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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source: wechat official account: the Dao of the big shopkeeper has been reprinted with authorization

August 9, Kiev, Ukraine. In the basement of a church, Ukrainian President Zelensky received an important American guest, Nelson klewell, deputy director of the US Central Intelligence Agency and head of the European station.

“Mr. Nelson, while expressing my gratitude to you, I would also like to protest against your country. Since the outbreak of the war, the United States has indeed given us a lot of help, and the current haimas Rockets have also helped us to reverse some of the decline on the battlefield. But you also know that your assistance is far from enough, especially the pressure on European countries by the United States is not enough, which has led to European assistance to Ukraine being superficial. I They rarely get the assistance they want. “

After the outbreak of the war, Zelensky often met with Nielsen. When the Russian troops first arrived in Kiev, Nielsen arranged Zelensky to take refuge in Lvov, thus avoiding the first wave of attacks by the Russian army. Later, Nelson personally escorted Zelensky back to Kiev. So they knew each other very well, and Zelensky didn’t have to say anything polite. Of course, Nelson did the same for Zelensky.

“Mr. President, do you also need to reflect? As you know, I belong to the CIA, so I know more than others. Although the military materials provided by European and American countries to Ukraine are not as much as promised, if you use these weapons and materials on the front line, I think they will not be used up. As far as I know, your government officials and military generals have sold almost two-thirds of them. Now these The weapons sold to the black market are a great threat to the United States and European countries. Don’t you know, Mr. President? ” Nelson’s backhand is a knife. But the knife seemed to hit the armor. Zelensky almost didn’t blush, but answered very directly

“Now we are facing a powerful Russia, even a country that you and the United States dare not directly confront. In such a high-risk war, if our officials and our generals do not get the due rewards, will they fight for Ukraine? Will they sell their lives for you and the United States? Under the situation that our government’s finances are so tight, will they not be allowed to think of something by themselves?” Although Zelensky’s Refutation is somewhat unreasonable, it is also true. Nelson had to slow down

“Forget it, I just came back from Washington the day before yesterday. The White House and the Pentagon have realized that the Russian Ukrainian war is difficult to end in a short time. President Biden praised your attack on the zaporo thermal nuclear power station, which will make the international community very nervous and make the sons of the turtles in Europe more willing to pay for weapons. This is a clever move, and we must continue to do so in the future. Since it cannot end in a short time, let’s waste it. The white house gives Ukraine money for this Crane has prepared a long-term aid plan, which is expected to be submitted to Congress for consideration in more than ten days. Congress will certainly pass it. There is no dispute between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party on this matter. As long as the United States passes this long-term assistance plan, the next step is to let Europe follow up. If they do not follow up, the United States will exert pressure. You can also bomb some sensitive targets to make Europe follow up. If this long-term assistance plan is implemented, you can sit on the Diaoyutai in Ukraine. Anyway, Putin has nothing to do with you now. “

This is not good news for Zelensky. He does not want to be a war president. His ideal is to defeat Russia, let Ukraine enter the EU system as a war victim, join NATO, become a national hero of Ukraine after completing the mission, and become a political hero like Erdogan. Therefore, he most urgently wants to know how to defeat Russia. Now I live in Kiev. If Putin really hurts the killer, I may be beheaded at any time. That’s why I live in church today and go to school tomorrow. To be a wartime president with uncertain movements. Thinking of this, he said

“I remember that British Foreign Minister trass said that he would let us fight in Ukraine to the last man. I thought it was just propaganda. But when you said that you wanted to establish a long-term assistance plan, it was really ready to do so. Isn’t this playing us Ukrainians like monkeys? We want peace, not war.” Zelensky is now very proud and coquettish, and the theory of being favored by the victims has been brought into full play in him. Although he knew that his task was to confront Russia, he could not help being coquettish.

“Therefore, this is my mission this time. We will defeat Russia and overthrow the dictatorship of Pujing as soon as possible. Only when Russia’s combat power ceases to exist can Ukraine achieve real peace and end the war in a real sense.”

“Oh, you have such a good idea. Why didn’t you take it out early?” Zelensky looked disdainful and expressed disbelief.

“This is part of the whole plan. Do you think it’s really a reckless act to force Russia to do it? With more than 200 years of fighting in the United States, we are not so reckless on the battlefield. When we launched this plan, we had already made various plans. At this stage of the current situation, we will naturally come up with corresponding plans to deal with it.”

“Oh, where has it come from?” Zelensky asked

“Naturally, it is a stalemate stage.” Nelson looked at Zelensky with disdain. Although this guy pretended to be the president of the war in a military green dress all day, he was really just an actor for the war. If the tactical experts of the United States and NATO had not helped him with the guidance and planning and given him two Ukrainians, they would have become a delicacy in Russia’s mouth. Therefore, Nelson did not disdain to explain too much to Zelensky.

“What should I do in the stalemate? And what are you doing here?” Zelensky was naturally dissatisfied with Nelson’s perfunctory reply.

“Is it difficult for you to feel uncomfortable during the stalemate?” Asked Nelson.

“Naturally, it’s hard, so you have to increase assistance and strengthen sanctions against Russia.”

“Hum, you know that you want money and goods, and you know to increase sanctions. What can be imposed on Russia now? In fact, you don’t have a hard time. After all, we guarantee your safety, and you can resell arms with your colleagues to make money. What’s hard? But at this time, Putin must be hard. Because our sanctions make it difficult for Putin’s war to continue. More importantly, Russians must have a hard time with the war The initial excitement became tiresome. At this time, if Putin can be defeated from within Russia, can the war not end? “

“What you said seems reasonable, but what is your plan? Do I need to do anything?” Seeing that Nielsen’s argument was reasonable, Zelensky also took it seriously.

“I know your secret service department has planted many nails in Russia. This kind of deployment is very good. After all, the civil relations between Ukrainians and Russians are very close, and it is not easy to be suspicious. Now we want to use one. Can you give me a map of the nails deployed in Mosco, and I will choose it.”

“I’m afraid not.” Zelensky knew the importance of such documents to himself, and even the CIA could not let them master them. But on second thought, he was sure to help. After all, he was helping Ukraine. So he turned to saying:

“The list can’t be given to you, but you can tell us your requirements. I’ll let our secret service select some for you to choose.”

“That’s fine.” Nelson only wants to complete this mission, but he does not really want to master Ukraine’s secret service list in Russia. It’s better for them to play with this kind of thing. If the Russians really smell the CIA’s involvement in the Ukrainian spy operation and grasp the evidence, it’s not good for the CIA. After all, the retaliation means of the Russians are world-famous.

“I need an agent who can get in touch with the people around Putin. He has the ability to kill this person. As for who is around Putin, it is not important. In this way, your choice will be more extensive.” Nelson made a request.

“OK, I’ll let the secret service select someone.” Zelensky was swift and resolute about this matter and immediately sent someone to contact the secret service department. Previously, the Ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine deployed a large number of potential agents in Russia. The main task of these agents is to contact the important figures in the Kremlin, or to contact the relatives and friends of these important figures. First, they are to listen to intelligence, and second, they are to do something at the right time.

After Zelensky deployed, he turned to Nelson and said

“If you wait a moment, you’ll get news back soon. It should not be difficult. But what’s the use of killing someone around him? His cabinet members can’t be moved, and they are subject to strict security protection. Those who can really get rid of are also some third – and fourth rate characters. For Putin, it’s impossible to hurt his bones and muscles. Is it interesting to do this?” Zelensky said that there was little significance in doing so.

“Dear Mr. President, you don’t understand this. I can at least play three roles by doing this, and it can be said that it is the key point of pressing Putin.”

“Oh, how can I be so powerful?”

“Of course, there are. First, no matter who we remove next, it is a blow to Putin’s team. The target we choose must be those Russians who support the Russian Ukrainian war. Second, if one of these people is removed, it will have an obvious effect of setting an example to others. Those Russians who originally thought that they would help Putin launch the war without paying their own costs should think carefully about whether he would be the next one. Yes Because of this fear, Putin naturally won less support at home. But the most powerful is the third… ” Nelson suddenly became silent.

“The first two will really work. What is the third?” Zelensky was really excited and could not wait to ask.

“Third, if this is successful, there will be anti Putin organizations in Russia to admit their guilt. Of course, it does not need your arrangement. We are ready. Although those Russian traitors do not have the courage and ability to commit murder and arson, it is still possible for them to admit their guilt afterwards. After all, we have controlled the backbone of these organizations in Paris and London.”

“I know all this. There are indeed a large number of Russian traitors living in Europe and the United States, but what is the significance of their claiming this?”

“You really can only be a good actor. You really understand too little about politics. If this action is successful, it will kill important people around Putin, and it is also done by Russian internal organizations. What kind of impression will it give to Russians, Europeans and the world?” Asked Nelson.

“This… Will make people feel that Putin’s control has been challenged, especially the Russians. If the Putin government can not provide them with security guarantees, their courage to confront the West will be greatly reduced.” Zelensky finally understood.

“Yes, that’s what I mean. Now that the Russian Ukrainian war is stuck in a stalemate, it’s time to test the patience of the people on both sides. If the people and the political class in Russia begin to distrust Putin’s ability and worry about their own security at this time, they may oppose the war, and more likely, someone will really look for an opportunity to overthrow Putin. Mr. President, if this kind of thing is done several times, you are also worried that Russia will not be driven by the internal Is it chaos and failure? ” Nelson smiled darkly

“Mr. President, the list you asked for has been found. Natalia wofk, a major of the Asian speed battalion, sneaked into Russia in July this year. She is now lurking around dujinna, the daughter of Putin’s think tank dujinna. As dujinna is one of Putin’s top think tanks and one of the planners of the Russian Ukrainian war, dujinna often haunts the front line of udong. Therefore, Natalia’s duty is to spy on the deployment of Russian troops in udong from dujinna And major Natalia’s mobility is very strong. ” Zelensky’s assistant reported the background of the candidate to the two.

“Well, that’s it. Dujin is an extreme Russian nationalist. We wanted to kill him and give orders to Natalia. If we can kill both, it’s best. If we can’t, we must kill dujinna, and tell Natalia to evacuate immediately once the task is completed. We can’t let the Russians seize the living chance so that the last move can’t go out.” Nelson rubbed his hands excitedly, secretly admiring that Ukraine’s Ministry of internal affairs really has two hands. Then he said:

“Mr. President, it’s time for you to hide your whereabouts for a while. Next, Russia’s decapitation and retaliation should come unexpectedly. You and I know that Putin is not a master willing to suffer.”

On August 20, Du Jinna, daughter of Putin’s think tank Du Jin, was killed by a car bomb.

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