Great determination, closed indefinitely!

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In fact, Europe is not easy. It has just experienced the most difficult summer in history. As a result, winter is coming soon.

Moreover, this winter will be colder than usual.

Because Russia announced in the early morning of the 3rd that it would close the “beixi-1” natural gas pipeline indefinitely.

The reason is that during maintenance with Siemens, it was found that there was oil leakage of mixed sealing compound at the cable connection terminal of the low-pressure and medium-pressure rotor speed sensors.

Then, Gazprom said that because of equipment failure and oil leakage, it needed maintenance. During the maintenance period, it would completely stop gas transmission until the fault was eliminated.

However, as adults, we all know that these are all high-sounding reasons at the official level. What can we do without being famous?

In the past, when the rebels rebelled, they always carried the banner of “clearing the king’s side”. Did they really just leave after clearing the “King’s side”? Promise not to covet the throne?

How can it be? To put it bluntly, it’s an excuse.

It’s like confessing failure. The girl says you’re a good person, but we’re not suitable.

Are you really a perfect and wonderful person?

How can it be that a girl will refuse you for other reasons. Either she thinks you are untidy, or she thinks you have no temperament, and your appearance is too inferior to her heart

In a word, it’s impossible because you’re a good person. If that’s the case, those male guests who failed in dishonesty can organize to establish a “good country”.

Speaking of this, why does Russia refuse to supply gas to European countries and shut it down indefinitely?

Let’s use the exclusion method first.

First of all, it is absolutely impossible that these European countries are all “good countries”: you are too good, you are too excellent, and our big Mao is not worthy of you

It’s impossible and unrealistic. It’s all about business. It only depends on money and reputation. You give money on time and I supply gas on time, regardless of whether you are a “good country”.

Therefore, this reason is ruled out.

Second, technical reasons.

According to the Russian side, because of the discovery of oil leakage and then many equipment failures, the gas supply was stopped and it took time to overhaul.

This is not reasonable in common sense.

If the natural gas company in your city fails, the residents in several districts will not be able to use the gas. Let alone the indefinite suspension, it will stop for two days. Look at the general managers and principals. Will they be held accountable.

However, on the Russian side, Gazprom, has any relevant personnel been dismissed, investigated, and criticized for this matter?

It is reasonable to say that the natural gas business in European countries is a big business of billions of dollars. If it is stopped, it will stop. Do you know how much money will be lost if it is stopped for one day? If it’s true, just because of equipment failure, can the person in charge not be unlucky?

It’s light to dismiss you because your problem has caused so much economic loss to the company.

Second, if it is really due to equipment problems, it can not be suspended indefinitely. Repair one of your three turbines as soon as possible, and start it first. How about restoring a little gas supply first, right?

But in reality, on the contrary, all the turbines stopped.

Then, the Russians are not in a hurry, saying that they need to find a professional maintenance company to completely eliminate the oil leakage fault

Therefore, technical reasons can also be ruled out.

Then, all the exclusion methods have been used up, and the remaining one is the most reasonable explanation.


This is the most fundamental reason.

Some people said that it was because of the Russian Ukrainian war. They were right. That is the beginning of everything that has happened now.

However, it is not comprehensive.

If European countries had helped Ukraine just because of the Russian Ukrainian war, the equipment should have been “repaired for oil leakage” in the first half of this year, and it is impossible to delay it until now.

Look, in August this year, Russia announced that the gas supply of Beixi 1 would be shut down for three days from August 31.

Attention, the key words are “August” and “announcement”.

As a result, after three days of maintenance, problems were found and the system was shut down indefinitely.

Let’s look at another time point.

In June this year, the G7 summit proposed the plan of setting a price ceiling for Russian oil.

To put it simply, it is price limit.

For example, you sell oil in Russia for $100, right?

We have now reached an agreement with the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Italy and Canada, the seven major developed countries, to impose oil price limits on you, and we can no longer let you raise prices.

How good is the price? If we discuss it with seven countries, it’ll be $50.

From now on, Russia can only sell oil to the outside at the price of $50.

What, you don’t agree?

Well, the G7 said, “when Russia’s crude oil and oil products exceed the prescribed ‘limit price’, the maritime transport services required for the export of these products will be banned.”

It means that if you dare to exceed the price we set for you, we will ban the sea transportation of your oil export.

You are not allowed to transport oil outside.

Anyway, Saudi Arabia can still buy oil, as well as UAE, Kuwait and South American countries. Who is afraid of who?

There are more countries producing oil in the world. This is a buyer’s market. Do you dare to disagree with Russia?

Therefore, the G7’s oil price fixing strategy against Russia is still a big blow.

These countries now want to reduce oil prices by cracking down on Russia because of high energy prices and serious inflation.

In addition, they can’t see Russia making money from this wave of energy crisis. After making money, it turns into military spending to attack Ukraine again.

The G-7 believes that the oil price fixing strategy can deal a good blow to Russia’s own economy and force them to end the war as soon as possible.

After reaching an agreement at the G-7 summit, this oil price limit plan has been negotiated for more than two months.


On September 2, the group of seven reached an agreement on the price limit for Russian oil.

Through the joint communique, the finance ministers of the seven countries confirmed their common political intention to impose export price restrictions on Russian oil.

Ah, on September 2, the seven countries reached an agreement on price limits for Russian oil.

As a result, on September 3, the Beixi No. 1 pipeline in Russia could no longer hold up, and the gas supply had to be suspended indefinitely for oil leakage maintenance.

How could this time be so coincidental?

If you say these two things are not related, I won’t believe you to death.

Although, Russia has not publicly announced that the suspension of the supply of natural gas to Beixi No. 1 is due to the G7 oil price limit agreement.

But a sensible person can see what’s going on inside at a glance.

In the natural gas trade between European countries and Russia, this is completely the seller’s market.

This is still different from oil. If you set a price limit on Russian oil, or embargo it, or don’t buy Russian oil, it will hurt Russia very much.

That’s because oil is a buyer’s market. As we said earlier, if you don’t buy from Russia, you can still buy oil from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and even South America.

But natural gas is not the same. Now Beixi No. 1 is suspended for you.

What do you do? Buy natural gas from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and South America?

You can buy it, but can you build your natural gas pipeline if you say you can?

This is not something that can be solved by talking.

The key is that this time is rather awkward.

Today, the lowest temperature in Berlin is more than ten degrees.

It looks like winter is coming. What should we do.

He can’t quench his thirst for distant water.

I don’t know. When winter comes and Berliners curl up under the covers.

Will you think of the scene in 1941, on the outskirts of Moscow, when there was no gasoline in the tank, the bolt of the gun was frozen, and the sky was covered with ice and snow.

Still, don’t worry.

Because there is still a solution.

Didn’t Russia sign a natural gas purchase agreement with China?

OK, then you can buy natural gas from China.

We are very generous. As long as you give us money and sell as much as we can, the ship will be at the port and set sail at any time.

Of course, this schematic diagram may not be very accurate, because it can pass through the Suez Canal and does not need to detour so far from southern Africa.

This picture should be a joke made by ordinary European netizens.

In order to satirize those in power, they only care about their own temporary interests and cheerfulness, and ignore the lives of the people.

Because, no matter from the south of Africa, or from the Suez Canal.

This is a big project, ah, such a long sea transportation distance.

Do you think it’s saving money by sea transportation or Beixi No. 1.

At that time, natural gas will definitely be useful in Europe. If Russia doesn’t sell it, it can be purchased by a third party.

It’s just that in terms of price, it has to go up slowly.

Those in power, those politicians and officials don’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you go up to 10000 yuan. Have you heard that any politician froze to death because of lack of gas?


On the contrary, the ordinary people at the bottom, the vast majority of ordinary people in Europe, finally became victims.

The so-called consumables are nothing more than that.

European politicians, with their fists raised, shouted that they would defeat Russia at all costs.

At the beginning, the European people felt particularly happy, waving flags and shouting happily.

In the end, the family ran out of gas, and when they got home, they froze.

They were trembling, and then they realized:

NMD, it turns out that we are the “price”!

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