Golden Night 2 lishiheng: resisting the pressure of “classics” to challenge three roles

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The sequel of every classic TV series is always under pressure. It will carry the expectations of too many viewers and easily become a classic “failure”. In 2019, Hong Kong opera launched the suspenseful and low-cost production Jinxiao mansion in the environment of “declining” controversy. It expressed the social thoughts with short and vigorous suspense stories. The story is not only good, but also the depth has been shown.


Recently, Jinxiao mansion 2, the sequel of Jinxiao mansion, was broadcast. Many viewers were worried about it. After all, there are excellent works ahead, and the pressure on the main creators is not small. Surprisingly, the comments went well after the broadcast, and the Douban score remained at 8.4.

In the reception hall on the cover of this issue, the cover reporter connected with the heroine lishihui of Jinxiao mansion. This time, she played three roles alone. Whether it was the pressure from the “classic” of Jinxiao mansion or the exertion of her acting skills, it was not a small challenge.


One person decorates triangle

Well designed characters perform differently

In the first film, Li Shiheng plays two roles, one as a stewardess and the other as a dancer. In the second part, the difficulty is increased, and Li Shihe needs one person to play the triangle. They are a sunny girl pursuing love, a doctor and a woman living in the parallel time and space of Jinxiao building.


Lishihe mentioned that the three characters have different personality types, live in different ages and grow up in different environments. Although they all belong to the play Jinxiao mansion, there is a close relationship between the characters, but it is really a challenge to highlight the personality of the characters in this close relationship.

“I participated in a lot of character design this time, including clothes and hairstyles, as well as the small movements, eyes and expressions of the characters, which were carefully designed to show the differences of the three women.” Lishihui said.


For example, in the role design of a female doctor, because she lived decades ago, and her growth environment was far from her own era, when filming her scenes, lishihe would pay special attention to the changes in her voice and tone of voice, “I want her to be more noble and quiet as a whole.” Moreover, because the role of doctor grew up in a family without love, the cold feeling of the whole person also needs a calmer voice to show, “just like a robot.”


As for the question most frequently asked by the audience, “is there any relationship between the heroine in the first film and the second film?” Lishihui said with a smile that this is also a question she has been asked by fans recently. According to her personal understanding, the heroines in the two films are two completely different people, but although they seem to have no relationship on the surface, they are actually “the same person”.


From a professional point of view, each actor hopes to give different attributes to his role. Lishihe especially likes to design his own roles. For nearly 20 years since his debut, lishihe has played a variety of roles, including the virtuous imperial concubine in the palace scheme, Rong Zhiqing in the iron horse looking for the bridge, zhuozhining in the Forbidden City, Yin Meiniang in the hidden dragon in the cold mountain… Most of them are gentle and quiet female images.


In recent years, she has played more and more leading roles. However, in lishihei’s opinion, most of the characters are not similar to her own experience, “so I always need to do a lot of homework to learn the growth process of this character and to devote myself to the role performance.”


Great pressure for shooting sequels

The main creator left many “colored eggs” for the audience

Jinxiao mansion is a story full of suspense. It looks like a demon, but in fact it is full of life. This is a very classic “routine” of Hong Kong opera in decades of exploration. It is precisely because of this that countless audiences left comments on “the golden lantern mansion” after watching the film that “the favorite Hong Kong opera has finally come back”.

The success of the first film has given the sequel unlimited expectation and waiting at the beginning of the project, which will inevitably bring pressure to the main creative team. Suspense plays test the screenwriter’s control over the settings and details of the script. However, in the first film, many wonderful plots have been used, and it is difficult to continue to surprise the audience.


“Both the producer and the screenwriter are about to burst their heads. The actors are also under great pressure to shoot, because everyone is very worried about destroying the good reputation left by the first film. All the main creators have done their best.” Lishihui mentioned that this “all-out effort” is also reflected in the production cost.

From the slightly “crude” production of the first film to the luxurious production of the second film, the audience can also see that “the crew is richer”. In fact, this is also the respect for the praise gained by the first film. “It looks more cinematic now. The production is very large.” Lishihui mentioned that the second part also has more details than the first part.


Not only has the crew become more meticulous in their service and post-processing, but also the producers, editors and other main creators have left a lot of “colored eggs” for the audience through more subtle polishing of the script. “A lot of details may come to you only after you read them a second time.” Lishihui said.

Jinxiao mansion 2 consists of a series of meaningful stories. It is a reflection of contemporary social problems, such as housing prices, education, etc. Lishihui believes that many people will have a deep feeling after watching the play.



I like traveling when I’m not filming

Cover news: this time you created an episode for Jinxiao mansion 2. Have you ever made music before?

Lishihe: I have been learning different musical instruments since I was a child, such as piano, Violin and zither. I am a person who likes music very much. I have always composed music before, but this is the first time I have sung my own music. This play is very important to me, so I want to write a song for it.


Cover news: what are your hobbies when you are not filming?

Lishihe: I like traveling and diving. Especially diving, which is a very relaxing sport. At the bottom of the sea, it’s quiet and there are many different creatures. In addition, I also like skiing and other sports, mountain climbing, playing the piano, and reading. Although I have been in the industry for many years, I still learn acting with different teachers. Because this is my profession. There is no end to learning. I like learning new things very much.

Cover news: what are the work plans for 2022?

Lishihe: I have made a lot of dramas and movies since 2020, but I haven’t started it because of the epidemic. At present, I am sick, so the most important thing is to be healthy. When you get better, you should be able to continue working soon.

Cover reporter Xu Yu and Yang Tu were provided by the interviewees

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