Guiguzi’s birth was full of legend. What was the situation at that time?

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The following is a story about Guiguzi made up by China Let’s have a look at it.

Guiguzi was born in the Wei state during the Warring States period. His surname was Wang and his name was Xu. He was also called Wang Chan. His Taoist name was Guiguzi, Xuan Weizi and Qin Zuoyun. Guiguzi was born in Guye and grew up in Yunmeng. He founded the ancient military academy and trained a large number of famous generals in the Warring States period, such as Zhang Yi, Suqin, Sun Bin, pangjuan and Wei Liao.

Guiguzi’s life is full of legends, especially his birth, full of mythology.

During the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, there was a small village called Wangjiazhuang more than ten miles northeast of Yecheng.

In the villa, there was a wangyuanwai, who used to be an official in Yecheng. He resigned from office and returned home because he was dissatisfied with the treachery and usurpation of power. He planted mulberry fields in his busy time and studied in his spare time. He has a high reputation in the villa.


He had a smart and studious daughter who was educated, reasonable, dignified and virtuous under his father’s instruction.

One year there was a severe drought, and the dozens of mu of grain fields outside Wang Yuanwai almost failed to harvest, except for an ancient seedling on the middle grave. After autumn, the long-term workers pinch the full ears of grain home.

When Miss Wang saw the golden grain, she rubbed it with her hands and put it in her mouth to taste it.

Unexpectedly, the grain slipped into the stomach. Miss Wang felt relaxed and sleepy.

Later, Miss Wang seemed to be ill and did not want to eat. Her body gradually became thin. Wang Yuanwai has asked many famous doctors for treatment, but they have not improved. After the winter passed and the spring came, Miss Wang’s body had changed significantly. She was pregnant and was about to give birth.

Wang Yuanwai was very angry, so he said to his wife, “if something like this happens to a family like ours, how can I talk in the villa in the future?”


In a fit of anger, Wang Yuanwai wanted to drive Miss Wang out of the house. Mrs. Wang said, “let me make things clear.”

When Mrs. Wang told her daughter about her pregnancy after eating grain, she didn’t believe it. She always felt ashamed to see the people in the villa again and had to drive her daughter out of the house.

However, Mrs. Wang cried to her daughter, “your father is upright and angry. There is a long cottage in the southeast River depression of the village, which is used by the long-term workers to watch the autumn. You might as well go there to avoid it for a while until a baby is born.”

That night, Mrs. Wang sent her daughter to the nunnery. After Mrs. Wang left, Miss Wang felt wronged, ashamed and regretful and wanted to die.

At this time, an old woman came to tell Miss Wang that she was eating a Spirit Valley. The children she gave birth to will grow up to be gifted. Wang Xiaoru will also do great deeds in the future.

Miss Wang asked her mother-in-law who she was. The defendant was Nanhai Guanyin, who was specially delivered to her. Not long after, Miss Wang gave birth to a baby boy.

The mother-in-law said, “the child is pregnant because he eats strange valley. He is called Guiguzi. He follows his mother’s surname of Wang. When he grows up, he wants to practice Zen and enlightenment. He can be named Wang Chan.”

With that, the old woman poured her blood on the thatched ground outside the nunnery, put the two shoes she had taken off at the door of the nunnery, and put her belt on the top of the nunnery, and then went away.

It is said that after Miss Wang gave birth to a baby, many people came to see the miracle. But before they came, they saw a misty mist. There were two tigers lying in front of the nunnery, with a dragon on top of a plate. People were so scared that they would never go again.


When Guiguzi grew up, he moved to Qi county with his mother. He read extensively and practiced meditation. Later, he preached and taught disciples in Yunmeng Mountain, becoming a generation of unique people.

Guiguzi later created his own vertical and horizontal skills, and also created two contradictory fellow disciples – Zhang Yi and Suqin, Sun Bin and pangjuan, who fought for different strategies.

Guiguzi later formed his own theory. Guiguzi’s theories mainly include maneuvering, reaction, flying tongs, clearance, speculation, understanding, power, strategy, decision and so on.

Guiguzi advocated to conform to the law of the changes of yin and Yang in heaven and earth, and to retract and release freely; Seeking the big from the small, seeking the right from the wrong, and seeking the truth from the false; He advocates that if you are far away, you will be close, and if you are near, you will be distant, and if you are prosperous, you will fall back; Advocate harmony between monarchs and officials and harmony between the upper and lower levels; He advocated that only by judging the situation can we measure our ability; Advocate the system of making plans, making a living, discussing family planning, discussing students, saying that students should make progress, quiet students should retreat, retreating students, and advancing and retreating vertically and horizontally; It advocates speculation. Those who say that a person is a monarch must speak strangely, those who say that a person is a minister must speak privately, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses. A gentleman takes the path of Yin, while a villain takes the path of Yang. The benevolent should not be deceived, the wise should not be deceived, and the brave should not be frightened. They should have a clear understanding of the situation and deal with it decisively.

Guiguzi’s theory has absorbed the excellent philosophical and political thoughts of Lao Tzu and the book of changes, and it is unique. It respects me and utilitarianism. It is highly respected by emperors, strategists, politicians and businessmen of all ages. It is a military art of managing people and a treasure book of strategy, which will be passed on through the ages.

The legendary birth and the theory passed down from generation to generation endow Guiguzi with the historical necessity of becoming a genius! Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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