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In the past few days, Zhu lilun’s visit to the United States has changed his image of being gentle and implicit in the mean. Instead, he has talked nonsense and made no excuses. While begging for mercy, he has thoroughly demonstrated his intention to obstruct national reunification. I have noticed that when the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council answered a reporter’s question on this issue, although the words were very calm and there was still room for them, there was no expectation for the Kuomintang between the lines.

Many readers will be angry at the exposure of Zhu lilun, but it may not be too unexpected. I once said that the most fundamental difference between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party lies in the fact that at every critical moment in history, the Communist Party has magically chosen the only correct line. As a result, it has miraculously become stronger and stronger, from a few dozen people to a large party with hundreds of millions of people, and has become the most successful political party in the world.

The Kuomintang, on the other hand, always makes the most wrong choice at the critical moment. In the end, it became a small regional party and lost the right to govern Taiwan. As an apocalyptic party chairman, Zhu lilun’s words and deeds show that, like previous KMT chairmen, he once again betrayed the Chinese people and the Chinese nation at a critical time, and thoroughly colluded with the DPP and others in Taiwan.

On the surface, under the banner of the “1992 consensus” and the “opposition to Taiwan independence”, people from all factions of the Kuomintang have reached a consensus of political parties. In fact, there are three distinct factions in the party: one is the “one China, each expressing its own views” faction represented by Ma Ying Jeou and Zhu lilun. They are vague about the one central plains principle and emphasize that the so-called Republic of China on Taiwan is actually pursuing two Chinas and preventing national reunification.

The other is the “one China, one table” faction represented by hongxiuzhu and zhangyazhong. They believe that the mainland and Taiwan are two independent administrative regions and belong to one China, which is neither the people’s Republic of China nor the Republic of China. In fact, it regards the two sides of the Strait as equal political entities, ignores the huge power gap between the two sides and violates the internationally recognized one China principle.

The third is the “one country, two systems” faction represented by Qiu Yi. They sincerely accept the mainland’s one China principle and are willing to realize the reunification of the motherland under the arrangement of “one country, two systems”. The Mazhu faction is an absolute majority, which should include Wu Dunyi, Wang Jinping, Han Guoyu, Gou Taiming, zhaoshaokang and others. Hong Zhang school is a minority, while Qiu Yi school is a minority of the minority.

Therefore, Zhu lilun’s stance and political confession during his visit to the United States are the attitude of the entire Kuomintang today. Zhu lilun claimed that, first, the KMT has pursued the value of democracy and freedom since its founding. It is pro american and has never changed. This has set the general tone, and it is also a common trick of the Ma Ying Jeou school to put different ideologies above the highest national interests and sovereignty of the country.

June 6th


At the public symposium held by the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., Julien

To put it more bluntly, the KMT is a pro american political party, which will “continue to fight against communism and compete with the Communist Party of China in terms of values and systems”, and says that the “1992 consensus” is like the United States’ one China policy, a “consensus without consensus”, a “creative ambiguity”, which is tantamount to openly negating the “1992 consensus”.

Zhulilun also said without saying anything to himself that the Kuomintang and the United States’ cross-strait policies towards China are completely consistent. He did not say how to be consistent. In fact, it is the “no independence, no reunification, no military” three no policy thrown out by Ma Ying Jeou after he came to power. This is the consistent cross-strait policy of the United States. No independence, avoid the United States getting involved in war, no reunification, avoid expanding the mainland, no military, and always tie the hands and feet of the mainland.



He said that the Taiwan Strait may face conflicts within 5 to 10 years,


Taiwan needs to purchase a large number of national defense weapons, improve the current military service system and reserve force training. The Kuomintang has drawn up a specific plan for improving its national defense strategy, hoping to expand training exchanges with the United States and enhance Taiwan’s self-defense capability. This attitude is no different from that of the DPP Taiwan authorities.

At this point, the people on the mainland should have thoroughly seen the ugly face of the KMT. Zhu lilun went further than Ma Ying Jeou, and was worse than the DPP. Zhu lilun’s Kuomintang’s cross-strait policy is pro american, anti Communist, blurring one China, confronting the mainland, refusing reunification, and pursuing two Chinas in fact. If we compare Tsai ing Wen’s DPP’s cross-strait policy, we will be shocked.

The DPP is pro american, anti Communist, denies one China, confronts the mainland, seeks independence, and pursues the de facto one China, one Taiwan. It is obvious that the KMT and the DPP, one overtly independent and the other covertly independent, are no longer in suspense. They are completely in cahoots with each other. Their cross-strait policies are like twin brothers. The unhealthy mother that gave birth to these two twin monsters is the mainstream public opinion in Taiwan.

The survey shows that public opinion in Taiwan has indeed been fully afforested. According to a large poll,

2020 support

Independent Taiwanese

Up to 35.1%, 52.3% supported maintaining the status quo, only 0.7% supported reunification as soon as possible, and only 5.1% favored reunification. Taken together, only 5.8% of Taiwan people supported national reunification, a new low in 26 years of data statistics.

In 2020, 67% of Taiwan people recognized themselves as “Taiwanese”, a record high; 27.5% of the respondents who agreed that they were both Taiwanese and Chinese, a new low in history; 2.4% of them identified themselves as “Chinese”, which also hit a new historical low. This is the fundamental reason why Julians emerged in endlessly under the election politics and dared to speak out in the United States.

These days, the mainland’s drug teaching materials have aroused public anger and vigilance, which is a major event worthy of attention. In those years, the KMT lost a move on the editing and examination of textbooks. As a result, it lost all its moves carelessly. Until now, it has almost taken off its underpants. During the period of Chiang Kai Shek, he repeatedly refuted on various occasions that the two Chinas argument was absolutely absurd.

He repeated

“Taiwan and the mainland are one body, closely related, sharing weal and woe!”

And threatened that Whoever engages in Taiwan independence will have his head in his hands. Chairman Mao praised Chiang Kai Shek for his actions. He said that it would be better for Taiwan to have Chiang Kai Shek in power because his position on the one China issue was unambiguous. Taiwan would rather be in the hands of Chiang Kai Shek and his sons than in the hands of the Americans.

But to

Chiang Chingkuo

Period, he

We will begin the so-called “thaw” reform and gradually loosen restrictions on “Taiwan independence” forces. Today, the predecessor of the Democratic Progressive Party, “Meili island”, took shape in that era. In order to maintain his rule, Chiang Ching Kuo began the “localization” of the KMT while resisting reunification, relaxed the suppression of the local consciousness, and most of the KMT turned into “independent Taiwan”.

In 1987, Chiang Ching Kuo announced the lifting of the martial law, the lifting of the newspaper ban and the party ban, and the end of the KMT’s one party ruling period, which had been implemented in Taiwan for 38 years. With the release of the ban on the party and newspapers, in 1991, Taiwan abolished the “temporary provisions during the mobilization period for counter insurgency”. In 1992, the “crimes of conspiracy against civil strife” and “crimes of speech against civil strife” were abolished. After that, the direct election of Taiwan’s leaders was opened, and Lee Teng Hui, the most evil element of Taiwan independence, officially came to power.

In july1999, Lee Teng Hui dished out the “two-state theory” that “the two sides of the Strait are special state to state relations”. During his administration, Lee Teng Hui led six constitutional reforms and openly advocated “Taiwan independence”. In 2000, he planned to elect Chen Shuibian, a Taiwan independence element. Since then, he has been unwilling to be lonely. He acts as the “godfather of Taiwan independence” and organizes the “Taiwan Federation party” to continue promoting the so-called “Taiwan independence and building a nation”. Taiwan independence has become rampant.

One of the most sinister moves of the Taiwan independence forces is that during their term of office, Lee Teng Hui and Chen Shuibian all wantonly revised the students’ textbooks, began to beautify the Japanese colonial rule, and began to publicize the historical view of Taiwan independence in the syllabus in line with the Taiwan independence party platform. The history of Taiwan broke away from the history of China, became an independent volume for the first time, and incorporated the Ming and Qing Dynasties into the teaching of world history, advocating that students should start learning from local history, and then learn Chinese history and world history.

When Ma Ying Jeou was in power, these textbooks were not corrected. Ma Ying Jeou, who was hesitant, only slightly adjusted some statements, and was scared away by the tide of opposition organized by the Democratic Progressive Party. As a matter of fact, Taiwan independence textbooks have been used for more than 26 years. Today, all middle-aged and young people and children under the age of 50 in Taiwan have been brainwashed by the concept of Taiwan independence. The defeat of the textbooks made the KMT invincible today.

I would like to say that taking Zhu lilun’s speech on his visit to the United States as a turning point, from now on, the mainland will completely give up any illusions about the KMT, just as after Chiang Kai Shek rebelled against the revolution, the CPC and the KMT rightists broke up completely. Zhu lilun’s series of speeches this time have sentenced the Kuomintang to political death. After the reunification of the motherland, the Kuomintang will have no political space.

Like the DPP, the KMT will thoroughly clean up Taiwan after its return as political garbage. Only those political parties and organizations that love the motherland and Taiwan can participate in the process of Taiwan’s return and governance. In the future, we can only rely on ourselves and our own strength to prevent the US and Japan from intervening. We can rely on our own strength to promote reunification by force and hope that the Taiwan people will wake up from the nightmare of Taiwan independence.

I also call on the state to enact the law on the reunification of the motherland as soon as possible, and make arrangements on the time limit and manner of reunification, the announcement on the world, preventing interference by external forces, punishing war criminals for Taiwan independence, the process of reunification, the takeover of political power, public security, how to protect the lives and property of Taiwan compatriots, Taiwan’s governance approach, legal convergence, the method for the formation of local governments that govern Taiwan by patriots, Taiwan’s provincial version of the national security law, and so on. We will see that under the great wheel of history, Zhu lilun is just a ridiculous mole ant blocking the way.

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