Great ceremony and discussion, striving for the national foundation, and “strangling” trump!

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Original: Shen Peng source: official account: heihara has been authorized to reprint

On September 1, Biden came to the Independence Memorial in Philadelphia and delivered a speech entitled “the soul of the country”. He directly named trump, saying that he and the “Maga Republicans” were inciting political violence, undermining equality and democracy, and were committed to “retrogressing” the United States and threatening its national foundation.

Look at this posture, it’s enough to get to the point.

It seems that trump has become the public enemy of the “universal values” of the United States.

This is a “national base” battle. What Biden and trump are discussing is – “what is America? Who is America”? “Does the United States share the world with international capital or with ordinary Americans”?

In fact, from Biden’s standpoint, he is right. The United States is no longer the United States geographically. It is a “world empire”. The interests of the world empire are not in the United States, but in the whole world; The areas that the US aircraft carrier formation, nuclear submarines and nuclear warheads are most concerned about are the core interests of the United States. If the United States practices Trump’s tactics, returns to isolationism and returns to home, then the hegemony of the United States will no longer exist, and the dollar will not be the world currency.

In fact, the top capitalists in the United States are no longer Americans. They are “world citizens”. Wall Street is the world’s stock market, the Federal Reserve is the global bank, and American capital is “international capital”; In this sense, the American people (including American workers, farmers, petty bourgeoisie and farmers) are meaningless… Because the value and dividends of the United States are not created by them, but by the US military + US dollars + international capital. The American people are actually the “pigs” raised by the United States hegemony.

Trump’s Maga may be able to reshape the American manufacturing industry, block hollowing out, or increase the employment of local workers. But if that goes on, the United States will be a regional power, like Germany and France, and will no longer be the world’s hegemon.

Since globalization, the United States has been sucking blood from financial hegemony in its position as the world’s hegemon. It is absolutely impossible for it to make a fresh start, work hard and restore the traditional spirit of the colonial pioneers in North America.

Times have changed. How many American farmers can open up wasteland and cultivate land without relying on US dollar loans? Today, there are no free slaves to use, and no Indian land to rob; How many American workers can build railways, highways, dams and cars like those in the era of the great infrastructure? Today, there are no cheap Chinese workers “pigs” and Irish workers… Today’s red necks are a group of pampered small landlords and fat people. Trump expects them to work hard? This is too wishful thinking.

What’s more, the United States relies on hegemony to suck blood from the world for a long time, which will easily lead to path dependence and “millions of workers”. The US dollar hegemony and the global colonial system have fed too many people, all of whom are vested interests – for example, Biden’s youngest son’s energy business in Ukraine, Pelosi’s son’s lithium battery business in Asia… This is the lifeblood of American politicians and plutocrats. Trump’s Maga, They are moving their lifeblood. Can they not work hard?

But from Trump’s standpoint, what he said is also right, because although the global hegemony of the United States has earned the United States a steady stream of interests, are these interests the American people’s? Or international capital? Is the global expansion and attacks of the United States plundering resources for the United States, or is it colluding with all sides to hollow out the interests of the United States? The consumption of the United States in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq can tell everything. Can the stolen oil and wheat be worth $10000 of toilets, $1000 of coffee cups and $6 million of sheep? Can the benefits of the various riots instigated by the United States in Russia, the Middle East and East Asia recover the cost of the huge funds consumed by the US embassy, the CIA and the Democracy Foundation?

To put it bluntly, is the United States making money for the United States by maintaining hegemony and expanding abroad? Or is it collusion inside and outside to empty the United States?

The dividends earned by American “international capital” in the global invasion of cities and lands belong to the American people? Or has it fattened Soros, gates, Zuckerberg, musk and other “world citizens”?

If the United States maintains world hegemony for a while, will it destroy the foundation of the United States? Because the root of hegemony comes from American industry, science and technology, and military. When American industry is completely hollowed out, science and technology and military begin to decline, and the world no longer needs American products, where does American hegemony come from? At that time, the United States will not only lose its world hegemony, but also plunge its own people into doubt and despair, thus falling apart.

In fact, Trump and Biden have sharp eyes. One is looking at the present, the other is looking at the future, the other is concerned about hegemony, and the other is concerned about home. It is just that their positions are different and the interest groups they represent are different.

At present, Biden and the Democratic Party are too hasty to hang trump, and seem to be eager to kill him. In fact, trump is a timid, cowardly and gentle red neck leader with vision and appeal, but no courage, skill and action.

Killing trump is not good for Biden, the Democratic Party or the vested interest groups in the United States… If trump, who is so timid, timid, gentle, lacking in courage and action, is going to be killed, then the American “leader” that the American people will meet next will be very interesting.

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