Guo Zhenni’s still picture is like a three-level film. Guo Zhenni claims 1 million yuan

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In recent years, Guo Zhenni has rarely been seen on the screen. In her early years, Guo Zhenni’s works were very prolific. Her works such as the Tang Palace beauty world, the perfect bride, the new white haired witch, and the dumb bride were all very popular. Guo Zhenni’s still photos are like a third-class film. Guo Zhenni was also very angry about this and claimed 1 million yuan from the other party. What exactly is going on? I’ll reveal the secret today.

Guo Zhenni’s fragrant and gorgeous stills are like grade III films

The cause of the incident was that Guo Zhenni took over a TV play called nanny, which was broadcast on many TV stations. As a result, I didn’t expect that this very inspirational female drama would become a third-class film in the products of the audio-visual shop. Because on the cover of the nanny DVD sold by the audio and video store, the heroine Guo Zhenni was half naked, and the scale of the cover was very large. I don’t know that just looking at the cover, I thought Guo Zhenni had acted in a three-level film.

Guo Zhenni was also very angry about this, because some people misunderstood Guo Zhenni because of this cover, thinking that Guo Zhenni was a third-class film actress, which had a very negative impact on Guo Zhenni’s image. Guo Zhenni’s brokerage company filed a lawsuit with the people’s Court of Chaoyang District, Beijing, claiming 1 million yuan from the publisher Jiuzhou audio and video.

Guo Zhenni claims 1 million yuan

Of course, Guo Zhenni Fang won the lawsuit in the end, but even if she won the lawsuit, many netizens have misunderstood Guo Zhenni. Guo Zhenni was also very angry when she talked about this matter. She said that many friends asked whether she was true or not. Even her parents called to ask if Guo Zhenni had made a grade III film. Guo Zhenni realized the seriousness of the matter, so she immediately asked the brokerage company to investigate the matter. In order to attract people’s attention, these unscrupulous profiteers have even created this large-scale cover with computers.

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