Gorbachev smashed the Soviet Union? I flatter him!

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After reading many articles about Gorbachev, I found that most people made a common mistake, that is, they praised him too much and thought that he could decide the fate of the Soviet Union.

A little understanding of the situation shows that the Soviet Union is a bit like the Titanic that is about to hit an iceberg. When Gorbachev, the captain, came to power, the giant ship had entered a state that could not change the outcome in any case. This is not the worst. The worst thing is that few people on the whole ship listened to him. Even people who study the history of the Soviet Union will tell you that Stalin was the root cause of the Soviet Union’s subjugation, and by the 1980s and 1990s, it was completely impossible to deal with it.

If we make a forced comparison, Gorbachev is not like Chongzhen. Chongzhen still has some control over who he wants to kill. After all, Gorbachev is a bit like empress dowager Longyu of the Qing Dynasty. Maybe some of his friends have never heard of him. In fact, he is also a key figure. After the death of Cixi, Puyi was still young, so empress dowager Longyu took charge of the court. The biggest problem of this woman is that she has no authority. She doesn’t listen to anyone and does all kinds of things, In fact, it was all she said about her. The people under her did their own thing. In the end, the situation was irreversible, so they had to issue a abdication edict.

As a “young man” in the later period of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (later, the Soviet Union was the politics of the elderly, and all of them were old men. He held the highest position at the age of 54). Because he was too young and had no foundation and prestige, a group of old men ignored him,

However, it was the leaders who determined the fate of the Soviet Union. In fact, it was the common people of the Soviet Union. Just like the Qing Dynasty, it was the officials who overthrew the Qing Dynasty. In fact, the common people had no longer accepted the Qing Dynasty, which was a regime that did not involve personnel. All of them were taking advantage of the situation. In Jiang Wen’s words, “they just fired a shot, and with a click, they overthrew the (Manchu Dynasty)”.

Yeltsin, that is, Yuan Shikai of the Soviet Union, both nailed the last nail to the coffin of the Empire.

I saw that most of the people talked for a long time and talked about the Soviet Union, the United States and the United Kingdom, but they did not mention the Soviet people. They had long forgotten that the attitude of these people could really determine the future.

At that time, the biggest problem of the Soviet Union was that its people had had enough.

It is easy to put the Soviet Union in 1991 and the Soviet Union established by the idealist revolutionaries together, thinking that they are the same thing. In fact, they are not the same thing at all. It is like a sunny young man full of idealism who walks into society. When he meets again decades later, he has become a greasy middle-aged man with a fat stomach, a belly drooping to his knees and a brain full of men, women and prostitutes. The Soviet Union has long degenerated, which is why Chairman Mao called it “Su Xiu” and did not wronged it at all.

As for the Soviet Union, the most obvious point is that the more backward this country is, the class antagonism is more serious than that in Europe and America.

For example, society is rapidly stratified and solidified, and the upper class becomes a privileged class, separated from the general public. The senior cadres of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union quickly became the “new class”, leading a corrupt and degenerate life, making a domineering and enjoying various privileges. More importantly, the newly rich and the people of the Soviet Union live in almost two worlds, neither fish nor water nor flesh and blood.

What is more sad is that, like all the later imperial periods, the upper level was extravagant because of financial difficulties, while the lower level was suffering. The lives of the army, government departments and the people were half paralyzed, and the whole grassroots were full of complaints. Government departments often owe more than half a year’s wages, and ordinary people’s houses cannot be divided. They have to queue up to buy bread, and they may not be able to buy it. This is also why there is the famous Soviet joke:

There is a picture of Adam and Eve in the gallery.

An Englishman looked at it and said, “they must be British. If a man has something good to eat, he will share it with a woman.”

A Frenchman looked at it and said, “they must be Frenchmen. Lovers are walking naked.”

A Soviet man looked at it and said, “they must be Soviets. They have no clothes and eat very little, but they still think they are in heaven“

Of course, many people said that the conditions in the Soviet Union were not bad.

In fact, this problem is relatively complicated. It mainly depends on who we compare with. At that time, the Soviet Union was definitely stronger than our contemporaries. Compared with other countries in the world, it was also better. It belonged to the middle reaches. However, the shortage of materials was real, and the queue for buying bread was also real. Almost all daily necessities were in short supply.

The biggest problem of the Soviet Union is that it is always compared with the United States, Western Europe and Japan in the propaganda process. This is fatal. Although their lives are not particularly outrageous, they are not outrageous compared with those of Europe and the United States, because the west before the disintegration of the Soviet Union was the period when workers’ welfare was the most abundant, and the Soviet Union was not completely closed at that time. People often went to the West on business trips. Over a long period of time, everyone knows what the comparison is, especially on both sides of the Berlin Wall, No one can turn a blind eye to the huge gap visible to the naked eye. In this case, the mentality also collapsed.

You have seen the famous film “Munich”, which was shot by Russia itself. It is also acknowledged that many Soviet people were sick and could not be cured in the Soviet Union at that time. The ordinary people had to pay US dollars to go to the West for treatment. The basketball team went to the west to search. They still have feelings about the prosperity of the United States. It is hard to avoid falling into self doubt after a long time.

At that time, there was a thing called “East German mistake”, that is, when publicizing the bad things in the west, the people found their own problems. For example, East Germany made a documentary about the unemployed people in West Germany lining up to receive relief funds. Unexpectedly, the people noticed that the unemployed people were so well dressed, and the film was soon withdrawn. Other problems are similar. Every time I want to vilify the west, I find that the clown is my own.

Objectively speaking, the living standard in the late Soviet Union was not very good, but it did not reach the point where people could not live to starve to death every day. However, compared with the West all day, the mentality of the ordinary people was broken, and they had great opinions on the government.

Before the disintegration of the Soviet Union, there was a vote saying that 75% of the people supported the retention of the Soviet Union. This is indeed true. There was indeed such a vote, but almost everyone, including Putin at that time, did not agree to retain the system at that time, to change, to be consistent with the rich West, and to engage in capitalism. At that time, I could not live a day.

Poverty is really the root of all evil. Think about it. The Soviet Union wanted to liberate all mankind. But at that time, the people of the Soviet Union already knew the living standards of Western Europe, the United States and Japan, and also knew their own living standards. Under such circumstances, what would be liberated? Let all people live such a poor life like themselves? So my values have collapsed, and I don’t want to listen to those communist ideals anymore.

However, there may be some problems with this 75% sample. Judging from the later situation, the three Baltic countries certainly do not want to stay in the Soviet Union. In fact, they never thought of staying in the Soviet Union. Russia, the main body of the Soviet Union, does not want to do so. Why?

It’s a bit like the Jiangnan region in the late Ming Dynasty, which contributed most of the taxes in the world. Their mentality is not very good. As a big family, does the Soviet Union want to support the border areas? Should we support Asia, Africa and Latin America, such as Vietnam and North Korea? Do you have to spend money to fight the war in Afghanistan? Still have to maintain the East German garrison? There are also countless state-owned enterprises that lose money every day. The management of these enterprises are greedy, but the workers at the bottom are suffering more and more. How dare you think that the money printing machine like the natural gas field will lose money later?

There is no public opinion on how much of this money is from Russia, but it must be a lot. Who wants them to be the main nation. It’s easy to say when the funds are abundant, but when the Russians are standing in the cold wind shivering and waiting for bread, they may not be able to wait. It is inevitable that they fall into self doubt. Therefore, the Russian nationalists led by Yeltsin feel that they are seriously injured. This is why we can see that Yeltsin has been making trouble.

If you have no social experience, you will mistakenly think that Yeltsin is a bad B. He is a bad man and he has made a hole in the Soviet Union. How can it be? He is never fighting alone. Behind him are the most extreme Russian nationalists. They are resolute. At one time, the gore family removed Yeltsin’s official and replaced him with a vacant post. Unexpectedly, once the election was held, everyone elected him back. It was a bit like the Regent removed Yuan Shikai, but he could not control the situation. After a period of time, Yuan Shikai returned and killed the Qing Dynasty. Yeltsin had the support of the Russian people and the upper class, so he brazenly forced Gorbachev to sign the Soviet Union’s death declaration.

There is a question here. Why do we need democratic elections? Can’t we just scrap it?

The main reason is that the voices of the old people are too loud to be suppressed. Moreover, the Soviet Union is different from the United States. The United States has always advocated the banner of “freedom” and the Soviet Union’s banner is “democracy”. It is difficult to do this. You can’t dig your own corner and slap yourself in the face. In addition, the Soviet Union has another consideration: it is ready to integrate with the West as soon as possible so that it can borrow money from them. This is why it seems that the Soviet Union and later Russia have been courting the west, mainly because of money. People who don’t understand the Soviet Union always think that it was too weak in the late period. Money is a hero’s courage. Without money, you can’t be tough.

As for the future course of the Soviet Union, there were two reform lines at that time. One was the liberalism of the United States and Britain.

Another point is that at that time, China was moving forward, that is, gradual reform, step by step. But the Russians, as you all know, were never prepared to learn from us. In the end, they chose the most developed American and British systems, that is, neoliberalism.

Then the Soviet Union fell and the oligarchy rose. Of course, there is another factor in this, which is still finance. The Soviet Union really had no money, so it had to ask the United States for help. The United States was willing to give it assistance, but the conditions were very harsh. This is also why the Soviet Union did a series of unimaginable actions in the later period, such as opening up the newspaper ban. In addition, the Soviet Union did not intervene in the unification of the two Germany, and it was also related to money. Because the Germans gave the Soviet Union a large amount of marks and wanted to redeem East Germany, the Soviet Union no longer wanted to spend money on blood transfusion to East Germany, and it could sell it at a good price. You can sell it if you want.

Only after experiencing the lack of money can we understand what is forced, what is involuntarily, and what is the world.

Anyway, after the lack of money and a series of radical twists and turns, the Soviet Union disappeared under the back stab of Russian nationalists, and the planned economy directly transited to anarchism, which was chaotic for more than ten years.

Now when you go to Russia and ask, you find that the attitude towards the Soviet Union is extremely split. A small number of people think that it is the peak of Russia, and most of them have no sense. A small number of people belittle the Soviet Union to nothing. As for Putin, he obviously does not want to return to the Soviet Union. The sentence “those who do not miss the Soviet Union have no conscience, and those who want to return to the Soviet Union have no brains” can explain the problem.

Many people think that Putin represents the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. In fact, it is not. At the beginning, the form of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in Russia was called the “Communist Party of Russia”. The Communist Party of Russia was directly transformed from the branch of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in Moscow. Now it belongs to the largest opposition party and has a competitive relationship with Putin.

At present, the Russian Communist Party has 57 seats in the Russian Duma, with a total of 450 seats. For the time being, it cannot become a climate. There are almost 10% supporters in the country, but 62% of these supporters are elderly people over 60 years old. That is to say, the young people are generally indifferent to the Soviet Union, and the old people miss it.

For a long time after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, we were not very happy. At that time, Russia’s attitude towards China was a bit like their attitude towards Ukraine now. They felt that it was precisely because China turned to the United States that led to the subsequent tragedy of the Soviet Union. In fact, they also fought with China and almost fought.

However, China, the United States and Russia belong to the strategic triangle. Only the second and the third can join forces to fight against the eldest brother. Otherwise, if the eldest brother kills the second, he will turn to the third. Therefore, when China and the Soviet Union were together, the United States was somewhat disheartened. Later, China broke with the Soviet Union, and then united with the United States. Soon the Soviet Union collapsed.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was no need for strategic cooperation between China and the United States. On the contrary, China and Russia came together again. Although Russia did not like China very much, it still had no choice and the situation was stronger than others.

On the whole, the disintegration of the Soviet Union is absolutely good for China. First of all, after the goods die, they will no longer threaten the north of China. Only when China is basically safe can it devote itself to construction. Moreover, after the goods die, they can not threaten China, but also have to maintain good relations with China, because Russia’s military forces have been brought back to Europe, and Siberia is so empty that it can only rely on the Chinese people’s consciousness, He can plant vegetables in all the places in Siberia where he can grow land. Of course, Siberia may not be able to grow vegetables, but it can indeed dig mines and mammoths.

Speaking of this, we should also see that the core of the Soviet Union problem is actually two:

The poor living standard of the people is really the most important thing. This is also why the basic contradiction of socialism in China is the contradiction between the growing material and cultural needs of the people and the backward productive forces. It is no exaggeration to position the “material and cultural needs” so high. This is the foundation. If the Soviet Union’s subjugation has any most important enlightenment, it is that people’s livelihood must be developed.

On the other hand, finance is really crucial.

The Soviet Union died because it had no money, its income could not make ends meet, and then was abandoned by the people who hated it. There is no big difference in who is the leader. If you let everyone live a good life, who will abandon you? It’s too late to write poems to praise you every day.

Of course, the collapse of the Soviet Union is also related to the combination of many countries. Other nation states generally do not have this problem.

As for Gorbachev, he is seriously overestimated. Just like empress dowager Longyu, he looks at his high position and weight, but he is constrained everywhere. Few people listen to what he says, and the policies are selectively implemented. The foreign powers look around, and the powerful officials inside are too big to lose. He has no money, no authority, and the people are not obedient at all. How can we play? What do you say?

In contrast, our luck lies in the timely reform, which was 20 years earlier than the Soviet Union. We changed course decisively before the problems got out of hand. In the process of reform, we were pragmatic, not radical, steady and steady, step by step. For decades, we focused on improving the living standards of the old people and took this as the top priority. In addition, the whole people worked hard to make money. Only then did we have the current state. What is the national fortune? This is the national fortune.

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