Guan Yu’s ideal son-in-law: he wants to marry his daughter to Liu Bei’s son ah Dou

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Guan Yu’s imagination

In my opinion, Duke Guan’s abuse of Sun Quan’s son as a “son of a dog” is a big story.

First of all, Guan Gong has only one precious daughter. He already has a son-in-law in his mind. Moreover, the identity of the son-in-law candidate is very sensitive, so it is inconvenient for Guan Gong to say it himself. Second, the eastern Wu is a friendly neighbor of the Western Shu. The two sides should unite to fight against Cao. Sun Quan’s sister has married Liu Bei. It is natural for the Western Shu side to marry a woman to the eastern Wu. When things get to Liu Bei and Zhugeliang, it must be done at once. This disrupted Guan Gong’s calculation, so Guan Gong became angry.

So who is Guan Gong’s son-in-law candidate? Why is this person sensitive? In my opinion, the son-in-law chosen by Duke Guan is no other than the famous Liu Adou! Liu, Guan and Zhang are sworn brothers in Taoyuan. Guan and Zhang want to protect their eldest brother Liu Bei as emperor. When Liu Bei becomes emperor, ah Dou will be the next emperor. The next generation of Guan and Zhang families must marry the Liu family in order to maintain their wealth forever.

From Liu Bei’s point of view, the first choice for ah Dou to get married is the Guan family and Zhang family. However, Liu, Guan and Zhang couldn’t say it directly. They had to be set up by outsiders. Although Guan and Zhang had deep brotherhood, there was no doubt that they were secretly competing in this matter. Sun Quan sent zhugejin to propose marriage, which was a bad thing for Guan Gong, so Guan Gong was furious.

Guan Gong lost Jingzhou carelessly, was defeated and died, and his daughter’s whereabouts are unknown. Later, liuadou became the emperor. Zhugeliang and others were the matchmakers. He married Zhang Fei’s eldest daughter as the queen. After empress Zhang died of illness, Zhugeliang and others took the younger daughter of Zhang Fei as the empress. The fact that the two queens are both from Zhangjia shows that Liu, Guan and Zhang all had a strong desire to get married. Guan Gong’s daughter was really unlucky and lost her own chance.

Guan Gong wanted his daughter to be the queen of his nephew ah Dou, which was also a reasonable idea at that time. If you marry in Dongwu, you will be a hostage.

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