Gujiacheng takes beautiful women home, but netizens shout girls run

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Gu Jiacheng was very popular in his early years. Although he was not popular, his resources were good. In recent years, he has also shot a lot of plays, and even played a leading role in small budget plays. Gujiacheng takes a beautiful woman home to be photographed, but netizens don’t care who the girl is. They just want the girl to run away. Why is this? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Gujiacheng takes beauty home

Recently, some media photographed Gu Jiacheng taking a beautiful woman to dinner. After dinner, the two returned to Gu Jiacheng’s house together. On the way, Gu Jiacheng hugged and hugged the beautiful woman, and even reached out to touch her stomach. He was very sick all the way. Naturally, this beautiful woman hasn’t left gujiacheng’s home all night. From the picture, Gu Jiacheng and beautiful women should be in love.

After the video of Gu Jiacheng and the beauty was exposed, the brokerage company did not respond to the matter. The netizen roast that the company was in a mess and didn’t want to deal with Gu Jiacheng’s feelings anymore. After all, Gu Jiacheng has collapsed his house several times because of his love affair, and all the fans who changed to running have already run away. Seeing the scandal, many gourd eaters yelled at the beautiful woman to come quickly, because they thought Gu Jiacheng would not be a good boyfriend. Gu Jiacheng’s gossip with his ex girlfriend has made him a representative of the stingy man.

Netizens shout Gu Jiacheng’s girlfriend run

Previously, Gu Jiacheng was photographed taking the female star chenxiaojin to the hotel to open a room. When he paid, Gu Jiacheng pretended to be unconscious. After chenxiaojin paid the money, he immediately straightened up and hugged chenxiaojin upstairs. His ex girlfriend also broke the news that Gu Jiacheng likes to boast and force, suggesting that his ex girlfriend gives him gifts. He even cut off half a piece of soap from his ex girlfriend with a knife, although the soap was only worth forty or fifty yuan. Such a stingy and vain boy, many netizens naturally do not like him.

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