Goodbye, Elizabeth II!

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Author: Zhou Xiaoping from official account: draw (zg5201949)

Foreword: her destiny and mission have never or never been to show a high profile, strive for a higher status or lead the country to become strong, but to maintain the last dignity of the imperial royal family as far as possible. Therefore, Lao Foye can tolerate many things, but he can’t tolerate anyone coming to the cemetery of the British cemetery to dance.

On April 21, 1926, the queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and other territories and dependencies, the head of the Commonwealth, and the protector of fundamentalism, Elizabeth II, was born. Don’t think this semi full name is too long. Western culture is like this. The names of nobles are always getting longer and longer. This is mainly to strengthen the people’s cultural recognition of the theory of descent. This point is vividly reflected in the TV series “song of ice and fire”. The full name of the heroine danilis is “danilis born in the storm, the heir to the iron throne, the legal queen of andals and ancestors, the guardian of the seven countries, the mother of the dragon, kalixi on the prairie, the queen of meereen, the unburned, the liberator.”

From the name, it can be clear at a glance, majestic, and directly distanced from ordinary people. Fame alone can scare ordinary people. This is the inevitable result of the millennial lineage system of Western civilization. Class mobility is impossible, and it is impossible. At first, when great western sailing adventurers came to China, they were shocked by the way that Chinese civilians could take the imperial examination to join the bureaucratic ruling class. They could not understand why China could do this, and there was no disorder. There is actually a big difference between the lineage civilization and the Chinese civilization—— For the convenience of memory, the following full name of this article is “Elizabeth II”, instead of using the half full name.

1926 was not a good year for Elizabeth II. Just half a month after her birth, that is, on May 1, the famous workers’ strike broke out in Britain and was upgraded to a national general strike within three days. In July of the same year, France, Britain’s close neighbor and good friend who loved and killed each other, also broke out a serious economic crisis. While the franc fell rapidly, there was a bank run, and the funds of French banks were snatched away by panic stricken people. The whole of Europe is permeated with an ominous atmosphere.

In this year, many things happened outside Europe. In America, Marilyn Monroe and Fidel Castro were also born in this year. In Asia, Japan shelled Dagu and Zhang zuolin announced the independence of Northeast China. The whole world was in turmoil. Thus, the curtain of an era began. However, when the baby girl with the frightening Title looked at the new world curiously, a touch of the afterglow of the British Empire had come into her eyes. Although she did not understand what this inevitable sinking and unstoppable exhaustion meant at that time, don’t worry. She still had 96 years to slowly witness the great power of this era.

In 1926, Britain actually withdrew from the stage of great power hegemony. At that time, it had been 150 years since Britain was separated from the United States. The separation of the United States took away most of the vitality of the Empire. Subsequently, more and more regions began to carry out anti colonial and anti imperialist movements in both overt and covert. What was waiting for Britain was the process of one overseas colony after another getting out of control. The only thing to be thankful for is that the United States, which separated from Britain, has developed quite well in recent years. In addition, the United States and Britain have broken the blood ties of the same family, and the decline of Britain has avoided the rapid collapse and bloodshed. Instead, it has evolved into an extremely slow process of exhaustion, which is a very rare exception and tragedy in human history. The greatest tragedy in the world is not to sacrifice in struggle or struggle, but to witness powerlessly in the irresistible trend of decline and exhaustion.

This year is only eight years from the first World War, but the new economic crisis has come again. It seems that the problem of capitalism is more serious than people expected. In only eight years, the profit margin of order reconstruction brought by war destruction had been eaten up. At that time, people did not know that the next world war would break out in just five years, and poor Elizabeth II was only five years old that year.

The cause of the first World War was the end of the expansion space of the Western pirate groups’ foreign colonization. In the internal frenzy brought about by the peaking and decline of the external growth space, the Western pirate groups that had not established the slightest preparation for internal circulation quickly broke out an inevitable internal war. After the war, the crisis did not end, only slightly delayed the next outbreak. After the end of World War I, the defeated countries became slaves under Financial colonization. They could only make a living by doing contract manufacturing and selling labor. But no matter how much overtime they worked, they still could not repay the heavy pressure of usury.

Where there is oppression, there is resistance. A bigger storm is brewing.

In general, Germany and Japan before and after World War I were arranged by Britain, France and the United States as “industrial OEM bases”. We can simply regard Germany and Japan as “sweatshops” of Britain, France and the United States, and they were loaded with huge usury. The main consideration in choosing Germany and Japan is still resource constraints. In the early planning of Britain, France and the United States, Germany and Japan were both countries seriously lacking resources. At the same time, their populations were relatively small. Even if they mastered certain industrial technology and productivity in the process of OEM, they would inevitably be unable to rebel because of lack of resources, and they could only continue to bend their knees and work hard. Oh, by the way, in addition to Germany and Japan, the situation in Italy, where soy sauce is made, is also similar, except that the industrial layout is somewhat lax.

Anglo Saxon and Jewish consortia have a good calculation, but they underestimate the nature of human ambition and violence. Although the German and Japanese militarists were indeed completely suppressed and eliminated due to resource and population constraints, as Britain and the United States had intended, the harm brought to the whole world by this outbreak process, especially to the people of Soviet Russia and China, was unimaginable. If it were not for Britain, France and the United States, Japan could not have mastered so many modern industrial technologies so quickly. In fact, many production lines, equipment and technical drawings were provided to Japan by Britain, France and the United States on their own initiative.

In 1931, Germany announced that it would stop paying all its foreign debts. In September of the same year, Japan launched the September 18 Incident, which opened the Second World War. In 1937, Japan launched the July 7th incident to invade China in an all-round way, aiming at China, which is relatively backward in industrial system but relatively rich in resources and relatively vast in territory. In 1939, Germany blitzed Poland and then Britain and France collapsed rapidly. Germany also focused on Soviet Russia, which has a relatively backward industrial system but rich resources and a relatively vast territory.

However, even in this dangerous situation, Britain, France and the United States did not actively tighten the reins to put the two evil wolves they created back into the cage. Instead, they adopted a posture of “sitting still and watching” and sat by to watch the rampant fascist aggression, intending to play a good trick of “mantis catching cicadas and yellow finches behind”. Strength is the foundation of a country, not a plot. We, who were weak in those days, have become insignificant cicadas in their eyes. History will give an answer in many years’ time.

After Britain and France adopted a “sit in and wait-and-see” attitude, the United States adopted a more cunning posture of watching and handing over knives. The United States not only declared that it was neutral and watching, but also took the opportunity of the big fight in Eurasia to develop heavy industry and infrastructure, and sold a large number of mineral deposits, energy, rubber and other resources to fascist groups through foreign trade. Therefore, it is a false proposition to say that the United States sincerely helped the Chinese people resist Japan. The United States’ resource assistance to Japanese militarism is a historical fact that is firmly established and irrefutable, and no one can erase or deny it. With this assistance, the fascist group grew rapidly, and absorbed resources and land from surrounding countries through its constantly upgraded arms and equipment. At the same time, Japan also set up 731 troops in the three northeastern provinces of China, sending the Chinese people as “human consumables” to the horrible human body laboratory, carrying out breathtaking experiments to obtain biomedical data resources. After the war, all these materials were handed over to the United States.

In 1939, Britain’s Buckingham Palace was bombed by Germany, and Elizabeth II, who was only 13 years old, was forced to take refuge in Balmoral, Scotland, where she witnessed the beginning of her political life and the end of her life many years later. When France fell in 1940, Charles de Gaulle led the disabled soldiers to continue to resist. In the same year, 14-year-old Elizabeth II made the first television speech to appease the military and the people. It was also during this period that Elizabeth II met her later husband Prince Philip.

In June 1941, Germany gave up attacking the remaining forces of Britain and France, and targeted the resource rich Soviet Union. Germany knows very well that it is meaningless to continue to attack Britain and France, which also lack resources and population, and will only be swallowed up by later ones. Only by eating the vast Soviet Union can it combine technology, resources and population and build a super Empire capable of fighting against Anglo Saxon and Jewish groups. However, Germany’s troubles soon came. In order to protect the country, the sons and daughters of the Soviet Union quickly organized themselves and broke out an epic Patriotic War. Although Germany at that time mobilized 190 divisions with a total of 5.5 million people, 4900 aircraft, 3700 tanks, 47000 guns and 190 warships, divided them into three army groups, launched a general attack from the north, the central and the south, and swallowed the Soviet Union at one go, However, under the limitation of the congenital defects of insufficient resources and the heroic resistance of the Soviet people, the fatigue still appeared quickly.

At that time, Japan, which felt that it could swallow most of China’s territory into its belly, had already perceived a deeper crisis. First of all, it was not as easy to swallow China as Japan imagined. Although the comprador regime of Jiang song was weak, the effective resistance organized by Chinese workers and peasants made it difficult for Japan to quickly digest the territory and population it had occupied. The incessant outbreak of surprise attacks, tunnel warfare, sparrow warfare, landmine warfare, and the haunting armed forces behind the enemy made it difficult for Japan, which is already under populated, to draw enough troops to continue its attack. In order to digest the territory and population it has occupied as soon as possible, Japan had to disperse its limited concentrated forces, implement “grid management”, and implement a high-pressure management posture in the grid area, Even ordinary people need to hold a “good citizen certificate” to travel.

In this way, Japan may slowly digest and devour the territory and population it has occupied, but the trouble lies in the rear. With the advance of the war, the United States, which has been on the sidelines since the beginning of World War I and made a lot of war money, has risen unconsciously, and its steel output has grown to 80 million tons! Steel is the mother of war. At that time, China’s steel output was 800000 tons / year, Japan’s was 8 million tons / year, and the United States was 80 million tons / year. The troops were seriously dispersed, and Japan also saw the truth. If it did not kill the United States first, then when the Japanese army was exhausted to the extreme, the United States, a yellow Finch, would definitely pick peaches in an instant and eat Japan and China’s occupied areas together. The Japanese Mantis finally understood that there was a yellow finch standing behind it. No, this yellow finch has been standing since the beginning.

At that time, no one seemed to care about the fate of China, but there was an important historical detail that could not be ignored. When Elizabeth II took refuge in a Scottish country villa, a great teacher in the East wrote the famous masterpiece on protracted war!

In 1941, while Germany was attacking the Soviet Union, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, and the United States officially declared war. This year, Elizabeth II was just 15 years old. With the entry of the United States into World War II, variables began to intensify.

In 1943, Germany was defeated in the battle of Stalingrad, and Italy surrendered in September of the same year; In May 1945, the Soviet army invaded Berlin, and Germany announced its surrender; In August 1945, the United States dropped atomic bombs on Japan, and on August 15, Japan announced its surrender, ending the Second World War. After the war, under the auspices of the United States, the rights and interests of Britain and France were met, Europe continued to restore and extend the pre war order with the power structure of first-class Britain and second-class law, and Anglo Saxon and Jewish consortia continued to dominate the top of the power game pyramid on the European continent. At the price of further financial and cultural binding of Britain and France by the United States, many European countries will gradually surrender their military sovereignty, Instead, the United States stationed troops. France has some opinions on this, and the defeated countries can’t put forward their opinions, while Britain has little opinion. After all, Britain and the United States break bones and connect tendons. In the past, Britain was the father and the United States was the son. From now on, the United States is the father and Britain is the son. But what about this? In the eyes of the Chinese people, these things are out of order in ethics, but they are not a problem in the European and American cultures that have advocated incest among close relatives since the beginning of myths and legends. They are used to sitting in turns between father and son. Who is their elder and who is their offspring? Who can tell? What does it matter?

In 1945, when the overall situation was decided and it was repeatedly confirmed that there was no risk, 19-year-old Elizabeth II announced that he would take part in the war in person. This is also the origin of many kneeling media praising him repeatedly for his “bravery and courage”, “taking part in the war in person” and “noble spirit”. But in fact, she was far away from danger and war. She only gave some chicken soup speeches and participated in some basic training in an organization called “women’s support group”. After all, the war is almost over, and it will be too late to gild. How can we not rub against such a big hot spot?

In the third year after finishing the hot spot, Elizabeth II officially married Prince Philip, who had renounced his right to inherit the throne. There was only one question of time left for the crown. On the surface, this is a life of lying down and winning, but from the depth of history, this is actually a life of lying flat. From watching from the sidelines during the war years, to the gold plating that takes hold of the tail of history, to the husband who has no ambition to renounce his right to inherit the throne, this kind of resume, which can’t tell whether to win or lie flat, looks like a sun never sets Empire gradually lying flat.

In 1950, the Chinese people’s volunteers entered the Korean War, and the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea began. The Korean American coalition was caught off guard. It was also in 1950 that George VI’s health began to deteriorate, and Elizabeth II began to gradually take the place of his father to attend various occasions and preside over various kinds of work.

In July 1953, the US military signed the armistice agreement on the Korean Peninsula in frustration, formally declaring that the US attempt to “copy the Japanese line of aggression against China” was a complete failure, and the Chinese people won the victory of resisting US aggression, aiding Korea, and defending their country. It was also in July 1953 that Elizabeth II was officially crowned Queen of England. At this time, her mood may not be as well-organized as it seems.

The mother is worried when her son travels a thousand miles, and the daughter is also worried when her father is defeated in the war.

The global situation in the years since then can be described as turbulent. First, the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union, the Cuban crisis, then the Sino Indian War, the Sino Vietnamese war, then the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Taiwan Strait crisis, and so on. But these have little to do with Britain’s declining international influence. Even in the face of the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997, Elizabeth II did not have a strong sense of participation. The relevant pictures that people around the world generally remember are the famous historical scenes of how Margaret Thatcher, the so-called “Iron Lady”, the loyal servant of Elizabeth II, the British Prime Minister’s butler “Iron Lady”, dropped from the steps of the Great Hall of the people and fell to the ground. In this year, Elizabeth II also made the “hot search headlines”, but the reason had nothing to do with the great changes in the world, but was a so-called “secret history of the court”.

In this year, Princess Diana, who often made Elizabeth II very unhappy because of her coquettishness and charm, died of a strange car accident. After Diana’s death, Queen Elizabeth and other members of the royal family did not participate in public mourning activities, which triggered fierce criticism in Britain. British people generally feel that the royal family and the queen are too cold and inhuman. What they don’t understand is that for Elizabeth II, the Buddha who takes over the country where the sun keeps setting, her destiny and mission have never or never been to show a high profile, strive for a higher status and lead the country to become strong, but to maintain the last dignity of the imperial royal family as far as possible.

But what makes her angry is that even if Britain is so low-key and complacent, the face of the royal family will still be squandered cheaply by one unkind coquette after another. This is absolutely unbearable. As the last tomb keeper of the sun never sets Empire, Elizabeth II only needs to clean the dust on the tombstone, manage the last servants, and maintain and repair the cemetery. In order to repair the cemetery, she does not hesitate to deduct the cost of building and maintaining ships from the Navy’s military expenditure to make up for the gap. Many people don’t understand why she did this, but in fact, this is the only thing she can do.

Even if the afterglow of the sunset will eventually disappear, at least a decent tombstone and cemetery will be left. This is her destiny, and she must defend it. Therefore, Diana is also the reason why she is rarely angry and one of the few people who has hit the global “hot search headlines” for being scolded. Lao Foye can tolerate many things, but he can’t tolerate anyone jumping on the graves of the British cemetery.

However, Princess Diana is not the last trouble for Queen Elizabeth II. In many years’ time, a woman named Meghan will go to this world-famous British cemetery where the sun never sets to dance on the graves, and easily abduct the Queen’s favorite silly grandson—— Some people don’t understand why Prince Harry would choose to quit the royal family under the temptation of a woman like Meghan, and choose to betray and alienate her grandmother, who loves her most. But what I can tell you is that this is actually very normal. After all, guarding the tomb is a boring thing, especially for young people. No matter how beautiful and luxurious the sun never sets tomb garden is finally built, it is only a dull and lifeless cemetery after all. Young people are inevitably fond of drinking and seeking excitement. Especially for the dandies, KTVs, bars and Hollywood’s strange and bizarre are what they want. All this is just human nature.

In 2008, Elizabeth II once thought about announcing her abdication and passing on the throne to her son Charles. After all, how can there be a prince who has been waiting for the throne for 60 years?! But after rounds of investigation, the queen was finally desperate. Charles, like Prince Philip or Edward VIII, who had no political sensitivity and responsibility, could not be helped up. Therefore, she finally decided to never abdicate for life. Since heaven wants to be Britain’s Queen, I’ll be Britain’s last tomb keeper. As for what’s behind me, I can’t manage so much. Children and grandchildren have their own blessings. If there is no blessings, then children and grandchildren have their own difficulties. There is a definite number in everything. The queen has never fought against the fixed number in her life, which is different from the East. Before her life, Dongfang Wei often said: “fighting with heaven and earth is endless.”

In that year, Japan’s steel output was still 8 million tons, and the United States was 80 million tons, but China, the Oriental dragon, had reached 800 million tons. A new era is slowly unfolding.

Let me summarize for you the route of Elizabeth II. Britain in the second Iraq period was basically similar to the state of Qi in the Regency period of the monarchs and queens of the spring and autumn and Warring States periods, which was probably “serving China with sincerity and sincerity, and believing with princes”. In essence, this line is a lying flat strategy, that is, to walk carefully between China and the United States and try not to offend them to death, and then to live in harmony and integrity with other European countries as much as possible. However, it is relatively easy to serve China and the United States, but it is difficult to trust the princes, because the interests of the United States in Europe and European countries are often contradictory. At this time, Britain must betray its princes to please the United States. Brexit is an example. What will happen to this lying flat strategy? History has already given the answer.

During the Regency period after the monarch, he barely managed to survive, and then after the rapid collapse, the king of Qi was abolished and starved to death.

But what can she do? After all, what she accepted was only a former empire that never set the sun, a top-level old empire that once held the power of the world. When it reached Elizabeth II, it was already doomed to failure and inaction. She was powerless and unable to touch the waves of the times. She could only choose this strategy of lying in one corner. This may be the cruelest punishment in the world. Just like a person who has tasted the wonderful taste of ultimate freedom and power, he is finally confined to an isolated island full of bread, wine and jewelry and can never have half freedom and power again. Fortunately, this nightmare punishment is not life imprisonment but a fixed term. Now we know the length of this punishment, which is 96 years in total.

September 9, 2022, full name

“By the grace of God, the queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and other territories and dependencies, the head of the Commonwealth, the protector of the Christian Church “The Duchess of Edinburgh, the Countess of Meriones, the Baroness of Greenwich, the Duke of Lancaster, the Lord of the Isle of man, the Duke of Normandy, the most honorable Gard, the most honorable bath, the oldest and most honorable Scotland, the most glorious St Patrick, the most outstanding St Michael and St George, the most outstanding British Empire, excellent service, imperial service, the most noble Indian treasure star, the most outstanding Indian Empire, British India Du, Indian meritorious service, Myanmar meritorious service, Royal Victoria and Albert, royal family of King Edward VII, meritorious service, honorary service, Royal Victoria, St. John’s Hospital in Jerusalem, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Barbados, loyalty, military service, Royal Police, etc. The Lord of the order Elizabeth II passed away.

Three days before her death, that is, on September 6, 2022, truss, who had long shouted for the dissolution and suppression of the British royal family, was elected the latest Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Before that, any prime minister would almost kneel down when he saw the queen, but truss was only slightly. Before that, any prime minister had at least abided by the imperial motto of “serving China and the United States, and believing with princes”. However, the first thing truss did was to attack the trade routes between China and Scotland and offend them to death. At the end of the green duckweed, there is a strong wind. When the wind blows, the dead leaves will fall, which is the law.

Elizabeth II left the world. Before she came, the west wind overwhelmed the east wind. When she came, the world was in chaos. When she left, the east wind was overwhelming the west wind. As for whether there are qualified tomb keepers in the British cemetery after she left, history will soon give the answer, and we can also speculate.

Charles has been bitter about Diana’s death all his life. Under the shadow of his mother Diana’s old hatred, Prince Harris has added a new resentment for Meghan’s departure from the royal family. It is obvious that neither this generation of Prince Harris nor the next generation of Prince Harry, who Elizabeth once doted on, will give much respect to the final repair of this cemetery and the tomb keeper, Because as long as they can understand the general situation and take the overall situation into consideration, they will not ignore the final dignity of Diana and Meghan to the royal family. Therefore, the final outcome of the British royal family will not be particularly respectable.

The struggle between Lao Foye and two generations of Hu Daji began with dignity, and finally it was time.

Frankly speaking, because of her strategy of “serving the beautiful and sincere in China and trusting the princes”, the Chinese people have no bad feelings about this old lady. But it’s hard to have a good feeling without a bad feeling. When Elizabeth II left the world, the weak Eastern power at the time of her birth had stood firmly in the east of the world. It seems that the eastern power will become more respectable and win more respect in the future. However, Britain had more good cards than China in 1919. Otherwise, it could not have been China but Britain that was arbitrarily divided and ravaged. But why did China rise so quickly and firmly against superpowers, while Britain has been languishing helplessly and slowly? Because the queen of Britain is always trying to maintain the dignity of the royal family, while the great man of China said, “everything is created by the people.”—— Arouse millions of workers and peasants to work together, and make the red flag chaotic at the foot of the mountain! We are so different, so our fates are naturally very different.

Fortunately, we don’t have her here, only him. She has many noble names and taboos, and he said that he only needs to retain one teacher for his title.

Westerners will never understand that no matter how long a list of noble names can bestow real dignity and glory on human beings. Only by allowing all people to share the opportunity to excel in life equitably, and only by pursuing social fairness and endless progress can human beings win all power, glory and respect. The royal family is not a country, but the people are a country. This is the difference between lineage civilization and Chinese civilization. We should always keep this in mind.

Goodbye, Queen Elizabeth II. Goodbye, English Stan. How can this large cemetery survive long after the last tomb keeper has left?

Goodbye. I’ll never see you again.

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