Got7 cuirongzai’s girlfriend exposes a year of love with singer Lovey

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Got7 is a Korean men’s troupe. One of its members is Chinese artist Wang Jiaer. Many mainland netizens also know about this group through Wang Jiaer. Cuirongzai is the busy member of got7. Got7 Choi Jung Jae’s girlfriend was exposed, and the South Korean media exposed that he had been in love with love for one year. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Got7 cuirongzai’s girlfriend exposed

Recently, South Korean media suddenly broke the news that Choi Jung Jae was in love with lovey, a four-year-old singer. The two have been dating for a year. Previously, cuirongzai invited Lovey to attend the got7 fan concert in Japan, which was also Lovey’s birthday. The song drive me to the moon released by got7 in May this year was also produced by cuirongzai and Lovey. In December last year, cuirongzai and Lovey also cooperated in “let’s hurry”. The lyrics and songs were jointly completed by the two people. There are many very sweet love words in all kinds of songs.

The media reports seem to be quite true, except for the lack of intimate photos of cuirongzai and Lovey. Just when many people thought the scandal was true, cuirongzai came out to deny the relationship, saying that cuirongzai and Lovey were partners in music, that is, colleagues. The so-called love rumors were groundless. However, many netizens do not believe Cui Rongzai’s response.

Exposed that Cui Rongzai and Lovey fell in love for a year

On the contrary, many people think that cuirongzai, as Adu, had to deny the love affair because of his own development and got7, or the brokerage company asked him to deny it. After all, single men and women write songs together. What they write is still such a sweet love song that people don’t think much about. However, because cuirongzai and Lovey have not been photographed to prove their love, these are also the guesses of netizens. In fact, Xiaobian thinks that cuirongzai and Lovey are well matched. Talented people and women will create a lot of good music together.

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