Guanxiaotong milk tea shop was once again accused, and had been prosecuted many times before

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Many stars like to do sideline work, and many stars invest in opening stores. Many of them have opened beverage stores. Guan Xiaotong’s milk tea store, natural stay, is also relatively famous, but the popularity of natural stay is basically brought by negative news. Guanxiaotong milk tea shop was once again accused of changing its brand and was prosecuted many times before. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Guanxiaotong milk tea shop was defendant again

Recently, some netizens broke the news that Guan Xiaotong’s milk tea shop was opened illegally, and the defendant went to court. The intermediate people’s Court of Chengdu, Sichuan Province has accepted the case, and the case will open on July 8. Natural stay has been in court for six times since its establishment because of the problem of management right. Previously, many franchisees revealed that they had spent a lot of money to join natural stay. As a result, the head office ignored him and only charged the franchise fee, but was not responsible for the franchisees.

After Guan Xiaotong’s milk tea shop was once again accused of being on the hot search, many netizens also began to accuse Guan Xiaotong, believing that as a public figure, she has not only endorsed many problematic products in recent years, but also her brand is a mess. Many netizens even began to guess whether Guan Xiaotong’s acting career would be destroyed because of all kinds of negative news naturally, and Guan Xiaotong was finally blocked.

Guanxiaotong milk tea shop has been prosecuted for many times

Facing the controversy of netizens, Guan Xiaotong studio also issued a document, saying: “ Ms. guanxiaotong has never been involved in business management. At present, some people with ulterior motives use this to hype ”. Natural stupidity was created by Guan Xiaotong’s father, and it was promoted by Guan Xiaotong. Even if this matter is legally irrelevant to Guan Xiaotong. But in the eyes of many netizens, Guan Xiaotong should be responsible for the natural brand. Guan Xiaotong’s popularity has also fallen a lot because of this matter.

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