Greek Mythology: Battle for Beauty

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At that time, near the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea, there was a big city whose prosperity and prosperity were unparalleled in the world. Even today, no city is more famous than it. The name of the city is Troy. The factor that led to the immortality of the city was a war described in Iliad, one of the greatest poems in the world. The cause of the war was the dispute between the three evil goddesses.

Prelude: Arbitration of Paris

Iris, the goddess of Ziyou, who specially provoked trouble, was naturally unpopular on Mount Olympus. When the gods held a banquet, they often forgot about her. It made her feel extremely


Angry, she decided to cause trouble – but in fact she went on very smoothly. In the important wedding ceremony between King Pirias and the Sea Goddess Sitis, only Iris was not invited. She threw a golden apple engraved with “For the Most Beautiful People” in the hall where the banquet was held. Of course, all the goddesses wanted it, but the final choice was only made by the three goddesses: Akrotti, Hiller and Athena. They asked Zeus to make a decision between them, but Zeus wisely refused to participate in this matter. He told them to go to Mount Ida near Troy, where the young prince Paris or Alexander was herding his father’s sheep. Zeus told them that Paris was a very good judge of beauty contests. Although Balis was a prince, he did the work of a shepherd because his father, Prill, king of Troy, was warned that one day Balis would destroy the city, so he was driven away. At this time, Paris was living with a lovely goddess, Oenone.

When the three beautiful goddesses appeared in front of him, his surprise was imaginable. He was not asked to look at the three charming goddesses, but to choose who was the most beautiful in his mind. Instead, he was asked to consider the bribes offered by each person and choose which one he thought was the most acceptable. In any case, the choice is not easy. All the things that men care about most are in front of them. Hiller promised to make him the master of Europa and Asia; Athena is willing to lead the Trojans to defeat the Greeks and destroy Greece; Akrotti promised him the most beautiful woman in the world. As described in the following story, Barris is a soft and somewhat timid person. He chose the latter and gave the golden apple to Akrotti.

This is Balis’ ruling, which is famous far and near because it became the real reason for the outbreak of the Trojan War.

The Battle of Troy

The most beautiful woman in the world is Helen, the daughter of Zeus and Lida, and the sister of Gastow and Pollux. According to legend, her beauty made no prince in Greece want to marry her. When her suitors gathered at her home and formally proposed to her, they were so many and all came from such prestigious families that her famous father, King Dindalus, dared not choose one of them, fearing that other people would unite against him. Therefore, Tindalus first asked all those who might become Helen’s husband to swear that no matter who was the winner, they would protect him if he made any mistakes in his marriage. After all, swearing is good for everyone, because everyone has the hope of becoming a guest of the curtain, so they guarantee that they will try their best to punish anyone who takes or attempts to take Helen away. Then, Dindalus elected Manilaus, the brother of Archimedron, and appointed him king of Sparta.

So, when Barris gave the golden apple to Akrotti, something happened. The goddess of love and beauty knew very well where to find the most beautiful woman in the world. She led the young shepherd directly to Sparta, without thinking about leaving the lonely Oenone. Menelaus and Helen treated him kindly as their guests. The relationship between the host and the guest is very strong, and each has the obligation to help and not harm the other. But Paris broke the sacred contract. Manilaus fully believed in this tacit understanding. He left Barris at home and went to Crete. therefore:


Enter your friend’s peaceful apartment,

Insulted the hand that gave him food,

A woman was stolen. “

When Menelaus returned, he found Helen missing, so he asked all Greeks to help him. The leaders of Greece echoed him because they had an obligation to serve. They came enthusiastically for this great cause. They wanted to cross the sea and turn the powerful city of Troy into ashes. However, the two most prominent people did not participate — the king of Issek, Odysseus, and Achilles, the son of Pirias and Sittis, the goddess of the sea. Oedipus is the most shrewd and sensitive person in Greece. He is unwilling to leave his hometown for an unfaithful woman and take part in overseas legendary adventures. Therefore, he pretended to be a madman. When a messenger of the Greek army arrived, the king was plowing in the field. He used salt grains instead of seeds to sow the field. However, the messenger was also quite shrewd. He grabbed the youngest son of Oedipus and put it on the straight plow path. The father immediately turned the plow to one side, which proved that he was sober minded. No matter how unwilling he is, he is bound to join the army.

Achilles was kept by his mother. The sea goddess knew that if he went to Troy, he was destined to die there. She sent him to the court of Richmides, the king who had killed Sithas unfaithfully, and made him wear women’s clothes and hide among the girls. On the orders of the leaders, Odysseus went to find Achilles. Odysseus disguised himself as a peddler and went to the court where he heard that Achilles was. His bag contained colorful ornaments that women loved, as well as some good weapons. As the girls gathered around the trinkets, Achilles fiddled with the sharp swords and daggers. Then, Odysseus recognized him, and without trouble made Achilles forget what his mother had said, and joined him in the Greek camp.

At this point, the army was well prepared, with thousands of warships carrying Greek troops. They met at Auris, a dangerous place with wild winds and dangerous waves, and could not sail as long as the north wind blew. At that time, the north wind was blowing day after day.

“The north wind breaks people’s hearts,

Even the boat and anchor hook were not spared,

Time passes relentlessly,

It flies like a double. “

The army was disappointed. Finally, the prophet Calgarz declared that God had said to him: Artemis was angry. One of her favorite beasts, a rabbit and its young son were killed by the Greeks. The only way to calm the storm and make sure that they can arrive at Troy safely is to offer a royal girl, Evgenia, the youngest daughter of Archimiren, the commander in chief, to Artemis to appease her anger. This is a terrible thing for everyone, especially Evgenia’s father.

“Must I destroy the joy of the family,

And my daughter?

Father’s hand

By the girl who was killed on the altar

Outflow of blood

Black streams. “

However, he gave in. His reputation and that of the army, as well as his ambition to conquer Troy and boast of Greece, are at stake here.

“He did it bravely,

To assist in a war,

Killed his daughter. “

He sent people home to summon his daughter, and wrote to his wife, saying that he was arranging a grand wedding for his daughter, and he would marry her to Achilles, the best and greatest of all leaders. But when Evgenia came to get married, she was taken to the altar and killed.

“And all her prayers — the cry to the Father,

God, her maiden life,

To these barbaric soldiers and war maniacs,

They turned a blind eye. “

After her death, the north wind also stopped blowing, so Greek ships sailed to the calm sea. However, the price they paid for their evil will one day bring them unfortunate consequences.

When they arrived at the mouth of Simoyz, one of the rivers in Troy, the first person to jump onto the shore was Prutissilus, which was a brave act, because the oracle showed that the first person to land would die. Therefore, when he was stabbed and killed by the spear of the Trojans, the Greeks worshiped him as a god, and the gods praised him greatly, and ordered Hamis to bring him up from the death to meet his wife Leodamia again. However, she did not want to be separated from him again. When he returned to hell, she followed him; She committed suicide.

A thousand warships carry a huge army of soldiers. The Greek army is very strong, but Troy is also very strong. King Prilmon and his queen Hicuba had many brave sons, who led them to fight and defend the city. Among them, Hector was the most brave and good at fighting. No one was more prominent and brave than him, except a great soldier, Achilles, a Greek fighter. As we all know, before Achilles was about to die in the fall of Troy, his mother told him: “Your life is very short. May you be free from pain and trouble at this time, because you can’t live too long. Son, you are shorter than all people and deserve more sympathy. God did not tell” Hector, but he can almost determine his death date. “My heart clearly knows,” he told his wife, Andumiki, “that when the holy city of Troy and Primon and his people perished, my death was coming. The two heroes fought under the shadow of death.”

The war lasted for nine years, and the victory was uncertain. Both sides achieved something, and neither side could gain absolute advantage. At this time, a dispute suddenly arose between Achilles and Archimedron in Greece. Therefore, for a time, the situation was more favorable to the Trojans. The reason for the dispute was that a woman, Chris, the daughter of the Apollo priest, was taken away by the Greeks and sent to Archimedron. Her father came to ask for her release, but when he came to Kimirun, he would not let her go. So the priest prayed to the God he sacrificed. When Achilles heard his prayer, he fired rockets at the Greek army from his Japanese car. People began to get sick and die. Therefore, the crematorium kept burning the sick and dead.

Finally, Achilles held a meeting of leaders, and he spoke in public. They could not deal with the epidemic and the Trojans at the same time. They must find a way to calm Apollo’s anger, otherwise, they had to go home by boat. So Calgarz, the prophet, stood up and spoke. He said that he knew why Apollo was angry, but he did not dare to say it unless Achilles could guarantee his safety. “I promise,” said Achilles, “even if you blame Archimedron himself. Everyone understands the meaning of the words, and they all know what happened to the Apollo priest.” When Carl Gass announced that Chris must return her father, he got the support of the leaders, and the angry Archimedron had to give in under the circumstances. “She is my glorious victory,” he told Achilles. “Once I lose her, I will replace her with another person.”

Therefore, when Krissy returned to her father, Archimillan sent two attendants to the camp of Achilles to take away the girl of Achilles’ glorious victory. The two attendants went forward with great reluctance. They stood quietly in front of Achilles. However, Achilles already knew their task. He told them that they were not the ones who hurt him, and let them take the girl away with ease. But first, he let them hear his oath before the gods: Archimedron would pay a huge price for this.

That night, Achilles’ mother, the sea god Sitis, wearing silver shoes, came to take his place. She was as angry as Achilles and told him to stop serving the Greeks. After that, she went to heaven and asked Zeus to help the Trojans defeat. Zeus felt very difficult. At this time, the war had spread to Olympus, where the gods disagreed and opposed each other. Akrotti is certainly partial to Barris. In the same way, Shearer and Athena are certainly opposed to Barris. The god of war, yers, often stood on the side of acrotti; However, Poseidon, the god of the sea, preferred the Greeks because they were a coastal nation and often had great navigators. Apollo helped the Trojans because he cared about Hector; And Artemis was Apollo’s sister and also helped the Trojans. Zeus liked Trojans best, but he wanted to be neutral, because whenever he openly opposed Hiller, she was always unhappy. However, he could not refuse Sitis. When he was with Shearer, he felt very painful because she often guessed what he was going to do. Finally, he had no choice but to warn her that if he did not stop nagging, he would kill her with his hands. So Hiller kept silent, but her mind was still busy thinking about how to help the Greeks and defeat Zeus.

Zeus’s plan was simple. He knew that the Greeks could not defeat the Trojans without Achilles, so he entrusted a false dream to Archimedron and promised that he would win if he attacked. Therefore, when Achilles was still in the camp, the most violent war since the war broke out. Old Wang Primon and other tactical old people came to the city to watch the battle. Helen, who caused pain and death, came to them. When they saw her, they did not feel ashamed. “Men must fight for women like her. They said to each other,” Because she has the appearance of a god. “. She stayed beside them and introduced the names of Greek heroes to them one by one until they were surprised to find that the war had stopped. The troops each retreated to their own side, and in the space of confrontation between the two armies, Barris and Manilaus faced each other. Obviously, a reasonable decision was made to let the two most important parties fight a decisive battle.

Barris started first, but Manilaus used his shield to block the fast coming spear, and then threw his own spear. His spear tore the robe of Baalis, but it did not hurt him. Manilaus drew out his sword, which was his only weapon at present, but when he drew out the sword, it slipped from his hand and fell to the ground and broke. Although he was unarmed, he jumped at Barris without fear, grabbed the plume on his helmet, and lifted Barris to the air. If there had been no Arcrotti, he would have succeeded in bringing Barristo to the Greeks. She pulled off the strap that held the helmet in place and could not escape the hand of Manilaus. She took Balis, who had thrown a spear but had not fought, to the clouds and sent him back to Troy.

Manilaus angrily searched Troy’s soldiers for Baalis. None of the soldiers did not help him, because they all hated Baalis. However, Barris slipped away. No one knew how he went or where he got there. Therefore, Archimiren declared to the armies of both sides that Menelaus was the victor and ordered the Trojans to hand over Helen. This is reasonable. If Athena had not been instigated by Shiller to interfere, the Trojans would have agreed. Hiller was determined to keep the war going until Troy was destroyed. Yahuangna quickly went down to the battlefield and persuaded a Trojan Pandalus to shoot an arrow at Manilaus to break the ceasefire agreement. Pandarus did the same, and he injured Manilaus. Although the injury was minor, the Greeks were angry about this breach of contract and turned to deal with the Trojans, so the war started again. The anger of fear, destruction and dispute never stops. The friends of the ferocious God of War encourage people to kill each other and groan there. The victory of the killers and the slain can be heard everywhere. The ground is bleeding into a canal, a cruel scene.

On the Greek side, due to the departure of Achilles, the two greatest soldiers were Aguicus and Daomidis. On that day, they fought bravely, killing many Trojans in front of them. Their excellence and bravery were second only to Hector, and even the prince Aeneas almost died in the hands of Damidis. Enias is not only of royal blood, but also his mother is Akrotti herself. When Daomidis injured him, she hurried to the battlefield to save him. She picked him up with her soft hands, but Daomidis knew that she was a cowardly goddess, not a winner in the battlefield like Athena, so he rushed at her and hurt her hand. She left Enias with a wail, and returned to Olympus with a cry because of the pain. Zeus smiled and watched the smiling goddess cry, making her leave the battlefield and remembering that her job was love, not war. However, although his mother’s rescue failed, Enias was not killed. Apollo hid him in the cloud, took him back to the holy place of Begames, and Artemis healed him.

Daomidis was so angry that he killed Troy’s soldiers until he met Hector. To his dismay, he also saw Yaels, the bloody and cruel god of war, fighting for Hector. At the sight of the god of war, Daomidis trembled and immediately shouted for the Greeks to retreat. However, the retreat was very slow, and they still faced the Trojans. So Hiller was angry. She rode to ask Zeus if she could drive Yaels, the man’s curse, out of the battlefield? Although Yares was their son, Zeus did not love him more than Hiller, and he was happy to let Yares go. Hiller immediately arrived at the side of Omidis, and encouraged him to raise his courage to fight the terrible God of War. These words made Da Omidis feel happy, so he rushed to Yales and stabbed him with a spear. Athena made the spear hit the target and entered Yars’ body. The god of war roared loudly, like the cry of thousands of people on the battlefield. Under the terrible roar, all Greek and Troy soldiers trembled.

Yaels was really a thug in his heart, and he could not bear the feeling brought to many soldiers. He fled to Olympus to find Zeus and painfully controlled Athena’s atrocities. Zeus looked at him seriously and told him that he and his mother could not tolerate his actions, and then ordered him to stop interfering in the affairs of the lower world. With the departure of Yares, the Trojans were withdrawn to the city. At this critical moment, Hector’s brother, who was good at understanding God’s will, urged him to run back to the city at full speed and told his mother to send the most beautiful robe to Athena, begging her for mercy. Hector thought this was a wise idea, so he ran across the palace gate and entered the palace. According to his words, his mother took out a robe like a star, put it on the goddess’s lap, and pleaded, “Athena, please forgive this city, as well as the wives and children of Trojans!” But Balas Athena refused this prayer.

When Hector walked back to the battlefield, it might be the last time. He looked back at Troy, his beloved wife Andumiji and his son Ashtianakis. He and his wife met on the wall. When Andumiki heard that the Trojans were defeated, she came to watch with trembling. At her side, a maid with her children looked at them silently with a smile, but Madonna held his hand and cried. “My dear master,” she said, “you are not only my husband, but also my parents and brother. Stay with me! Don’t let me become a widow, and let your son become an orphan. He gently refused her. He said that he could not be a coward on the battlefield.” He always killed at the front. Moreover, she can know that he will never forget how painful she will become after his death. It was this idea that made him feel more troubled than anything else and more concerned than others. Before he turned to leave her, he extended his arm to his son for the first time. The child retreated in fear. He was afraid of the helmets and the terrible and shaking ornaments. Hector laughed, took off the helmet from his head, and put his arms around his son. He touched his son and prayed, “Zeus! When this child returns from the battlefield a few years later, may people say to him,” He is greater than his father! “

So he put his son in his wife’s hand, and Andu Maggie held him with a smile, with tears in her smile. Hector pitied her, touched her tenderly and said, “Honey, don’t be so sad. The destiny is bound to happen, but I will fight against the fate. Nobody can kill me.” Then she picked up her helmet and left her. She returned home and looked back at him repeatedly, crying bitterly.

He came to the battlefield again, eager to fight. For a period of time, a better fate appeared to him. At this time, Zeus remembered his promise to Sidious and retaliated for Achilles’ loss. He ordered the other gods to stay at Olympus, while he himself came to the ground to help the Trojans. The Greeks were so miserable that their brave men were far away from them. Achilles sat alone in his tent, thinking about his loss. The great soldier of Troy showed his unprecedented excellence and bravery. Hector was like a man without people. “Horse trainer” was a nickname given to him by the Trojans. He drove his chariot across the ranks of the Greeks. The spirit and courage of the horse and the driver seemed to have been inspired. Wherever his bright head went, the soldiers looked invincible. He fell one by one under his powerful steel spear. When the night fell and the war ended, the Trojans almost drove the Greeks onto the ship.

That night, the Trojans celebrated crazily, while in the Greek military camp it was a scene of sadness and despair. Archimedron agreed to give up the attack and return to Greece by boat. However, Nisto, the oldest and wisest among the generals, was wiser than the astute Oedipus. He bravely told Archimedron that if he had not been angry with Achilles, they would not have been defeated. He also said, “Try to calm his anger, instead of going back in disgrace.” All people agreed with this opinion, and Archimedron also admitted that he had done something stupid. He promised to send Boris back and many other noble gifts. He wanted

Ask Odysseus to bring it to Achilles.

Odysseus and the two generals he had chosen to be his companions found Achilles with the dearest friend in the world, Barthel Klaus. Achilles welcomed them politely, and laid out a lot of food and drinks for them. However, when they stated the purpose of their coming, said that if he was willing to agree, all valuable gifts would be his, and asked him to sympathize with his fellow countrymen in trouble, they were categorically rejected. Achilles told them that even all the treasures in Egypt could not buy him off. He was about to take a boat home, and told them that if they were smart, they should do the same.

When Odysseus brought back Achilles’ reply, everyone objected to further persuasion. The next day, they came to the battlefield with the determination of dying, just like the warriors in a dilemma. However, they lost again. They retreated to the beach where the ships were moored. At this time, the savior came, and Hiller carried out her plan. She saw Zeus sitting on Mount Ida watching the Trojans win. She hated him so much. But she knew that there was only one way to defeat him. She had to be very cute and charming in front of Zeus, which made him irresistible. When he hugged her, he confused him and made him fall asleep and forget the Trojans. She followed the plan, went back to her bedroom, and used all the methods she knew to dress up beautifully. After finishing her makeup, she borrowed a belt with all the enchantments from Akrotti, and then came to Zeus with these new enchantments. As soon as he saw her, his heart was conquered by love, so he no longer remembered his commitment to Sitis.

The war immediately turned to the Greeks’ advantage. Aguicus threw Hector to the ground, but before hurting him, Aenias saved Hector and took him away. Because Hector was not there, the Greeks were able to drive the Trojans away from their ships. If Zeus did not wake up, the city of Troy would be swept away. Zeus jumped up and saw the Trojans retreat while Hector lay on the grassland and moaned. He understood everything, looked at Hiller and said that this was her masterwork of cunning and cunning, and he wished he could whip her well. At this stage of the war, Hiller knew that she could not help. She immediately denied that the defeat of the Trojans had nothing to do with her. She said that Poseidon had done everything. In fact, it was her plea that Poseidon disobeyed Zeus’s order to help the Greeks. However, Zeus had an explanation that made him satisfied without hitting Hiller. He sent Hiller back to Olympus, summoned Alice to deliver the order to Poseidon, and ordered him to leave the battlefield. The sea god obeyed the order unhappily, and the war situation was again unfavorable to the Greeks.

Apollo woke up the unconscious Hector and lost his superhuman power to him. Before that, the Greek people, like a goat who had been chased by a fierce lion on the mountain, ran back to the ship in a panic. The self-protection wall of the building collapsed, just like the sand wall built by children on the coast, which collapsed in the game. The hopeless Greeks only thought of heroic sacrifice. Achilles’ beloved friend, Bartholoklaus, watched the scene of defeat with horror. He could not stay out of the battlefield for a long time because of Achilles. “When your compatriots will be destroyed, you can bear to be angry here”, He yelled at Achilles, “But I can’t do that. Give me your armor! If they take me for you, the Trojans may be deterred, and the exhausted Greeks can also get a break. You and I are still energetic. Maybe we can defeat the enemy. But if you are still angry, at least lend me your armor.” As he spoke, another Greek warship caught fire. “In this way, they will cut off the rear of the army,” said Achilles

Therefore, Baltroklaus, wearing the glorious armor that all Trojans are familiar with and afraid of, led the Mimetites under Achilles into the battlefield. Under the first attack of these new troops, the Trojans were shaken. They thought that Achilles was leading them personally. In fact, the first performance of Bartholoklaus was just like that of Achilles. But at last he met Hector, and his fate was as certain as that of a wild boar when it met a lion. Hector’s spear fatally wounded him, so his soul broke away from his body and fell into Hades. Then Hector took off his armor and put it on. He seems to bear the strength of Achilles, and no Greek dares to play against him.

Night came and the war ended. Achilles sat by the barracks waiting for Bartholoklaus to return to the camp. On the contrary, he saw Andilchius, the son of Nisto, an old Scud, rushing towards him. When he ran, his eyes filled with tears. “Bad news”, he cried out: “Baltroklaus is dead, and Hector has taken his armor.” Achilles was pale and heartbroken, and everyone around him was worried about his life. His mother knew his sorrow in the cave under the sea, so she ran up to comfort him. He said to his mother, “If I can’t make Hector pay for the death of Baltroklaus, I will never live on earth again.” Sitis sobbed to remind him that he was destined to die immediately after Hector’s death. “Then let me die!” Achilles replied, “When my comrade is in danger, I can’t help him. I want to kill the killer who killed his best friend. Then when death comes, I am willing to accept it.”

Sidious stopped trying to stop him. She said, “Don’t go to the battlefield without any equipment. Just wait until tomorrow, I will bring you the armor forged by the god of weapons, Haifa Stos.”

What strange armor! When Siti Ribbon came to them, it was really in line with the maker. No one on earth could make such armor. The Mimetians stared at them in awe, and when Achilles wore them, the flames of intense joy lit up in his heart. At last, he left the barracks where he had been sitting for a long time, went to the damaged Greek position, and came to the place where the wounded Daomidis, Odysseus, Archimedron and many others met. In front of these people, he felt ashamed. He told them that he felt that he was too stupid to forget anything else for the sake of the loss of just a girl. But that was a thing of the past, and he was ready to lead them as before. He immediately told them to prepare for war, and the generals shouted “Long live!”. But Odysseus spoke for the people. When he said that they must supply food and wine, because the hungry soldiers only had to fight and lose, Achilles replied sarcastically, “Our comrades are lying on the battlefield, but you ask for food. I will never eat or drink until I avenge my dear comrades.” Then he told himself, “Ah, my dearest friends, I can’t eat or drink without you.”

He attacked when others were starving. All mortals know that this is the last battle between the two greatest soldiers. At the same time, they also understood how the battle would end. Zeus, the god of the father, suspended his golden scales. Hector’s death scales were placed on one side and Achilles’ on the other. Hector’s scales sank, and God doomed him to die.

However, victory is still far away. Under the command of Hector, the Trojans fought in front of the walls of their country like warriors. Even the great rivers of Troy, which the gods called the river Kexianthus and people called the river Scamand, took part in the battle. When Achilles was about to cross the river, the river tried to drown them. But everything was in vain, because no one could stop Achilles when he was searching for Hector. The gods are still fighting fiercely, just like people. Zeus separated from them and sat at Olympus, laughing happily at the struggle between the gods: Athena knocked Yales to the ground; Hiller took the bow from Artemis’s shoulder and slapped her in the face with his fist; Poseidon wanted to provoke Apollo to hit him first with a sneer. The sun god ignored the challenge. He knew that it was useless to fight for Hector now.

At this time, as the Trojans were completely scattered, and collectively squeezed into the city, the Skaan Gate of Troy was broken. Only Hector stood motionless in front of the wall. His elderly father Prilmont and his mother Hicuba called him from the city gate to come back to the city to save them, but he ignored them. He was thinking: “I lead the Trojans. Their defeat is my fault. Can I be afraid of death? But — if I lay down my shield and spear! Go to tell Achilles that we are willing to send Helen back and compensate him with half of the treasure of Troy, what will happen? It’s no use. He will kill me as a woman. Now, even if I die, it’s better to fight with him.”

When Achilles came over, it was as warm as the sun. Athena was beside him, while Hektor was alone. Apollo had given him his fate. When they approached, he turned and ran away. They chased along the walls of Troy for three times, running with fast legs. Athena made Hector stop, and she turned into his brother Dave Bus and appeared beside him. Hector thought his comrade in arms was coming, and turned to Achilles. He shouted to Achilles: “If I kill you, I will transport your body back to your friend. Can you treat me the same? But Achilles replied:” Madman! You and I are like sheep and wolves, there is no contract. ” After saying that, he threw the spear, but missed the target. Athena picked it up for him. Hector attacked accurately. His spear hit the center of Achilles’ shield, but what’s the use? Achilles’ armor is so magical that they can’t be pierced. Hector immediately turned to Dave’s bus to get his spear, but he disappeared. Then, he knew all the truth. Athena teased him, but he had no way out. “The gods have called me to die,” he thought: “At least I can’t die without struggle. I hope I can create a world-famous battle before I die. He drew out his sword, which is the only weapon he has now, and then rushed to his enemy. However, Achilles still has a spear that Athena picked up for him. Before Hector was able to persecute him, he knew very well about the armor Hector took from Bartholoklaus. He stabbed at the opening near his throat. Hector fell down and finally died. When he was dying, he prayed: “Please give my body back to my parents!” “You dog, don’t beg me.” Achilles replied. Then, Hector’s soul left the body and flew to Hades, sighing at his fate and the youth and energy left behind.

When the Greeks crowded up to see how tall and dignified Hector was, Achilles took off his bloody armor from his body and thought of something else. He pierced the feet of the dead, tied them behind the chariot with leather straps, and let the dead head mop the ground. Then he whipped the horses and pulled all the things left by the glorious Hector around the walls of Troy week after week.

Finally, when he was ruthlessly content with revenge, he stood beside the body of Baltroklaus and said, “Although you are in the house of Hades, please listen to me. I drag Hector behind my chariot. I will feed the dog with him at your cremation.”

There are still disputes on Mount Olympus. In addition to Hiller, Athena and Poseidon, the gods were extremely unhappy about this method of insulting the dead, especially Zeus. He sent Alice to find Primon, ordered him not to be afraid of Achilles, and asked him to redeem Hector’s body with rich ransom money. Alice told him that although Achilles was violent, his heart was not bad, and he would treat his supplicants politely.

So the old king of Troy loaded a cart with the best and most luxurious jewelry of Troy, walked across the plain and came to the Greek camp. Hamis pretended to meet him like a Greek soldier, and acted as a guide to guide him to the Achilles battalion. Therefore, the old man, accompanied by him, passed through the heavy guard and came before those who killed and humiliated his son. When he hugged Achilles’ knees and kissed his hands, Achilles and the people around him were surprised. They looked at each other strangely. “Achilles, please remember,” said Primon. “Your father, at my age, is as unfortunate as I am, because he lacks a son. I have never been so brave in the past. It is more compassionate to reach out to my son’s murderer.”

Achilles listened and felt pity. He gently raised the old man.

“Please sit by my side,” he said. “Let me calm down my sadness. The fate of mankind is evil, but we must remain brave.” Then he ordered his servant to wash Hektor’s body, smear it on his side with sesame oil, and cover it with a soft robe. In this way, although the body had been cut in terror, Primon could not see it and could hold back his anger. He was afraid that if Primon irritated him, he could not control himself. “How many days do you want to hold his funeral?” He asked, “During his funeral, I will order the Greeks to leave the battlefield. So Primon took the body of Hector home.”. The Trojans were saddened as never before, and even Helen cried. “The other Trojans blamed me. She said,” But because of your kindness and gentle speech, I often find comfort in you. You are my only friend. “

They held a memorial meeting for him for nine days, and then put him on the crematorium to set it on fire. When everything was burned, they put out the fire with wine, cleaned up the bones, put them in gold bone urns, and covered the bones with soft purple clothes. They put the bone urn in an empty tomb and covered it with large stones.

This is the funeral of Hector, the “horse trainer”. Disclaimer: The above content comes from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If it infringes your original copyright, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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