Guanzhong was once a famous “loser” and was fired three times

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I have experienced three official positions and three views. Uncle Bao doesn’t regard me as unworthy. He knows I’m not in trouble. I have experienced three wars and three walks. Uncle Bao is not afraid of me. He knows that I have an old mother. The young master corrected his defeat and summoned him to die suddenly. My prisoner was humiliated. Uncle Bao was not ashamed of me. He knew that I was not ashamed of small things and that my reputation was not obvious in the world. The parents who gave birth to me know me well.

Historical records: biographies of Guan Yan II

When ancient China mentioned management, it was necessary to talk about Guan Zhong in the spring and Autumn period. He assisted Duke Huan to build the state of Qi in an all-round way: politically, he built it into the “agent” of the Zhou royal family; In the military, it will be built into a “vanguard” of bustling foreigners; Economically, it will become the richest country in the world. The state of Qi therefore became the maker of the world’s games.

However, he was a famous wimp who left a lot of bad records in his career. First of all, he was poor at work. He worked for the monarch of the state of Qi and was fired three times; Secondly, he was greedy for life and afraid of death. He commanded three battles and was defeated three times; Finally, he was incorruptible. After he failed to help the young master to seize the throne, his colleagues suddenly died unyielding. However, he was greedy for life and afraid of death. He had to live through the insult of being a prisoner.

Why did Duke Huan of Qi use such a loser? Baoshuya, an old friend of Guan Zhong and a powerful minister of the state of Qi, did not think so. He strongly recommended Guan Zhong to Duke Huan of Qi and gave up his own treatment. Later, it was proved that baoshuya didn’t take his eyes off it. He didn’t judge talents by their temporary success or failure. He knew that Guan Zhong was fired three times, not because he was incompetent, but because the time had not come; Guan Zhong suffered three defeats, not because he was afraid of death, but because he had an old mother and worries about his family; Guan Zhong is not shameless to be a prisoner, but he wants to stay in the green mountains.

Baoshuya knows Guan Zhong and more about how to employ people. Whether talents can display their talents, in addition to their own quality, there is also a problem of allocation. These configurations include personnel cooperation, trust, financial status and even family placement. For example, Yang Zhi, a green faced beast, was the best candidate to pledge his life, but he was equipped with bad helpers, which led to his failure. At the early stage of Guanzhong’s work, the surrounding elements were not well matched. Of course, they could not be brought into full play, and they appeared to be weak. This is the so-called “no time”.

Caring for people and talents is to solve their fundamental problems and understand their fundamental needs, not just to give a position. Baoshuya had a good grasp, so Guan Zhong said gratefully, “the parents who gave birth to me and baozi who knew me.”

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