Good news and bad news concerning the future and destiny: hard power breakthrough and soft power issue!

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Original: Yin Guoming source: wechat official account: Mingren Mingcha has been authorized to reprint


The recent news about China is really both ice and fire.

On the one hand, there are many good news. One of them is as follows:

The latest report released by the Research Institute of the Ministry of education, culture, science and technology of Japan on August 9 shows that researchers from various countries have entered the top 1% of the “top papers”, and China has surpassed the United States for the first time. Two years ago, China’s total number of papers and citations reached the top 10%, and the number of “papers of concern” has jumped to the top.



In this way, Chinese papers rank first in the world in the three major indicators of “1% top papers, 10% high-level papers and core journal papers”. Among them, the number of “top papers” in China is 4744, exceeding 4330 in the United States. China accounted for 27.2%, and the United States accounted for 24.9%. The total number of papers in China is more than 400000, more than 290000 in the United States. The share of papers of concern was 26.6%, exceeding 21.1% in the United States.

China has begun to surpass the United States not only in the number of papers, but also in the key indicators to measure the quality of papers. This is a historic moment and a landmark event for China to catch up with and surpass the United States in science and technology. Of course, catching up with and surpassing the United States in the key indicators of the paper is not our ultimate goal. Our ultimate goal is to become the next science and technology center in the world. China has positioned this rise as the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. We should at least return to the world status we once had and should have.

After becoming the world manufacturing center, China is rapidly moving towards the world science and technology center. China’s great rise has added another key support.

With the support of scientific and technological strength, China’s industrial upgrading will have a powerful engine. China has become the world’s largest and only economy in the whole industrial chain with the strong competitiveness of medium and low-end industries, known as the “world factory”. If China’s industrial upgrading is completed and China wins the competition of the world’s high-end industries, then the “great change not seen in a century” will be completed.

The combination of stronger scientific and technological strength and manufacturing advantages can create stronger hard power for China. Although the United States has recently upgraded its restrictions and sanctions on China’s chip industry, it can not hinder the bright prospects of industrial upgrading, and at most it can delay the pace of upgrading.

We have written a series of articles before, analyzing that the main battlefield of Sino US competition is manufacturing, which is the cornerstone of a country’s comprehensive strength. Since mankind entered the industrial age, from Britain to the United States, whoever becomes the first in the world’s manufacturing industry is most likely to become the country with the strongest comprehensive strength.

Not only is the world economic center, but also the world science and technology center is moving with the change of the world manufacturing center.

Scientific and technological strength and manufacturing strength also determine the ceiling that military strength can reach under modern conditions.

Scientific and technological strength + manufacturing strength + military strength can determine the basic appearance of a country’s hard power.


Hearing the good news that all three key indicators of China’s papers have become the first in the world, I am more confident that China’s hard power will surpass its strongest rivals in all respects.

However, at the same time, I have more worries about China’s soft power because of the recent negative news in the literary and art circles and the ideological field. These negative news indicate that some limiting factors affecting China’s soft power have not been eliminated. There are still shortcomings that limit China’s overall improvement of its comprehensive strength.

If China’s soft power is subdivided, it is also hard and soft.

The institutional advantages created by new China have been tested by global public health events. This is also the biggest magic weapon that we can catch up with and surpass in terms of hard power.

Population size, effective land area and geographical advantages cannot naturally become a country’s competitive advantage. India’s advantages in these three aspects are not inferior to China’s. When new China was founded, India’s industrial strength and infrastructure were better than China’s. after all, India was the Pearl in the crown of the British Empire. After its independence, India’s external security and development environment was also significantly better than China’s, and it had so many better development conditions. Why did India’s gap with China be rapidly widened?

If the reason can be summed up as one: I think India lacks the conversion mechanism to convert natural endowment conditions into national comprehensive strength. This transformation mechanism is the social system. The biggest difference between China and India is the difference in social systems.

The difference in social systems stems from the fact that China has undergone an earth changing revolution, which has washed away and impacted almost all the old systems and cultures that hinder social development, while India has not undergone such a revolution.


A few years ago, there were a group of people in China who tried to deny the Chinese revolution and put forward the slogan of “farewell to the revolution”. At that time, a scholar living in the United States, Li Zehou, and Liu Zaifu, who also lived in the United States, also published a book under this title. Therefore, they are regarded as spiritual teachers by some people who do not want China to be strong.

These people reject revolution and believe that only reform is the road of development suitable for China.

They even opposed the national salvation, believing that the national salvation contributed to the success of the revolution, affected China’s enlightenment, and made China deviate from the world’s mainstream civilization. Their so-called world mainstream is probably the capitalist road dominated by Britain and the United States.

Their Enlightenment has a specific meaning and is the ideological and cultural preparation for the development of capitalism in China. To put it bluntly, they think that China should adopt capitalism in an improved way. They think that it is possible to become Britain and America. But they don’t think about it. The latecomer countries, especially those with large populations in China and India, are trying to learn from Britain and the United States through reform, and the possibility of becoming Britain and the United States is equal to zero. This is because the British and American model will inevitably lead to polarization. One end is the accumulation of wealth of a few people and a few countries, and the other end is the accumulation of poverty of a majority of people and most countries. So far, only 1 billion people in the world have lived in developed countries, and this is the limit. Even within most developed countries, the gap between the rich and the poor is serious, and the living pressure of ordinary people in developed countries in Europe, America and Japan is not small.

Using the model of the United States and the west, it is a high probability event that China becomes India.

This is the reason why Britain and the United States and other countries have been imposing restrictions on China’s high-tech exports, but they have generously promoted their systems to China.

The United States and the West will not be able to use the system of the United States and the West. It can only be used by the United States and the West. It will not be possible to reverse the status of the East and the West in the world civilization, and there will be no way to talk about the great changes in the past century.

Unless it becomes a vassal of the United States, it may be possible to catch the last train of developed countries like South Korea. However, as long as a country of such size as China is not divided into more than seven parts, it is impossible to be a vassal.

Revolution is the only way, and China’s institutional advantage is the result of revolution.

The institutional advantage of new China is the core advantage of China’s soft power. The height of our soft power depends on how far we adhere to the new China system.

Of course, this system will not remain unchanged. All reforms should take the improvement of socialism as the starting point and adhere to some principles, such as the dominant position of public ownership in the economic field and the corresponding distribution principles, the dominant position of workers and peasants in the political field and the right to be masters of the country, and the guiding position of Marxism in the ideological field. These can be included in the “four basic principles”.

These are the foundation of the country and cannot be shaken or shaken.

This is also the target that hostile forces at home and abroad most want to deny. All the public opinion wars against China are carried out around the denial of the rationality and progressiveness of the system established by new China and the denial of several principled issues related to the system.


We talked about the hard areas of China’s soft power, and then we talked about the soft areas of China’s soft power.

The situation reflected by some recent hot issues in public opinion has reflected in a concentrated way the shortcomings in our ideological and cultural fields. These weaknesses of soft power will be focused on the ability of Ideological and public opinion warfare.

The responsibility of the ideological and cultural field is to provide spiritual products to the society, which to a great extent affects the overall spiritual outlook of the society.

Recently, the Internet has focused on the fact that Jia Jianqian wants to join the Writers Association. Although many netizens are expressing their anger and helplessness in the form of ridicule, the nature of this matter is very serious. It reflects that the literary field is not a pure land, but full of various negative factors, and lacks the necessary self purification ability.


With the influence of his father, Jia Jianqian, who invented the “excrement and urine body”, can be promoted with his so-called literary attainments

It is recommended to be absorbed into the Writers Association. Moreover, Jia Qianqian’s case has not only been exposed. It has become a hot issue in public opinion in 2021, but it still can not stop Jia Qianqian from appearing on the list of members to be absorbed by the China Writers Association.

This not only shows that the feudal dregs such as the Lords and ministers of state have made a comeback in this field, but also shows that the situation has become so serious that they can ignore the resentment of the masses and the social impact.

What is unbridled? This is it. This incident shows that the phenomenon of nepotism and old school officials has been seriously restored in this field. In addition to the original “second generation” of all kinds, another “second generation” has been added. Children inherit the business that their parents are good at, and it is no problem to have a good level. Su Shi’s family has three Jinshi and three literary giants, and everyone is proud of them. But is Jia’s level suitable for entering the Writers Association?

We ordinary netizens can see the problem, can they in the literary circle not see it? Even if they could not see it, the masses had already pointed it out to them, but did they stop?

The reason why they dare to ignore the opinions of the masses is that they have become the gatekeepers in the field through the mutual deep binding of interests, so they are not afraid. From this, we can see how serious this nepotism and circle phenomenon in the literary field has developed.

Jia Pingwa became a well-known writer in China and the chairman of the Shaanxi writers’ Association, so that his daughter could break through the doubts of the masses and open the door of the Chinese writers’ Association. Through Jia’s case, people can clearly see how naked and reckless the operation mode in this circle is.

Han Luhua, known as a research scholar of Jia Pingwa, once served as a professor of Xi’an University of architecture and technology, doctoral supervisor, academic discipline leader, vice president of the College of Humanities and the College of liberal arts. In the “through the clouds is the sun – dialogue between Jia Pingwa and Han Luhua”, which was cooperated with Jia Pingwa, the praise for Jia Pingwa is unbearable. For example, there is a paragraph in the book:

I like the first sentence of Qin opera very much. I think it is very wonderful: “if I say, my favorite woman is still snow white.” This sentence has the momentum of works such as one hundred years of solitude.

This kind of flattery is almost the same as the shallow comments that praise Jia. For example, a person named Zhang Qinghua commented on Jia Qianqian as follows:

Some people may have written all their lives, but they have never been so naturally close to the poetry itself as she did. On the secret path leading to the Muse garden, she seemed to have a stolen pass or treasure map. After a few flashes, she left many explorers behind.


When mutual flattery becomes the rule of the circle, such flattery naturally pays off. At the sharing meeting of Zhang Qinghua’s Heidelberg notes held in Xi’an in 2020, Jia Pingwa also spared no effort on the platform:

Nowadays, many essays are either particularly brilliant, or very shallow, or they talk about things. However, this book can be read as prose, poetry, or philosophical commentary notes.

Even the parents of Jia Qianqian and Jia Pingwa flattered each other. There are two paragraphs in Tang Xiaolin’s article “Jia’s shallow popularity highlights the chaos of the poetry world”:

Jia Jianqian’s praise for his father is all-round: his papers include “the speech and significance of life — on Jia Pingwa’s calligraphy creation” and “the study of Jia Pingwa’s painting art in the literary perspective”; Prose, including my father Jia Pingwa; In his poems, there is a record of Mr. J seeking for lack, saying that “Mr. J turned himself into Shen Congwen”; In the review, there is “every novel should have a secret – Jia Pingwa’s new work” casual talk of temporary sitting “, saying that” temporary sitting “was Jia Pingwa’s” transcendent “writing at the age of 68 and” became another great “



Jia Pingwa used a “soft” writing method to praise Jia Qianqian: “her poems have been published in various magazines. Occasionally I read them, which surprised me how she has so many wonderful ideas! Those sentences are those of people of her age, and those of this era. I can’t catch up with them, but I have many exclamations and envy.”

Northwest University, where Jia Pingwa was a professor, also employed Jia Qianqian as an associate professor of the College of Arts. As one of the sponsors of the second Shaanxi Youth Literature Award, the magazine along the river, which was edited by Jia Pingwa, won the poetry award.

These ugly modes of operation have been completely exposed.

Similar nepotism and interest circles have also appeared in the problem illustrations of the textbooks of the people’s Education Edition. LV Jingren became the general art consultant of the textbook illustrations of the people’s Education Edition, so it was easy for his students and his son’s studio to get the business of making illustrations for the textbook. Even if Wu Yong’s studio did not register, it would not affect the problem illustrations. The green light all the way through the seemingly strict review procedures and appeared on the desks of hundreds of millions of students. It can also guarantee that there will be feedback but no rectification within ten years. Is the leader of the people’s Education Society unclear? The dismissed chief editor of the people’s Education Society said: “a picture in the textbook may affect students for a lifetime”.

The school of art of Tsinghua University, where LV Jingren is located, has also seen the “squinting eyes” humiliating Chinese aesthetics in the works of students.

This kind of nepotism and the circle interest community are intertwined, which can control the discourse power and important resources in a field.

This kind of small circle formed by nepotism and old school is very helpful for some countries to enter the core area of ideology at once by dealing with a key figure and then through his small circle, and make all the review mechanisms fail,

Recently, Chen Chunhua’s Ph.D. in hydrology of “European University of Ireland” was also exposed.

Netizens also found that the Shanghai Donghua international talent college, which was founded by Professor Su Dongshui of Fudan University and served as the dean and his son Su Zongwei as the executive dean, and the Shanghai East Asia Management College, which he founded, had “cooperation” with this “Irish European University”. Chen Chunhua’s DBA two-year doctoral program of “European University of Ireland” is opened in China. The teaching team is mainly professors and doctoral tutors of Fudan University. Among the seven professors in the DBA curriculum list, three are students of Su Dongshui and one is his friend. There is another student in Chen Chunhua’s class, Su Zongwei, the son of Su Dongshui.

And this “Irish European University” is a company registered in Europe by Chinese people. Some people have suspected that the actual controller of the “Irish European University” is also su Dongshui and his son.


See, there are also nepotism between father and son, teachers and students, and friends. Chen Chunhua herself could not have been unaware of the water content of the so-called “European University of Ireland”, but she still spent a lot of money to study for the “doctor” at the suggestion of Su Dongshui, because she knew that this was the stepping stone to join the circle of Su Dongshui. Only by spending this money could su Dongshui’s contacts be used by her. Later, as expected, Chen Chunhua was not disappointed. She entered Peking University as she wished and became a leading figure in domestic enterprise management. Chen Chunhua could have continued to prosper if she had not used Huawei to elevate herself through soft text and was exposed to the public’s attention by Huawei’s statement.


Modern society has entered the Internet age. It is not the age when Fang Hongjian returned home with a fake “Clayden” diploma and it was difficult to distinguish the authenticity of the diploma due to asymmetric information. But it is with this fake doctorate that Chen Chunhua can make a living in the country, making so many diploma identification mechanisms that are effective for ordinary people.

There is no need to cite more examples. The above three examples can illustrate how serious the problems are in the fields of education, ideological security and cultural soft power.

People have been asking why the literary and art circles have not published world classics for a long time? It was in the age of worthlessness that these scholars belittled. There were also world recognized classical works such as the Piano Concerto “Liang Zhu” and the ballet “red women’s army”.

These people control the resources and rising channels of the literary and art circles. Through this kind of way similar to feudal grace, they occupy resources and bring bad atmosphere. How can they produce good works?

China’s hard power is advancing by leaps and bounds, while China’s soft power is stagnating because of the existence of these people. They even make a mess of them, and they also create class solidity in their own fields.

Isn’t the Chinese revolution aimed at breaking down the old and unequal class structure? It is no wonder that such people are hostile to the Chinese revolution and use their unsophisticated words to smear the Chinese revolution. They “bid farewell to the revolution” and “bid farewell to the sublime” at the same time. Their thoughts are more and more reactionary, but their literary and artistic level is more and more concave, and their taste is more and more inferior.

No matter Jia Pingwa and his daughters and students, LV Jingren and his sons and students, or Su Dongshui and his sons and students, they have done the same thing in their respective fields: use their own influence to build an unbreakable interest circle for their children and students, and realize their influence through various ugly, dirty, dark or open ways.

China is getting closer to the goal of national rejuvenation and facing more and more challenges. It is more urgent to solve these problems that may block China’s progress.

In the process of China’s national rejuvenation, it is necessary to take back the dominant power of culture and education from these people, build the country’s soft power, and build socialist cultural self-confidence. This requires a vigorous and systematic disinfection and disinfection in these areas that have exposed serious problems, and a change of people without changing their minds.

China, a large country with a population of 1.4 billion, has never lacked real talents. We need to find a way to systematically eliminate these degenerate cultural elites, and implement it into action, so that those who truly have faith, ability and level can become the undertakers and main forces of building China’s soft power.

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