Gillian’s ex husband Lai Hongguo takes a positive photo of his third wife. The woman is 7 months pregnant

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When Gillian and laihongguo were dating, they were not optimistic about them. As a result, Gillian insisted on marrying, and the final outcome was also very bad. Gillian, who suffered a lot in this marriage, finally chose to divorce. Gillian’s ex husband Lai Hongguo takes a positive photo of his third wife. Although the two have only been married for four months, the woman is now seven months pregnant. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Lai Hongguo basks in the front photo of his third wife

At the beginning, people objected to Gillian’s marriage to Lai Hongguo because he had a marriage history. At that time, he married Taiwan’s famous stewardess (looks like Lin Yichen). After Ajiao and laihongguo divorced, although laihongguo was very sad, he actually had a rich love life. In February this year, he proposed to his third wife Alice. However, the two people haven’t had a wedding. Before, people thought that Lai Hongguo’s third wedding was not going to be held, but in fact, it was inconvenient for the bride.

When Lai Hongguo and Alice got married, it was said that they were married through marriage. It was only on February 1 that he successfully proposed. On February 13, Lai Hongguo announced that his wife was pregnant, and revealed that his wife’s due date of birth was August 17. According to this time, Alice should have been pregnant last November. When Lai Hongguo proposed to her, she was already pregnant for more than two months.

Laihongguo’s wife is seven months pregnant

Lai Hongguo had previously aired photos of his wife Alice, but his wife’s face was blocked. Recently, laihongguo also showed a group photo with Alice and her friends at a dinner party. This is also the first time laihongguo showed Alice a front photo. Although she has been welcome for 7 months, Alice’s limbs are still very thin, and only her stomach is pregnant. This is Lai Hongguo’s third marriage. I hope Lai Hongguo can cherish it and give his children a warm and happy home.

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