Gluttonous: ancient myths and Legends & ldquo; Dragon nine sons & rdquo; One is good food, which is regarded as a greedy beast by the world

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Gluttonous (t ? O Ti è), alias gluttonous, roe deer owl (P á o XI) ? o) , is a ferocious and greedy beast in ancient Chinese myths and legends, and one of the four fierce beasts. The following is a detailed introduction to the Chinese story network. Let’s look down.

[name]: Taotie

[nickname]: roe deer Owl

[category]: Spirit

[Characteristics]: first, it has a human face, eyes under the armpits, and tiger teeth and hands; Another is that there is a head without a body; It is also said that its shape is like a wolf, and the head shape is carved on the Zhong Ding Yi ware as decoration;

[ability]: one of the dragon’s sons, one of the four evils, good diet, and regarded by the world as a voracious beast

Taotie, one of the “nine sons of the dragon” in Yang Shen’s version of the Ming Dynasty, is an evil animal that symbolizes greed and good food. It is called “four evils” together with “chaos, poverty and wonder, and Tao Wu”. There are three kinds of statements about its image: the “Taotie” in the book of mountains and seas “is like a sheep’s face, its eyes are under the armpits, its teeth are like human claws, and its sound is like a baby”; However, the “gluttonous” in Lu Buwei’s spring and Autumn Annals of the Lu family in the Warring States period is “having a head but no body, and eating people without swallowing harm to their bodies”; When “Taotie” was included in the “nine sons of the dragon” by Yang Shen, there was a folk saying that it was “shaped like a wolf”.

There is no “Taotie” in the collection of huailutang by Li Dongyang in the Ming Dynasty. However, in the collection of Jianhu by Chu Ren in the Qing Dynasty, it is mentioned that the reason why “Taotie” is listed as a dragon is because the emperor Xiaozong of the Ming Dynasty inquired about the specific name of Li Dongyang, a scholar of the cabinet of literature, about the “nine sons of the dragon”. After discussion with his colleagues, Li Dongyang hastily listed the “nine sons of the dragon”. This list of “nine sons of the dragon” is Li Dongyang’s version of “nine sons of the dragon”. After many years, the rising star [Ming] Yang Shen and Li Dongyang discussed the topic of “long Jiuzi” again. Under the guidance of Li Dongyang, Yang Shen revised and adjusted Li Dongyang’s version of “long Jiuzi” and finally proposed a new “long Jiuzi”, that is, Yang Shen’s version of “long Jiuzi”.


Li Dongyang’s version of the nine sons of the Dragon: Prisoner ox, Jain, mocking wind, Pu Lang, lion dragon, Ba Shang, Pang, Pang, Chi kiss

Yang Shen’s version of the nine sons of the New Dragon: Pang (BA Shang), Pang kiss (chi kiss), Pu Lao, Pang, Taotie, Chong Ba, Chong Xia (centipede Viper), Jain, Jin Long (lion dragon), Jiaotu

Yang Shen deleted “prisoners with good sex”, “mockery of dangerous sex” and “writing with good sex”, and added “insect eight with good sex”, “insect summer with good sex”, “Pepper chart with good sex” and “gluttonous food with good sex”.

Because of “Taotie” and “good food”, it stands on the dinggai. However, the “Taotie” mentioned by Lu Rong in “miscellaneous records of Shuyuan · different names of ancient artifacts” is: “the nature is good, so the bridge is built”. It is obvious that “Taotie” and “Chong Ba” and “Chong Xia” are combined as one animal. And Xie Zhaoyi in the Ming Dynasty also agreed that “Taotie” was a dragon and good water. It is also for this reason that there is a difference in the positioning of “Taotie” between “standing on the bridge head” and “standing on the tripod cover”, which also leads to the fact that Taotie is the only dragon with “one animal and two uses” among the dragons.


Shanhaijing · Beishan Jing

There are animals. They look like sheep’s faces. Their eyes are under their armpits. They have tiger teeth and human claws. Their sounds are like babies. They are called roe deer owls. They are cannibals.

[spring and autumn] Zuo Qiuming’s Zuo Zhuan · the 18th year of Wengong

Shun, Chen and Yao, who lived in the four gates, lived in chaos, poverty, Taotao and Taotie of the four vicious families. They were devoted to the four descendants to resist the charm.

[Warring States period] Lu Buwei’s spring and Autumn Annals – first knowledge

Zhou Ding wrote a book about gluttonous eating. He has a head but no body. He eats people without swallowing the harm and his body. He also reported it with words.

[Western Han Dynasty] Dongfang Shuo’s sacred scripture

There are people in the southwest. They are hairy and wear rags on their heads. Greedy as cruel and evil, he accumulates wealth without using it, and is good at seizing people’s grain. The strong snatch the old and the weak. They are afraid of the strong and attack the single. It is called Taotie.


[Western Han Dynasty] Dongfang Shuo’s sacred scripture

Taotie is the name of the beast. His body is like a sheep, his face is human, his eyes are under his arms, and he eats people.

[Ming] Xie Zhaoyi’s five miscellaneous items

The ninth son of Longsheng said: “Pu prison is good at singing, prisoner cow is good at singing, open mouth is good at swallowing, ridicule wind is dangerous, Jain is good at killing, bear is good at writing, bear is good at litigation, lion dragon is good at sitting, and bully is good at bearing weight. This saying is passed down in modern times, but it has not been tested. The book of natural history In addition to the nine kinds, there are: the charter is good for prisoners, the glutton is good for water, the crickets and lizards are good for blood, the worm bend is good for wind and rain, the tiger is good for literary talent, the golden dragon is good for smoke, the Jiaotu is good for silence, the scorpion is good for danger, the turtle is good for fire, and the golden Wu does not sleep. It is also a kind of dragon. Gailong’s sex is lewd, so he has many ears.

[Qing] Chu people won the collection of Jianhu

A dragon has nine sons. I’m not Jackie Chan. everyone has his hobby. This is a small calligraphy of Xiaozong in the Ming Dynasty. I asked Li Xiya of the cabinet. The west end cannot be seen. According to Luo Guifeng and Liu Luquan. It is rare to hear. The west end is spoken in Yang Shengan. Sheng’an is a place for the west to ask questions from the superior without hiding the beauty of the lower officials. It is a festival of virtue. Recorded in the collection. The first is to avoid drama. It looks like a turtle. Good load. There is a turtle under the stone tablet today. The second is a kiss. It looks like an animal. Good sex. The head of the beast on the back of the temple is also. The third is called Pulao. It looks like a dragon. I’m good at sex. The animal button on today’s clock is the same. The fourth day is the time of the day. It looks like a tiger. Powerful. Therefore, it stands at the prison gate. The fifth is gluttonous. Good food. So it stands on the tripod cover. Six days centipede ? “insect summer”. Good water. So it stands on the bridge column. The seventh is jain. Good sex kills me. So it stands on the knife ring. On the eighth day, the Golden Dragon. It looks like a lion. Good sex fireworks. Therefore, it stands in the incense burner. On the ninth day, the painting of pepper and pepper. It looks like a clam. I’m good at closing. Therefore, it stands at the head of the door shop. There is also Jinwu. It looks like a beauty’s head. The tail is like a fish. I have two wings. Sexual channeling and sleeplessness. So police patrol is used. However, there is no citation in Shengan. And with Jin Wu, we are ten. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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