister Lang 3, and hopes to see them both have a common stage in the program.

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