Greek Mythology: gagiz’s ring

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Gagiz’s ring

In ancient times, there lived a poor shepherd in Lydia, whose name was gage. He grazed sheep for the king in the mountain every day, and his life was very simple. He ate black cakes and cheese, drank sheep’s milk, mountain springs and waterfall springs, and the days passed quietly day by day, and gegiz lived a very happy life in the mountain.

However, one day, the sky suddenly became overcast, and a storm suddenly came. The frightened sheep crouched one by one on the hillside, and gegiz looked around for shelter from the wind and rain. Due to the heavy rain, lightning and thunder, the sky was dark and could not see anything. Gage lost his way in the forest. He walked for a long time. When he found a shelter under a overhanging rock, he was exhausted, and his whole body was drenched with rain.

The storm comes fiercely and goes quickly. Soon, the sun came out again. Gage looked around and found himself standing on a hollow ground in the forest, surrounded by uprooted trees. When he was looking for the lost sheep, he suddenly found a big oak tree knocked down by the storm, and a dark hole was exposed under its dense roots. He felt very strange, so he went into the hole, and everything inside immediately stunned him. It turned out that in front of him stood a huge bronze horse statue. Gaigzi slowly turned around along the copper horse and found a half closed small door on the side of the copper horse. He summoned up the courage to open the small door with both hands. At this time, a ray of sunlight shot into the dark black hole, illuminating the bronze horse. The shepherd was terrified. He saw a dead man sleeping in the belly of a copper horse with a glittering ring on his finger. In his panic, he took a step back, then calmed down and looked carefully at the hand with the gold ring. Vaguely conscious, he saw that the strange dead man seemed to extend his hand to him, and gage couldn’t help but say to himself:

“A dead man doesn’t need a ring. What’s the use of wearing it? He stretched out his hand to me. I’m afraid he wanted to offer the ring to me.”

The shepherd gingerly took the golden gem from the strange dead man’s hand, on which a human eye was carved. Gage looked around again at the precious jewelry on his finger. At this time, he heard the sound of sheep not far away, so he quickly put away the ring and ran in that direction.

He found his sheep again on the hillside, and then slowly left the valley and walked towards the pasture sheepfold. At this time, the sun has set, and gejiz doesn’t have to worry anymore, because his sheep have gone back, and their bleating can be heard from a long distance. As he approached the pasture, he heard other shepherds talking loudly, so he stopped to listen to what they were saying.


“Everyone, look!” Only a shepherd shouted, “the sheep of gage are well trained. They all return to the sheepfold, but their master is still sleeping under the tree.”

“I hope nothing will happen to him in that storm!” Another shepherd added anxiously, “if he hasn’t come back tonight, we’ll go to him. There will be moonlight tonight.”

Little did he know that at this time, gage was standing only a few steps away from them. To his surprise, they didn’t find him. At this time, he suddenly thought of the gold ring. Maybe it has a magical power. Otherwise, what does the human eye on the GEM mean? So, as he slowly turned the gem, he approached his partners.

“Where did you come from? We’ve been looking for you for a long time…” the shepherds couldn’t help but be shocked when they saw him.

It’s very clear. When he turns the gem down to the palm of his hand, others can’t see him; And when he turns the gem upward again, it returns to its original position

Where he came from, people can see him again.

He did not reveal a word to his partners about this amazing discovery. He would rather keep this secret firmly and not publicize it to anyone.

Before long, he got an excellent opportunity to show the magic of the magic ring. A few days later, the shepherds were all sitting around a bonfire in the field. They were arguing and complaining to each other. Because two days ago, when two young shepherds with sharp eyes went out to herd sheep, they lost several of the best big fat sheep.

Gage listened to them silently, his eyes on the leaping flames. After a while, he said to his partners:

“Tomorrow, I will tell you who is the thief who stole the sheep.”

In the dead of night, gage turned the gem down to the palm of his hand and came to the place where the two young shepherds slept. He held his breath and walked lightly on tiptoe to prevent the withered branches and leaves from making a sound. He stopped not far from the two young partners and found that they were not at all sleepy at this time.

“Go, go!” One of them said, “I chose the best sheep and hid them. There is a customer waiting for us at the bottom of the mountain. Don’t make a noise, but don’t let gage hear.”

Another chuckled.


“Why didn’t you think he would suddenly catch us? I think he was bragging tonight. Now he is wrapped in a fur coat and baking!”

The two shepherds quietly walked towards the forest, and the three big fat sheep had been hidden under a beech tree by them, covered by dense branches and leaves. They drove the sheep along the mountain path to the river valley, where they sold them to sheep dealers.

Standing not far from them, gage could see clearly. When he heard the sound of coins tinkling in the hands of the two young partners, he really couldn’t bear it anymore, so he rushed at the two sheep thieves and sheep dealers like a ram. All three guys panicked at once. They shouted for help, trying to resist the stick attack that hit them like raindrops, but they couldn’t see a person, so they pulled up their legs and ran desperately towards the forest. Gage drove the three sheep back to the sheepfold until the two young shepherds came back, then put on their coats again, lay down in a shelter and fell asleep.

The next morning, the oldest shepherd counted the sheep and shouted with joy:

“There are not a few sheep!”

“I know,” said gage, “last night, a big bad wolf wanted to catch the sheep, and I drove it away. The wolf was beaten hard and didn’t dare to take the sheep away.”

As he spoke, gage stared at the two young shepherds who bowed their heads. They were secretly glad that they had not been exposed.

From that day on, the king’s sheep were never lost. The shepherds praised the power and courage of gegiz, and his reputation soon spread to all villages in the valley

Zhuang. When it comes to his achievements, people can’t help adding details and talking vividly. Over time, his fame spread to the city and later to the court of King candoras. The king was very curious and wanted to test this power from the gods with his own eyes, so he immediately sent a message to invite gage to enter the palace.

Gage stuffed a piece of goat cheese into his bag and immediately set off on his way. That night, when he piled up the hay he had picked up and was ready to sleep on it, he suddenly found a pile of burning flames shining on the glade not far away. He got up, walked quietly and saw several people sitting around the fire. He turned the jewel on the ring and walked all the way to them. At this time, he heard one of them say:

“This thing will start tomorrow, and we must catch up before midnight. We can’t delay any longer. We must take the king’s treasure away from the mountains the next morning.”

Gage soon understood that this was a gang of robbers. He listened attentively to their conversation and knew everything they were going to do. The thieves are going to be on a guard

With the help of the king, he sneaked into the king’s court without any effort, ready to steal the king’s gold and silver treasures, and then divide the stolen goods on the spot. Gage returned to the haystack and lay down until the next morning. When he woke up, it was dawn, and the robbers had disappeared without a trace. So he hurried to the palace.

As soon as gage arrived, the king immediately went out of the palace to meet him and asked him to tell his heroic feat.

“Power is not everything!” “The more important thing is to know what everyone doesn’t know, and be good at warning people who need this power, and use this power to provide assistance to people in trouble,” gage said

“You speak very well, no different from a sage.” The king exclaimed, “but do you think I need this kind of warning or help?”

“You also need it. Please believe me, you can verify it yourself. Tonight, at midnight, a group of thieves will come to steal the gold and silver treasures of the royal palace. Please strengthen the security of the North palace gate

Defense. “

The king obeyed, and as expected, a group of robbers fell into the hands of the palace guards at midnight.

The king immediately appointed him as the chief adviser of the court to express his gratitude and asked him to stay in the palace.

Gates made many good suggestions to the king. He always walked in the streets and markets of the city without a trace, walked in the corridors of the palace, and caught thieves and pickpockets

Hand, uphold justice, except violence and pacify the people, all bad people and bad deeds are punished. He can always be proactive and take precautions. He never abused his magic, and the king admired him very much. The whole country agreed that the kingdom of Lydia had never been so clean and honest as under the governance of King candoras and his chief adviser.

Several years have passed. However, one night, gage had a strange dream: a pale figure came to the head of his bed. Under the moonlight, he recognized the dead man buried in the bronze horse belly.

“Don’t be afraid!” The dead man said to him, “I’ll congratulate you. You used the gold ring well and never abused your magic. That’s why I’m here to remind you that there is danger waiting for you.”

“What danger?” Asked gage.

“You will understand yourself. Please turn the gem around and go to the king’s bedroom. It’s urgent!”


With these words, the man disappeared. Gage woke up with a start and was at a loss. He didn’t know whether what had just happened was a dream or a fact. He got up quickly and rushed to the king’s bedroom in one breath. As soon as he got to the door, an ugly scene appeared in front of him. He saw the captain of the palace guard reclining at the head of the bed with a bloody sword in his hand, which had just been pulled out of the chest of King candoras, and the tip of the sword had already been broken. The murderer’s accomplices surrounded him and stared at the king’s body without saying a word. Among them, gage recognized several of his arch rivals, and he had foiled their intrigues many times.

The captain of the palace guard glanced at the surrounding friends with the eyes of the winner.

“Everything between us and the king is over.” He whispered, “tomorrow, it’s time to clean up gage.” After that, he burst out laughing, and then they walked away and left the king’s bedroom together. Gage also returned to his room and lay in bed until dawn.

Just before dawn, a guard crashed into his room and took him to the queen.

“Someone accused you of killing the king last night,” the queen said to him in tears. “Did you really kill the king? Someone said you pierced the king’s heart with your sword.”

Gage leaned close to the queen and whispered to her:

“Dear Queen, now please let everyone in the palace bring the sword and put it at your feet, so that you will know who the real murderer is!”

So all the swords of the palace were piled at the feet of the queen. Gage checked carefully one by one, and then took out the sword finger of the captain of the palace guard and showed it to the Queen:

“Please look at this sword carefully, your majesty. As you can see, the tip of this sword has been broken, and the lost tip must be left in the king’s chest.”

The Queen invited the court doctor. He carefully examined the king’s body and found a small piece of metal in his chest, which was exactly consistent with the broken sword tip. The murderer received his due punishment

Punishment, the conspirators of the rebels were escorted out of the country one by one, and the whole capital and the whole country

The film was jubilant and celebrated for gage.

The shepherd remained at the court and became the Queen’s chief adviser. One day, the queen begged him to assist him in governing. Because she had long admired the wisdom and integrity of the shepherd, she married him a few years later.

From then on, the shepherd became the king of Lydia. He is a wise king. He never taught his secret to anyone. When he dies,

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