Graduation – the world of China and Russia has turned upside down!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: Zhonghua city (id:hqsycn)

According to the report of Russian Tass News Agency on June 17 local time, China is ready to provide aircraft parts to Russia.


? screenshot of TASS Report

Due to sanctions against Russia, the West will no longer provide aircraft parts to Russia, and civil aviation such as Boeing and Airbus will no longer provide services to Russia.

Therefore, Russian aircraft will face the situation of “lack of medical care”.

Russia’s Tass news agency only said that China would provide Russia with aircraft parts, but did not say whether they were military or civilian. If it is for civilian use, Airbus and Boeing have been banned, and Chinese purchases have been sold to Russia. In this way, sanctions will be meaningless, and the West may not allow them.

If the Russian bear obtains non Western aircraft parts from China, it shows that the Chinese aircraft has a certain degree of counter attack.

In the past, Russian aircraft were very powerful. China bought them from Russia, but now, the situation has changed.

In the early years, I bought Su 27, Su 30 and many other planes. When I arrived at Su 35, it became the last overseas shopping in China. After learning from the experience, we have developed j11 and j16, which may be better than those of Russia.

There are not only “copying”, but also our own original products J10, J20, J31, the air police family, Yun 20, etc., which are also favored by heaven.

On June 18, the TP500, a Chinese unmanned transport aircraft, was successfully launched. It is not impossible for it to go on ships and become an aircraft carrier transport aircraft in the future. The aircraft has a maximum range of 1800 kilometers and can be transported unmanned within a radius of 500 kilometers.

? TP500 video screenshot

Looking back at the Russian bear plane, it was a little lacking in stamina.

When it comes to airplanes, they must all say that they are powerful. The United States says that the United States is the strongest, Russia will say that Russia is the best, and China will certainly say that China is the best.

There is no intention to belittle Russia. To be honest, the level of Russian aircraft is still good. There are not only excellent fighters such as Su-30 and Su-35, but also Su-35 stealth aircraft. However, it is also true that Su 35 has been repeatedly returned and that India does not look up to Su 57.

Therefore, in contrast, there is a scene in which the teacher not only learned from the Soviet Union, but also did better than the teacher.

Not only fighters, but also warships.

Russia has not built large tonnage warships for many years. In China, we introduced the “four King Kong” from the Soviet Union and became the backbone of the Chinese navy. Many years later, China has developed advanced warships such as the 052d aegis and the 0550000 ton large drive, with world-class combat power.

After introducing the Varyag from Ukraine, China has created an 80000 ton 003 super aircraft carrier, which is not only directly connected to the deck, but also uses electromagnetic ejection only available to the U.S. military at the beginning. Next, China will certainly complete a nuclear powered super aircraft carrier.

Today, China’s sky has been guarded by many advanced aircraft, such as J20, j16, j16 electronic warfare aircraft, j11, J10, air police family, various UAVs, Yun 20, etc;

In the future, China will be a super carrier of J-15, J-35 stealth aircraft, electronic warfare aircraft, zhi-20, air police-600 early warning aircraft and TP series transport aircraft at sea

That would be a different picture.

As soon as I said this, I couldn’t help thinking about it. In the past, when China’s sea and air power was weak, people knocked on the door of the country with warships and cannons, which opened a history of humiliation; Later, despite the heroic resistance, both the 14 year war of resistance and the subsequent war to resist US aggression and aid Korea suffered a lot because of the weak sea and air power; Including the Taiwan Strait today, if the air and sea power had been stronger in those days, there would have been no problems left over today.

Later, it is estimated that many people have experienced it personally. When we looked at aviation magazines full of other people’s advanced aircraft and beautiful warships, many people thought, “when can we have advanced aircraft and China’s own aircraft carrier?”.

As time goes by, all this has been achieved in a twinkling of an eye, and will continue to do better. Thank you for your hard work from generation to generation!

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