Guo biting’s father emptied the social account content, and previously made a voice to maintain Xiang Zuo

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Guo biting has been on many programs with her father before, so netizens are also very familiar with Guo’s father. Guo biting’s father emptied the social account content, and two days ago he was still maintaining his son-in-law Xiang Zuo on the social platform. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Guobiting’s father empties social account content

Xiang Zuo was exposed to be cheating with a beautiful woman back to his new house, and then many netizens went to Guo dad’s social platform to leave messages and ask. Guo’s father sent a copy of eating ice. As a result, many netizens mistakenly thought that Guo’s father was angry with this news. He especially explained to seguo’s father that it has nothing to do with being angry if he gets angry and eats ice to relieve summer heat in summer. And Guo dad also said that the Xiangzuo family took good care of their daughter Guo biting.

Judging from these speeches of Guo’s father, Guo’s father is still very satisfied with Guo biting’s husband’s family. As a result, Xiang Zuo has now been exposed with screenshots of chatting with beautiful women. If these screenshots are true, Xiang Zuo should have cheated many times during his marriage. Many netizens began to ask Guo dad again, and went to Guo dad’s social platform to leave a message. This time, Guo dad didn’t make any response, but directly emptied his social platform account.

Guo’s father once voiced his support for Xiang Zuo

Netizens also have different interpretations of Guo’s father’s behavior. Some netizens think that Guo dad may be really annoyed by netizens and don’t want to talk to netizens anymore. Some netizens also think that Guo’s father may have been angry with Xiang Zuo. He defended Xiang Zuo so much before, but Xiang Zuo failed to live up to his trust. Before Xiang Zuo and Guo biting got married, Guo’s father felt that he didn’t like Xiang Zuo very much. At that time, some netizens explained that Guo’s father had a smelly face and did not aim at Xiang Zuo. But now it seems that Dad Guo’s smelly face at that time may be that he really didn’t want his daughter to associate with Xiang Zuo.

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